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“Pay me for my work but I don't do it for the money.”
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Money is only a human invention. I get paid for my work, it's a system of trade, but it's not my purpose and reason for living.

I work because I know, that out of six billion in this world I have a purpose. I may be not a perfect supervisor but I know I am giving my bestest to create unity among my team members out of cultural diversity. I give them all the support I could ever give them. My employee opinion survey speaks for my performance. I need to brag about it. In fact, I feel humbled that despite of the fact that I am not popular with other department managers and execute management, i have (created) a lasting impression to my former and current team members. I have touched their lives. I feel honored. I feel satisfied. I feel rewarded every time there is a team member that climbs up the corporate ladder without stepping someone else's shoes. They deserved it because they worked hard for it. They have proven their worth. Some of them may have to leave the company to seek greener pasture. And I am flattered every time they would put my name in their resume as their reference character. I even feel more flattered because of them, either those who are already promoted or transferred to a new company would drop me a note, saying how thankful they are that they have experienced working under my time. Come on, it's not every month that you will get this type of a appreciation. And I keep all these emails. In fact, I had them printed out and keep in a scarp book. I may not be a girlie-type of lady but I am certainly an individual who wants to treasure memories and friends. In fact, for most of my team members, I am still in contact with them. One day, I was really surprised to receive this email (NOTE: I decided not to drop names for the purpose of privacy)

Hi Thet,

As much as I want to thank you personally and snatch one minute of your
time I shun away that idea because I know you're fully-loaded with QA
tasks and every minute of it should not be wasted.And by the time, I
sent this e-mail, you're already out of the office na siguro. Everyone
is not perfect but we are able to accept each other's shortcomings.
Admittedly, I have faults. As my supervisor, I want you to know that I
appreciated you for being so considerate. What I have written on my
resignation letter about you and your leadership is true.
You earned my respect.
I always tell Joey and Noel how much I admire your decision-making skills and for
being a
tough but understanding leader. Handling a team with different
personalities is a huge responsibility.

Thank you for everything and you will be missed. It made my 2-month stay
here in (Name of Company) worthwhile and with so much fun. Missed our laughing

And how could I forget when we climbed all the way up to Taal Volcano.
Sad to say, lately, since you're tied up with CAA training and I
understand how hard it is to handle 2 teams, and with our different
breaks, we don't use to have our lunch together na. So I end up having
it with Noel and since some stations don't have Citrix connections near
Qwest team. Napadpad ako sa TPG. He He He :) Let's keep in touch. Again, thank


Right now, I am not with my best. I feel unmotivated. In fact, very frustrated. I even told our Washington counterpart (client turned confidant) that I am no longer comfortable and happy with what I am doing. Not because I have already lost the passion for work. No, definitely not with that. I love what I am doing and I love the people around me.I love the supervisors, i love the qaa's and the qas. More than money, it is the people that keeps me from filing my resignation. (I tried sending resumés only to back out on interviews. I changed my mind. I will never give this person the happiness of controlling and power tripping people).

We have a new manager now. Somebody who I think do not really deserve the position. She has issues with her Comcast crew. She has troubles communicating and motivating them. And the worst part of it is that, I know all these grievances. What the heck! We are from different shifts but they would come forward to me to raise their issues. I don't even know these people! But just because of the feedback that they get from my team members, they come forward to me. Sabi nga ni Erika, pro-QA daw kasi ako. From that standpoint, how would I believe that this somebody is capable of leading a team of 100 members when in fact, she cannot effectively handle a team of 15? KAPAL NG MUKHA NG GAGA! Her team's shift starts at 12pm-8pm but she would come to work at 4pm and leaves the office at 2am. Huwatttt????!!! Is she on a flexible schedule? As far as I am concern, a supervisor should mirror the shift of her/his team as closely as possible. What is she gonna do after 8pm? Does she really think that she is giving her crew the floor support that they need with just 4 hours? TANG INA! Wala kang ginawa kung di magpabibo sa management. Plastik ka! While most of the managers think that she is rendering an enormous amount of overtime (I am also guilty of this as I would often tell her, "girl pwedeng umuwi!", the thought of her being around for her team makes her team members puke!The team already informed the management about their problem with her but the funny thing is that, instead of having this biatch re-trained, they had her promoted! ARE THEY SERIOUS?!!! She doesn't have the experience for a revenue account. She doesn't even have what it takes to be an effective supervisor, much more, an effective manager. Her employee opinion survey is an all-center-low. How come she was promoted? Is it because the management saw her "dedication" for work? CRAP! Full of CRAP! I did not report for work yesterday because I don't think I could still compose myself as I see her devil face and stinking behavior.

One the other hand, there is another "somebody" who has really gained my respect. She's really an ideal manager. She effectively communicates with her team. If ever there is a conflict, she tries to resolve it within her best ability. She's pro-active. Never have a mean bone. She has the experience. And everybody loves her. She is the type of supervisor na kapag di mo sinunod ung pinapagawa nye eh tingin ng tao sayo eh ang tamad-tamad mo! She is fair. She is genuinely passionate about what she is doing. I know she is also quite upset but she never tells it verbally. But when I look into her eyes, I know there is doubt,there are questions but she dares not to ask. I really love this girl. And I feel for her. I hope that the company is treating her fairly. I don't think we can find a treasure like her in the future. Never in this kind of industry or maybe never in this life. That's how good she is. One may argue, "Why I am the one bursting these feelings out?" Simple. Because people at work are afraid to let other people hear their thoughts. They cannot stand for what is morally right and ethically thing to do. I am thinking of changing the title of my other blog as "LISTEN TO WHAT CALL CENTER WORKERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY"...LOL

I am laying this case to rest now. Instead of whining out loud. I will just do my job. Instead of doing good, I will do exceptionally bestest! Erika, Mike, Andy and the entire Revenue Team will let her feel and see the reality that she is not fit for this job. What she is doing in the International campaign is a far cry from what we are doing in Revenue. In other words, she does not fit in our world. She may have gotten the spot, but reality is, she doesn't have and will probably never earn our RESPECT.


(P.S. I am still planning to resign, maybe in 2008. Erika, Mike and I are thinking of having a mass resignation. We now have this mantra, DIGITAL NA ANG KARMA NGAUN!)

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posted by ruther @ 6:48 PM  
  • At 6/25/2007 3:15 AM, Blogger A! said…

    I could really feel your energy level here...at least you were able to express it here. Hehhe!

    Take it easy ok? just wanting you to smile..

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