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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Starting September, 2 people will be moved to another team. I am really sad with this event. If only I can do something to make them stay. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it.

Before the supposed transfer, majority of the team wants to make the decision on who is going to be transferred by the simple process of "votation."

I did not approve this process because if that's what is going to happen, I have a clear idea on who is going to be "evicted." The process of votation is really harmful. Baka mapag bintangan pa akong power tripper o namumulitika. This is something I don't want to happen. Miski sabihin pa nating, napakhirap nyang i-handle, I still believe that personal thoughts should be set aside with business matters. Mixing personal versus business is something unprofessional. And I oppose that kind of strategy. Nobody should be using his designation to dictate the fate of an employee. I believe in the law of retribution.

I am wishing for a divine intervention though. Sana ma-realize nya how to fit to the team. The world willnot change for her. Sya dapat ang matutong makibagay. I hope after her regularization, she'll find the time for self-reflection. In some way or another kasi, apektado lahat ng team members sa ugali nya. Miski pa ung mga inaakala nyang kasangga nya eh may reklamo din. I am really surprised when I learned what they have to say about her. Hindi nga lang kasing bigat nung mga nakabangga nya.

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