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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I still didn't go to work today. I still feel dizzy and I still feel throwing up every time I try to get up from bed. I am going to see a doctor na talaga tomorrow. For the longest time, I am in denial that nothing is wrong with me. Ewan ko ba. When we go out naman, I feel fine naman.

We paid a visit today at Terrence's pedia as my little one has this weird nipple condition. It's sore. As in really sore, for some reason. I am really worried so I decided to pay his pedia a visit a vweek before his scheduled 5-in-1 vaccination. Little one has gained a lot of weight. At 3 months, 2 weeks he is already 7.7 kgs which is actually the maximum weight for a 3-month old baby. Anything beyond that is considered overweight. Dyeta muna anak ha!

Anyway, I just want to have a quick run down of my what-nots last December.

December 20- Went to my friend/co-worker's wedding. Initially, I have begged off from attending this wedding since I got swollen eyes due to iritation. But when my dear friend Iris texted me that she feels 'harrased' over our friend's family, I came in to the rescue. I was not able to join them in their hotel preparation. I went straight ahead to St. Jude Parish (Malacanang) instead. As soonn I stepped out frm the cab, iris told me na "imbey" (imbyerna) na raw sya. As if naman kasing binayaran kami na mag coordinate ng wedding. I know we volunteer. Pero kelangan ba silang simangutan ni Marcus at paghanapan ng mga bagay na di naman sa kanila naka assign? errrr! Reception: I was in panick since the 2 emcee that Ryan has dedicated to lead the reception program hasn't arrived yet. The guests have been waiting for 20 mins na and I couldn't afford to see their faces impatiently waiting for the program to start. Worst case came. I emceed the program! Damn! I was not properly dressed (since I know that I am just going to coordinate the wedding, I didn't plan to wear dress.). Kamusta talaga. But half way the program naman, the emcees came and I was off from hosting the program. Whatta relief. It was a very intimate yet memorable wedding. And despite the 'relatives situation' I still think that Ryan and Marie are just one of the many couples I admire. :)

December 21- Family just attended the mass in Our lady of Lourdes in Tagaytay (again). We had our dinner at Dencios. No Pictures to share for this one.

December 22- It is our first wedding anniversary. Too bad though that Russell was not here. Initially, we intended to eat at Dad's buffet in Glorietta. But due to the traffic condition at Coastal Mall, we found ourselves strolling around ATC. We never thought that ATC no longer has Dad's. But since we're already there, we just looked for a decent restaurant to eat. And so we dined it at TGI Friday's. It's quite pricey compared to Dad's (I could have save twice as much, if we're just going to eat at Dad's.) But we enjoyed our everything in our meal, especially the half slab baby back ribs and the mozarella cheese. No pictures of our Dec. 21 and Dec. 23 dining out as Gerlie's digi cam was stolen in her looker (Damn you Teletech Bacoor!)

December 23- It was my nephew's 7th Birthday. I can tell that he has a grand time on his birthday. My sister decided to hold it at Neoplolitan's Casa Milan in Fairview. They had rented the pool side. The ballon decorations were great. Food was awesome. The cotillion de honor number was also great. Every kid I saw there were dressed up, like adults. They really look awesome on their gowns and their suits/tuxedos. Pictures to follow.

December 24- I thought I am going to work on this day (this is how call center people deal with holidays) but thank God. We were not required to come in to work. family attended the 10:00 mass in Noveleta. We had our noche buena and my ear bled (LOL) from the karaoke session that my bilas and hipags had.

December 25- I (talagang ako!) had a great time doing the pamamasko for Terrence. Heh! Actually, I was really shy as Princess tagged me along doing the house-to-house. Kasi naman, ni hindi pa nga nakakapaglakd si Terrence eh namamasko na. But anyway, Terrence was soooOoo jolly to the people that we visited that he was able to get more than P4,00 from his pamamasko. Yoohoo!!! I worked at this night though. Got no qualms about it. All activities are done and it's double pay pa. After all, Russell is not here. So no fuss about it.Yey!

December 26- Another working day for us. My team had team xmas party. It was not as fun as last year though since half of my team members are barely new to the team. We're still at the getting-to-know-each-other stage. Nevertheless, we still had a great time. :)

December 29 and 30- Regular work days for us. Petiks time and we're getting holiday premiums. But had Russell has been here, I wouldn't go to work. Heck.

December 31, January 1- Went to farmer's market to do some last minute seafood shopping. Since we went to market early, we wet home early as well. We had a great new year's eve celebration. Read my post about that here.

January 2- I still went to work as my reliable assistant, James, went to a 10-day vacation in Catanduanes. It's about time that he gets a break. He has been so 'haggard' ever since I went on maternity leave.

So there... That's my not so quick update. :)

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