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Koreanovela, again?!?
Friday, August 10, 2007
I have mentioned for a lot of times that I am such a DVD pathetic sucker. It's week end now and I got nothing else to do but be into sleep, eat---eat, sleep mode. I really find this week end really boring. I have watched quite a number of DVD series and I have finished them all. I got no other DVDs to watch anymore. Although there is still a pile of Desperate Housewives and SmallVille DVDs to watch, I am afraid that such kind of story plot is not just my type. I don't know but the storyline of these series wouldn't "arouse" me at all.

In a week, Russell will be moving to Tita Em's house. He is starting to move his things little by little. He is set to come home mid-October and he decided to move out of his apartment. Sayang din naman kasi yung 2 months na rent. Moving out from his apartment means he's gonna lose his DSL connection. That also means that we're gonna have limited time to chat online. hayYyyYy... there are moments where I wo
uld just wake up in the middle of the night and I would ask him to go online. I'm gonna miss those moments.

With the very boring life that awaits me, I started counting and reviewing the number of DVDs that I have collected. Boy, I could set up a DVD rental business! LOL Just when I was about to finish fixing the DVD categories, I came
across a koreanovela- one that really broke me into tears. It's a love story. I know, I am a very sentimental person but watching love stories, be it movie or TV program is not my cup of tea. I have watched this series through GMA-7 even before I met Russell. At that time, I was still nursing my broken heart from my first boyfriend. It made me realize that no matter what we do, FATE will prevail. If it's not meant for you, you should accept that it's not for you. Stop asking yourself with so many "HOW" and "WHY". You just have to accept the reality no matter how hard and unfair it seems.

Endless Love 2: Winter Sonata is special for me. It's different from any other koreanovelas that I have watched (where you could easily predict how the story will end.) Maybe because it speaks about different shades of LOVE: your first love, true love, possessive love and lost love. I can also relate with how the characters would react on "losing your love"--- getting drunk, being suicidal and having no good disposition in life.

Aside from the fact that it showcases breathtaking winter scenery (which I really prefer over summer), it's the melancholic music that I like. Hear the background music? It's an OST from Winter Sonata. Though I don't understand the lyrics, it somehow communicates with me. As they say, music is the universal language of the heart.

When I was in Japan, I know that this was also a big hit there. I even saw some commercials of the lead actor in TV advertisements. I was able to follow this series in the local TV channel but I missed some parts that's why I bought a DVD copy. Ngayon ko na lang naalala na may copy pala ako nito at di ko pa sya napapanood ng buo. I would have wanted to watch this together with Russell but obviously, he is not here. For the time being, no more CSIs, BONES or NCIS for me. I'll go back to my corny mode. Korni man, totoo naman.

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posted by ruther @ 10:27 PM  
  • At 8/15/2007 3:39 AM, Blogger mschumey07 said…

    I liked it to. I watched it on KBS channel. I never imagined how beautiful it is. It aired every Sunday morning at 2:30am. I never envisioned myself watching it as I'm not into this kind of show. I'm glad I stayed up and saw it to the end. It was all worth it.

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