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Hosting Contract
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
One of the things that I have considered before buying my domain was the hosting service and its contract. I admit that I am not a webby genius and so thinking of many factors such as hosting contract is something that I have to think about over and over again. Currently, I am using a blogger hosting service but I really find it too simple (though easier for me to understand.) Maybe, in the future when I get more familiarize with how hostings ervice works, I might opt for another hosting service provider. Lunarpages Offer for DreamHost Customers is too tempting. Their basic plan just increased and is massive and ideal for bloggers! One can get 15,000GB of Transfer & 1,500GB of storage, free domain name & 10 add-on domains for $6.95 a month + loads more. They have been in business for over 8 years & they provide beginner (LPQuicksite), basic, business, windows, Linux, VPS & dedicated hosting services. Their plans support Ruby on Rails, JSP/ASP & they have PHP5 & MySQL5 servers & all their plans all come with unlimited databases, email accounts, FTP accounts & parked domains. Lunarpages also pays generous affiliate commissions $65 and if you sell one of our dedicated hosting plans thet will pay $180. You can also find that information here: http://www.lunarpages.com/affiliate. On top of that, Lunarpages has created a coupon code just for all its subscribers! Use code DHRefugees to receive $40 off hosting with Lunarpages! We will also add up to 9 months of paid time the customer has spent with their DreamHost contract to all former DreamHost customers! HUbby is the one who is seriously thinking about getting this since he is the more proficient one when it comes to techy stuff liek this. Now that he is also doing sponsored opps, he is into re-designing his website to make it more appealing to the eye of its readers.

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posted by ruther @ 2:13 PM  
  • At 3/07/2009 4:15 AM, Blogger cathy said…

    Hi! I just came across your blog while I was surfing for Bora pics. I was caught up with your blogs and I really learned some important things while reading them. I also got curious about Hosting Contracts. While the name is a jargon for me, I am really interested. If it won't take much of your valuable time, will you please post links that would provide informations about them? I will stand by for updates. Thanks and God bless you and your family.

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