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Monday, October 29, 2007
As Russ and I discuss our plans of having our wedding coordination and photography business, we were thinking of whether we should lease a space, borrow from his mother the 3rd floor of their appliance store in Rosario or just create an office right in our home (that is yet to be build). taking the home office into consideration, we really have to maximize the space in our home and that includes the bedroom furniture. We plan to have a mini-bar in our house just like what they have right now at home. However, with the limited space that we have, we might have to resort having a basement where we could have the dart board, the guitar and a billiard pool all in one area. That means we have to purchase some bar stools and extra tall bar stool as well. I want to color the basement red. I want a bar stool similar to this one.

It has been officially announced to us about a week ago that we're gonna be moving to a new home. We used to occupy 2 floors in one of the building here in Ortigas. But come 2nd quarter of 2008, we will be finally moving to Tiendesitas where we had build our own building. I have seen the plan and perspective of our building and it was quite a nice as the one owned by People Support in Makati. The building is really nice but it just made our lives, especially those who come from far areas where public utilities are not that accessible. I guess they should give transportation allowance based on the proximity level where the employees are coming from. *Sigh* I thank God that I only have to deal with that for just a while as I am going to resign anytime soon. Currently, our office reception area is just a plain space with ordinary furniture. Personally, I am not impressed.

I know as a client. first impression sometimes matters. Apart from establishing great rapport, how your office looks will somehow make an impression too. That is why deciding on what furniture home office we should have is going to very significant in building first impression. I want something that is similar to this one.

I like the color black. It's contemporary and looks really professional.

I am really thankful that most things now come in handy. I found all of these furniture items in http://furniturefromhome.com. If you are going to browse this website, you will find tons and tons of items ranging from stools, bedroom sets, dining room sets and more. They also come with great deals of no shipping fee and hassle free returns. Best of all, they guarantee the lowest price you can ever have than any other furnitures store.

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