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The Week That Was
Friday, March 07, 2008
So much has happened over the past week. I have so many stories to tell but I am afraid I am running out of words to say. So I am going to make this brief.

Thursday, February 28- I was on leave for the entire week because of two reasons: (1) I got terrible colds and (2) I want to spend more time with hubby. On this day, we had dinner with one of his childhood buddies, Michael. We had our dinner at Country Side Steak. Too bad though that Mike’s wife, Chichi (who is by the way, so daldal like me) was not there. They’re supposed to have drinking session but decided to have it another day as Russell’s college friends will have another drinking session the following day.

Friday, February 29- We woke up pretty late on this day. I promised hubby that I’ll make nachos snack for his friends for their drinking session so we decided to go to SM. Because his cute little niece was around, I treated the niece and my good sister-in-law with movie tickets. They watched My Big Love while hubby and I watched Vantage Point (which by the way. a REALLY GOOD movie. No wonder it’s number 1 in the U.S. box office hits). The last two weeks have been a movie treat for us. We watched Jumper, Untraceable and Vantage Point day after another. It was too bad though that we didn’t have any car to use ot this day. Fortuner is being used my by in-laws. My sister in-law left her card in Navotas. Girlie used her car and their MB 100 van is in the repair shop. Just as when I finished doing the grocery and shopping for hubby’s needs (I bought him balikabayan gear- ayaw nya kasi ng maleta or box), Princess (my sister-in-law) informed me that Mama Luvie and Daddy Ramir are going to fetch us. Naawa daw kasi sila sa amin Para kaming mga batang yagit. LOL It was a relief, at first. But an hour already passed and we see no Mama Luvie and Daddy Ramir on our waiting place. I’m getting impatient and irritated as I really want to go home na. Tanga ko lang. I forgot that Feb. 29 is the day where the inter faith rally in Makati is going to be held. To add to my dismay, I learned that my Mama Luvie had to walk at least 2 kilometers to reach SM Bacoor as cars no longer move. Ang dami daw checkpoint on that day. Super hassle. So there, Mama Luvie walked her way and she left Daddy Ramir as it is already going late and mall is about to close. They left Noveleta around 7:00pm and Mama Luvie reached SM around 8:30 (juice ko day, 15 minutes lang dapat ito eh). Daddy Ramir reached around 8:45, just in time when our order arrived (we dined in at Shakey’s.) It’s already past 9pm when we reached Caltex where Russell and his friends are supposed to have their drinking session. Though only a few came, we had some good time and great conversation. Wala naman kasing mababato kina John Paul and Mighty.

Saturday, March 1- We paid a visit to my parents’ house in QC. We brought ulo ng lechon. We only stayed there for a couple of hours as hubby still needs to have his teeth done by my dentist. Kelangan na ng pasta at linis. I’ve been bugging him to see a dentist weeks before his departure but he keeps on delaying. When we got to the clinic, I want to tell him "I told you so…" when the lady dentist told him that his 3rd molar already needs to be extracted. Eh hindi na pwede kasi Sunday may lakad kami and it stil needs to be x-rayed kasi oral surgery na gagawin.

Sunday, March 2- While hubby was packing his things, I was silent. I really didn’t talk. Because I know that the moment I’ll utter a word, I will just break down. hayYyY, ang hirap magpigil ng emosyon. Because that Sunday is the last Sunday that we’re gonna spend together, Mama Luvie decided to have the entire family attend a mass in Tagaytay (Our lady of Lourdes). We dropped by at Sm Bacoor muna to buy pasalubong and some other stuff that hubby needs. After attending the mass, we had the eat-all-you can dinner at Sonya’s Garden. The salad is just superb. Blue Marlin tastes great and pasta is really delicious. I also liked their dalandan juice. The service though is not that super. We had to wait for 20 minutes for each item to arrive. Bummer. We arrived home at around 10pm na. This time, super busy na si hubby sa pag eempake. The balikbayan gear that we bought was spacious enough to contain 20 kilos. Sa sobrang anotk, we dozed off around 1am na.

Monday, March 3- When we woke up around 10am, I asked for the last time "Aalis ka na ba talaga?" hubby looked me in the eye and said, "Ayaw ko talaga kayo iwanan pero kailangan beh. Promise, next year, hindi na tau magkakahiwalay." I tried to contain my emotions kasi mas lalo lang mahihirapan syang umalis. I tried to put a smile on my face when he left. Hubby, on the other hand, wore eyeglasses. Tse! Style mo ugok ka, mas iyakin ka pa sa kin. Hehehehe We didn’t stay long at the departure area. As soon as we saw hubby entering the departure entrance, we left ASAP. It was a good thing because tears started to roll in my face. My Mama Luvie asked me if I am on leave. I told her that I am going to report for work. Mas lalo lang ako malulungkot pag uwi ko. I need to keep myself pre-occupied. I really thank God that he gave me wonderful people in my team because they make me laugh. Pag nasa office ako, tawa lang ako ng atawa. But when I get hoem na, I can’t help but be senti.So that is how last week worked for me. I am better now compared to the first 3 days when he left. After all, we get to talk and chat everyday. It eases my weariness and pain. I hope that God is guiding him always. :)
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  • At 3/08/2008 4:28 AM, Blogger Heidi said…

    Hello Thet, I can only imagine how lonely you must feel... I mean umuwi lang nga saglit si Charlie sa Ilocos for several days and I miss him already... but there's always the aid of modern technology for you two to communicate, besides, before you realize it saglit na lang magkasama na kayo ulit... Stay safe dear, and try to enjoy the weekend!

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