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Fuel Your Drive
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Gerlie, Russell’s youngest sister owns a Honda Jazz. It was (I think) a birthday debut gift from his folks. Personally, I like Honda Cars. I like its styles (interior and exterior) and more importantly, it’s really cost efficient as we talk about fuel consumption. Russell is the only one who doesn’t own a car here. His other sister, Princess, owns a brand new Hyundai Getz. She could have opted to get a Honda Car but her budget won’t just seem to fit. She has tried getting Honda Car Quotes from different dealers before settling to Getz. I like koreanovelas but when it comes to appliance and cars, getting Korean-branded items is going to be the last in my list. My older sister Ate Grace, on the other hand is thinking of replacing our old GLXi Lancer (We named it GranTurismo). We’re still in the process of evaluating the specs of Honda Civic. The dealer of our VX200 (I think it’s Diamond Motors) just sent us a copy of the Honda Car Prices they have. If things will go well, we will say goodbye to Turismo and we will welcome Honda Majomba. LOL


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