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Our Humble Beginning- Does it really matter?
Wednesday, August 01, 2007
Russell is living his "American Dream."

I am here in Quezon City.

We don't have any common friends. He works while
I am asleep. He is snoring while I am enjoying my afternoon snack. How did we end up together?

Some of my friends know that Russell and I are product of the emerging technology. But they don't know the details. To set the record straight, I am gonna tell everybody how the so-called "cyber love affair" started.

November 2002.

While Russell was a 'senior' chatter, I was just starting to build "career" in a particular chatroom. Unlike Russell who would hop on different chatrooms, I would just visit one chatroom. For Russell, chatting is one best outlet where he can burst his angst over his demanding work and his recent break up with his college girlfriend of two years (Russell initially told me that he had his last gf way back 2001...he just admitted the real score of a recent break up..oh yeah, it was October 2002.) He is working in Orange County, California. Since he is unattached, he was (I mean "IS") a BIG flirt, such a scene-stealer!

I, on the other hand, was a senior business major student in U.P. back then. Out of boredom and anxiety attack, (I was still not over with my ex boyfriend albeit we've been off for more than a year...first bf ei! long story about this!) I would always go to SC to rent a PC unit in one of the internet caf├ęs there.Nada...just browsing the net.

Until one morning (as in early morning..actually, the first customer of the shop) a certain dating website popped out on my screen. Out of
curiosity, I opened the link. I have been a regular chatter of this dating website but only during day time. Until one weekend night while at home, I logged in to this dating website just to make my eyes tired so that a good sleep would knock on my pillows. Little did I know that this one night will change my life--- forever.

He called me "a drag queen" (a.k.a BADING) becau
se of the way I talk. I didn't have any picture on my profile. I called him a "j3rk" without any reason. I guess I just didn't like the way he "messes up the room." Anyway, what started as a petty public "chat war"ended up with a private flirty conversation. When he asked for my picture, I was hesitant sending him my picture. But after using a few more convincing tricks on me, I finally sent him one. LOL He told me he will call me soon as soon as he gets the chance to be free from the pile of tasks that he need to finish. I didn't believe nor even bother to wait for that call. I am not that gullible.

U.S. Thanks Giving Day- Russell called me. I was surpr
ised, really. We talk for about 2 hours (or so?). I enjoyed talking to him so I promised that I'm gonna call him on his birthday, December 3. Just like me, he didn't think that I'm gonna call him. But I did!

After his birthday, we started engaging in some private conversations through instant messenger. I would then, be online from midnight until 6 in the morning. During that time, we're still using dial-up connection so imagine the pain of attempting to regain the internet connection whenever I would get disconnected.

Our first date- May 11, 2003

December 7, 2003- I don't know how we ended up getting this date as our anniversary date. There wasn't any "courting period" at all.

Oh well, when my ex-bf found out that I got a new boyfriend, he just laughed and predicted that this crazy-cyber-long distance love affair is just good for three months. I am not sure if it's just out of sour-graping but he said (according to some of our common friends) that I am not really in love with Russell, that I am just "on-the-rebound" and desperate to show that I am over him. We've officially became "WE" on Dec. 7, 2002 but we only got the chance to see each each other on May 9, 2003. He was skeptical about the purpose of getting myself committed with somebody who I barely knew. I didn't even know how tall he was or what are his favorite food. Russell was a complete stranger to me, as he said. Oh well, I can't blame him. I didn't believe either that this is going to be for real. All I know is that, "this man will keep me company for the meantime".

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we will be marking our 5th anniversary come December 7, 2007. I can no longer remember how many times we (I) tried breaking up, how many heated and longer arguments we have had engaged with and how much we have spent for internet prepaid cards. All I know is that we managed to beat the time, distance and most importantly, those (many) people who didn't believe in us. It was a long shot... We have invested a lot of time, money and emotions. But all I can say is, "It's all worth it! Behlat nyo!!!"

We've been formally engaged February 14, 2006. I started preparing our wedding March 2006. And on December 22, 2007, I will marry my cyber best friend, my chat war comrade and my wonderful lifetime partner :)

You're also invited, only through webcam. LMAO

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posted by ruther @ 6:31 PM  
  • At 8/01/2007 10:13 PM, Blogger jacaranda said…

    "good for three months" .. that's exactly the same thing that Lois' (my wife) friends said when they found out about the two of us...

    just like russell and you, we proved them wrong.. ayt?


  • At 8/01/2007 10:23 PM, Blogger nelo said…

    astig na love story to ah! one in a million chance..congrats to both of you!

    ibang klase talaga...behlat sa ex-bf mo na maangas! haha!

  • At 8/01/2007 10:31 PM, Blogger mschumey07 said…

    Love moves in strange ways. It springs so many surprises doesn't it. It even surprises ourselves. Anyways, I am happy for you.

    Mine was a whirlwind romance, it was pure love. And we're going into our 21st year.

  • At 8/01/2007 10:45 PM, Blogger Tami said…

    aww.. nakakatuwa naman ang story niyo. it makes me want to believe in love all over again. but di ko pa panahon. =D uy sige i webcam niyo yung wedding!! i want to see it!!! =D

  • At 8/01/2007 11:09 PM, Blogger eyalreb said…

    wheew ate, ibang klase luvstory niO :) oH btw.. ur exbF is an asshole.. behlat nia!! weE.. :))


  • At 8/01/2007 11:51 PM, Blogger KaThYcOt ;p said…

    panalo ang love story!!! :) nainspire ako isulat ang samin ni amiel...nakakahiya lang kasi ako nagpa-cute! waaaaahhh!!! pero same din,most of people that i know predicted that our personalities will clash,that we will not last.. behlat na lang sila! :) hehehehe..

    bakla send mo nga email mo..chicka ever tayo!


  • At 8/02/2007 2:02 AM, Blogger claire said…

    wow, congrats.. lapit na ang december, yihee.. let me dedicate the first few lines of Shania Twain's song for you..

    You're Still the One..

    "Looks like we made it
    Look how far we've come my baby
    We mighta took the long way
    We knew we'd get there someday

    They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
    But just look at us holding on
    We're still together still going strong

    yes thet, you've prove them all wrong, coz here you are and russell right now, ready to walk down the aisle.. i'm so happy for the two of you :)

  • At 8/02/2007 5:24 AM, Blogger Ann said…

    ganun talaga, pag para sa iyo eh wala ng hahadlang dun. tutulungan ka pa ni Lord. para sa iyo talaga si Russel. can't wait for your wedding on December... lapit na weeeeeeeee

  • At 8/02/2007 5:56 AM, Blogger MeL said…

    Ayun pala ang love story nyo. Ang sweet naman. Thanks for sharing it to us. :)

    Me and my boyfriend didn't have a courting period either. When you like a guy, tell him straightly. Wla nang pakipot at pa-cute. LOL

  • At 8/02/2007 3:59 PM, Blogger joice said…

    galeng ng love story nyo. wuhu!

  • At 8/02/2007 9:17 PM, Blogger joy-joy said…

    was it love before first sight?

    i met mine online, but not on eBay. :d 2 years na kami -- going stronger despite the distance and time

  • At 8/02/2007 9:29 PM, Blogger tzie said…

    wow. kaingit nman the love story.:]

  • At 8/03/2007 11:54 AM, Anonymous recel said…

    wow! nice love story, eh?! congrats and best wishes to u both! i like ur site nga pala. can't get enough of ur writeups. u'r just amazingly good! ako ay bago pa lang sa blogging world na eto! i'm learning and but i love reading ur page more!

  • At 8/03/2007 8:45 PM, Blogger Kristine said…

    Best wishes and congrats sa inyo kahit na sa Dec. pa yung wedding. Pero ang bilis ng panahon, ilang sandali lang Dec. na. sana makarating ako sa wedding nyo. hehe.. but really, sa kabila ng lahat, as long as andun yung love and respect for one another, talagang kakayanin lahat. :)

    You two are blessed to have one another!

  • At 8/07/2007 1:53 PM, Anonymous cheryljoy said…

    okei ah, ganyan lang talaga ang pag-ibig hahaahah. enjoy the moment!

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