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Diamonds are Forever
Saturday, November 10, 2007
Diamonds have always been a status symbol for most women; whether a lady is single of a married one. In my yahoo support group for couples that are getting married, brides would always "share" the Engagement Rings that their loving husband-to-be gave them when they proposed to them. Most of these rings that future brides would show are Diamond rings. I don't think I have heard any stories where the engagement ring that was given was no other than diamond rings. What I have read though is that some of those brides/grooms who came from a traditional family were given with Sapphire Rings. Unlike them, I don't think that any of my grand mothers gave my father/mother any sort of "legacy" that they could pass on to their children and grand children. Having said that, I am now thinking of getting a Diamond Pendants that I could pass on daughter who will be first to get married. She can then pass this one to the first grand daughter who will face the altar. I want to start my own legacy so to speak.

Russell and I are currently on the look for our wedding rings. I know, I know! At this point in time, we should already have our wedding bands. I don't know what is taking us soOooo long but we just don't feel yet the "This is our wedding ring" moment. I prefer having just a simple two-tone wedding bands (crossing my fingers that it would be platinum). But since our wedding rings are going to be shouldered by my wonderful mother-in-law, I guess we are going to settle for rings with diamonds. In a few days time, we are going to Ongpin to visit the shop where they would always get their set of jewelry. I have been to Ongpin for quite a lot of times already and I have seen the sample wedding rings that most of the shops have there. That is why visiting websites of diamond dealers in the Internet consumes our time for the past two days. At MySolitaire.com, I was introduced with the idea of Black Diamond rings. I am so used to the fact that diamonds should be as clear as a crystal. I didn't know that black diamonds exist. Ins't that cool?! Their website is user friendly as the web pages are pretty straight forward. I mean, you can find the information that you want by just clicking the option buttons. For example when I browsed the black diamond category, it prompted me with options like black diamond jewelry, black diamond earrings, black diamond pendants and so on and so forth. So for those guys who are still on the verge of finding your perfect engagement ring, you might want to check this out.


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