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Friday, December 14, 2007
I have heard a lot of bride stories where guest failed or should I say, tinatamad to sign the wedding guest book. Because we don't want a guest book that only has 10 signature/messages, we have thought of a gimmick that will encourage our guests to sign our guest book. Since we got hundreds of pictures from our pre-nup pictorial, with only 20 of them to be chosen, we decided to use the excess pictures in the AVP that we are going to make.

Some important notes:
  • It rained hard during the day we had our prenup pictorial
  • Russell didn't get to have his hair done (his hair looks sabog)
  • Kix, our photographer was already there at 9am. We got there at around 11am. (grRrrrrr!)
  • We had to have our costumes done in only 3 days. The result? Ok ung kay Russell. Yung blouse ko, sobrang maluwang. Mukha tuloy akong preggo.
  • All of our pictures are candid. We don't want the traditional shots. After all, it's my dream to wear a japanese high school uniform. The shorter the skirt, the better. LOL
  • Val Villarin, my make up artist did my hair and make up in only 20 minutes. Bilis noh?! He had to do my retouch at around 3pm as he has another appointment to attend to. Shonga ko lang, I forgot to give him extra money for his transpo going to Manila (IWe picked him up in his house early in the morning).
  • Russell had to resize the pictures that we used. Otherwise, mashadong malaki file. DI kayang i-upload youtube. But come our wedding day, we will use the original file size na para di blurry.
So far, I am really satisfied with how my photographer, make up artist and of course, the videographer are doing their job. That's what you call affordability without sacrificing quality.


posted by ruther @ 4:26 AM  
  • At 12/14/2007 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ako to mother! real eye candy pics huh! :) Loving it! so candid! so you and russell! LOVE YAH GUYS! best wishes! see you on the big day! - - JOSH (not a blogger as of yet...haha!) HUGS!

  • At 12/17/2007 8:03 AM, Blogger mschumey07 said…

    Yung video ng honeymoon, iintayin namin. Ilang tulog na lang and you will embark on the journey of a lifetime. I wish you and Russel the best in life. Take good care of you husband, pero huwag ka pa-under. Ingat, anak.

  • At 12/18/2007 3:25 PM, Blogger QT said…

    thet! loved your video, galing ha!! praying for your rain-free wedding =D

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