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Beautiful Sunday
Sunday, August 12, 2007
I woke up early today. I guess for a nocturnal specie, waking up at 7am is early enough to call it EARLY (LOL). I usually don't eat breakfast but today, I had 3 pan de sal and a sumptuous dairy cream lite topped with brown sugar (toasted for a minute.) After an hour, I started doing blog hopping but thanks to the intermittent DSL problem that we have, I keep on getting disconnected. HmMMfFfff! Anyway, after doing some magic in the DSL modem, my connection has gone pretty fast. Come 10am, my eyes got pretty tried so I resorted to cable TV. There isn't any good show in Crime Suspense so I just scanned the rest of the channels.

Then I saw Daimos. I grew up watching Erika and Richard's love story. Halos magkasabay ko itong pinapanood dati ng Voltes V. But I didn't know how the story started. Today, I got the chance why the Barhmins are so angry with Earth-lings.

After the destruction of their homeworld (Barhmins), the survivors of the planet Bahm headed towards Earth with the goal of negotiating the purchase of land to emigrate to. They have been traveling some million light years in the universe because they can't seem to find a planet that will suffice their needs. Unfortunately, during the negotiations, the Barmian's leader, Leon, is assassinated by his second in command, Olban (Eto yung may sungay sa noo), and the delegation from Earth is framed for the murder (etong episode na ito eh napanood ko sa last part ng series). The cup of cofee/tea that Emperor Leon drank was poisoned by Olban. In the ensuing chaos, Doctor Isamu Ryūzaki (tatay ni Richard) of the Earth delegation was shot and killed.

Ayos! Meron na naman akong susundan
after Hana Yori Dango. While watching Daimos, I was bothered by the loud sound of TV from our garage. Popcy was watching the World Boxing Cup pala. At that time, Popcy told me that the score card is already 4-0 in favor of Philippines. Bout between Peñolasa and a certain Mexican was being aired at that moment (Sayang lang at di nanalo si Boom-Boom). After 10 years, Gerry finally regained his world boxing champion title. After Gerry's proclamation as the new champion, this is the time I have thought of going to Novaliches Proper to buy the latest (complete) season of CSI Vegas and CSI Miami. So there, I went to Nova proper but I ended up buying CSI Miami and Bones Season 2 instead.

I'm on the last 4 episodes of CSI (I got the latest one before but it only has 14 episodes) when Mudrax told me that the BUZZ is going to feature the Ruffa-Ylmaz interview and the controversial Angel Locsin. Di na ko interesado sa Ruffa-Ylmaz issue kasi sobrang chipangga na ng issue. What I really intend to watch is Angel Locsin's interview. I admire this girl. She is very humble and she seems to be a very nice person.

Oh well, that is all I have for now. It's already 7pm and I am really craving for Calamares that Mudrax is cooking now. :)

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posted by ruther @ 5:50 AM  
  • At 8/13/2007 7:55 AM, Anonymous Elizar said…

    huwaw ate, na eexpose ang edad natin sa mga cartoons nahilig mo ah.. hehehe..

    I love them too! ;) Pati si Dr. Man! :D

  • At 8/13/2007 8:02 AM, Anonymous ch13f said…

    hehehe ..
    daimos mode si miss thet .. hehe

    ayun, i saw gerry's fight and i really am proud of him, sabi ko nga .. "oh ayan .. pede na xa mag retire" hehehe ..

  • At 8/13/2007 4:50 PM, Anonymous maiylah's snippets said…

    yup, sometimes getting up at 7am could be so difficult, specially on a weekend! lol.
    i admire Angel Locsin, too ... :)

    thanks for dropping by, ha! :)
    really appreciate it.

    take care!

  • At 8/14/2007 12:00 AM, Blogger Ann said…

    you know what? we're watching the same shows last Sunday ... I was watching Daimos also with my husband and my 2 brothers while my Dad is yelling inside their room because lamang na daw ang Pinoy sa boxing. And when I was cooking dinner for my in-laws, I'm watching Angel Locsin in The Buzz hahaha.

  • At 8/15/2007 3:43 AM, Blogger mschumey07 said…

    Forgot to mention that we have a blogger who does coverage for weddings. You might want to check him out. Si Master Bentong. May link siya sa blogroll ko. He might be able to give you a special rate.

  • At 8/16/2007 3:02 AM, Anonymous rex said…

    toasted bread with margarine and brown sugar...mmmmm.....droool....

    mabuhay si gerry! :)

    at mag-praktis ka mag-bob and weave boom2! that was what you told us you'd do!

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