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Saturday Fever
Sunday, September 16, 2007
I have always been looking forward for week ends. It's the best time of the week. I'm sure most readers of my blog will agree to that.

A lot has happened in the office. I just couldn't find the time to share the details. So I'll just share our pictures.

Jay-J's again? Welcoming Olive and Sig (wala sina Carol, K-anne and my other 2 QAS..me taking the picture)

K-anne and K's birthdays :)

Last week: Team Uy at Jay-J's


Right after our drinking session, I was accompanied by my very gay Gay QASs in Manila Pavilion Hotel. I helped a friend booked 2 deluxe rooms though deiscounted rates that I have for being a gold member of this hotel. By the way, I have also scheduled this day for teh first fitting of my gown. Just when about the reservation process is over, I was informed by Iris and Marcus of an "incident." Apparently, a janitor reprimand my 5 QAS (male and gays) by saying "Bawal po maligo dito!" What the heck?! They were just washing their faces and it so happened na sira yata ang sink kasi mejo naglalawa yata sa CR. They were really offended with the manner it was said. Porke ba hindi kami nakaporma (specifically, naka tsienalas at leggings lang po ako), babastusin na sila ng ganun?!? Hindi naman kami iskwater na nanghihingi ng pera. So what happened next is that, Josh and Mark approached the manager's desk and filed for a complaint. I really don't know what has transpired since I was busy during that time. All I know is that they were speaking in straight English (with American and British accent). Makabawi man lang sa pang iinsulto.LOL The manager was apologetic naman by saying that all guest should be treated with utmost respect dahil hindi naman carinderia o divisoria ang hotel nila (TAKE NOTE of the word: Divisoria... But I only knew about this conversation when we were in 168 mall already).

Siguro, nasabihan nung manager nung manager ung janitor because when we were about to leave MP, the janitor went outside and helped us hail a cab. Actually, we were whether we would just ride a FX or take a cab. Hindi ko alam ang pasikot-sikot ng Manila area and for cases like this, I would just take a cab para lang hindi maligaw. Nung may humintong taxi at tinanong ako kung saan kami pupunta, I answered in a very loud manner: DIBISORYA!

Goodness gracious!!! Hindi malaman ng mga bakla kung mage-evaporate sila sa kahihiyan o magwi-wish sila na lamunin na lang sila ng lupa. All this time na nagpapa-cogno sila, narinig pala nung janitor na sa divisoria lang ang punta namin. LMAO Kaya pala blank ang mga facial expression nila when I told them na sa ISETANN na lang kaya kami magkita. (We took separate cabs since we are 8 people in our group) Hahahahahahahaha!!!! that was really something! Hindi ko talaga napigil ang tawa ko. Oh well, eh ano naman. Hindi naman na sila magkikita nung janitor. Besides, alangan naman sabihin kong "Divine po!" Baka kasi kung san pa kami dalhin ng cab driver.

Saturday was a freakingly irritating day. Umaaraw, umuulan? Ay day, may kinakasal na kabayong bakla! With that kind of weather, we were sweating and we patiently took the maputik and narrow roads of Divine.

When we got to Fiesta Mall, I finally had the chance to fit my gown. It's made of mikado silk so mejo mabigat sya as compared to duchess satin. It wasn't beaded yet as they want to make sure that the measurement is already fine before putting in all the beads and swarovski crystal. All of my QAS had "oOoOmMmphHh" and "ahHhHhHhhh!"when they saw the gown. I fit the gown on the spot. With only a cloth covering me. Natiwang atashi when Allison said, "hoy ung bra mo, naka display!" WaaAaAaaAahHHhhH!!!!!!!!!!!! Comic talaga. While fitting the gown, a foreigner (caucasian) stopped by and he was smiling as Iris was taking pictures. Hindi kasi sya mukhang Divi. I am pretty much satisified as well. Yun nga lang, mejo maluwag sya. I guess I lost some weight? Wish! I am also happy with how the detacheable train will look like. I'll share one picture lang muna. Secret muna ung front design. (Pasencia na po sa camera!)

The gown without the detachable train

After the gown fitting, we went straight ahead to 168 mall. We were starving to death since it's already 12:30pm (our shift ended at 4am) so we decided to have our lunch first. Just like any other lunch that we have, we would always be on the look: hunting who is top and who is bottom. LOL

We took this opportunity real BIG TIME. Inikot namin lahat ng stores. We even joked around. I remember when Josh was fitting one of the shirts, I shouted, "Ateh, bilangin nyo po ung blouse na sinusukat nya. Kasi nakakulimbat na yan ng 1 sa kabilang stall! Hoy, bakla, tama na yan, quota ka na for today." The sales ladies were laughing hard to death. When Dij was taking his time looking for some DVDS, I said, "HoyYy Dij, ang dami mo ng hentai. Uber-uber ka na sa collection." It was seconded by Josh by saying "Ikaw talaga, M2M na naman ang tinitignan mo...tama na, pahihiramin na lang kita." Salesmen were foolishly giggling. Nakakalokah talaga! There were lots of things and stories to tell kaya lang mejo tamad na ko mag 'wento.

I got home around 5pm. At 6, I already dozed off (I think).

Tomorrow will be another week for me. Actually I am pretty much excited on how my Monday will turn out. Why? Wait for my blog on Wednesday. See yah! :)
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