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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Over the past 2 weeks, I have been writing about some office happening in this blog. While majority of these happening are shared happy moments, a couple of it really made me anxious and agitated (for reals) - some things which I haven't experienced in a long time.

Last Monday, a dialogue was requested by one of my QAS. She felt, that I was unfair to her because of what I have written in my blog way back August 30.

We met face-to-face with the HR supervisor. VP was not there. Actually, I didn't really expect him to be there kasi sobrang walang kwenta ng issue. As our conversation, I can't help but shake my head as she falsely accused me of many things.

First, she accused me of verbal harassment. When T asked asked what are the particular statements that I made towards her, she just stupidly said, "She didn't say anything but her friends from other team made those vague remarks. They didn't mention any names but I know I am the one they are pertaining to when they talk."

Duh? Talk about paranoia. Naku, 'neng. Hindi ikaw ang center of the solar system. Wag mong isipin na sayo umiikot ang mundo ng mga tao sa opisina. Besides, mga kaibigan ko sa ibang team and nagbitiw ng mga "parinig"...hindi ako. Why not make the complaint against them? Why me? Just because I was in the crowd when those "harassing words" were uttered doesn't mean I am the one responsible for it. Puro dada eh..Utak ampaw naman.

Second, she accused me of grave abuse of authority. When she was asked why, she said something about my August 30th blog: "For now, I THINK I can still handle her. I still have to wait and see. I have yet to signed the regularization papers of 13 people this coming September. I am deeply and religiously thinking whether I would have her regularization pro-longed or if she is entitled for a regularization (in the first place). So help me God....."

SoOoOOo stupid! I just can't help but laugh. Why? Because the day after I wrote that blog, I took home all the appraisal forms. I finished all of them over the week end. And before she read that entry, I have already signed it. On the day itself na nagpalengkera sya sa office, I showed to one of her friends, C, the 2 appraisal forms that I had back then. One is for HER and the other one was of the most efficient and most effective QAS in our team. Take note, that was on the spot so she couldn't speculate that I just finish her appraisal form right after she made that scandal. Nakakahiya kay Tina. Actually, I deliberately did not inform her that her appraisal form is done because I know that she's gonna use it against me. On our dialogue, nagmukha syang TANGA because other than that, she can't enumerate other circumstances where I practiced abuse of authority.

After all her accusations, I turned the table to her. I asked her straightforwardly, "Why did you say that when I leave this company, you'll make sure that no other call center will hire me because you will leave me with bad records? As if I am afraid!" You know what her answer was? "Yes, I said that because I think you are being unfair to me and that's how I felt during that time." WOW! What a conceited B. I retaliated by saying "So if it's your feelings who got hurt, you can tell people behind my back all the negative things you want to say and if it's other's feelings, they DONT HAVE THE RIGHT to express it even in their own blog because they are being UNFAIR TO YOU?" Ibang klase din talaga ang apog ng babaitang ito. Sabagay, sa dami ng nakaaway mo sa ibang company, hustler ka na sa pag handle ng ganitong klase ng "war". Di ko talaga alam kung ano o saan ang pinaghuhugatan ng galit nya sa akin so I boldly told T na "The only reason why she feels that way towards me is BECAUSE HINDI KAMI CLOSE at kinakausap ko ung MGA taong nakaaway nya."

I came prepared for that dialogue. In fact, I even have my own set of counter complaint against her. All the violations and all the complaints that I got from other teams. were compiled in a three-page letter to the HR department signed by those QAS who are complaining also against her. I was really ready to file that complaint. And then I remembered, If I am gonna to file that complaint, chances are she will not get regularized.

September 19, Wednesday quite a number of people asked me personally and through email if I will get her regularized. While a couple of people who asked that question told me to give her a second chance, 95 of them told me to terminate her. "Kung probationary employee eh ganyan na ka-kupal, what more kung regularized na." To be honest, I really don't like terminating people. Well, I don't even remember that I have already terminated one. I love all my team members. It will not make me feel any better knowing the fact that I let somebody lose a job just because of my personal feelings towards the person. In short, I still talked to the person, discuss her performance and signed her regularization form. While majority of those people who knew about this incident applauded my decision and admired my objectivity, a few WARNED me of her (again!). Actually, they need not to remind me naman eh. I know what I am gonna do next time since our relationship now is just a plain QA to QA Sup lang. Besides, some company violation don't have any statue of tenureship. Que probi o regular, if all things were processed accordingly, kahit magharap pa kami sa NLRC, wala syang magagawa. Hindi naman ako baguhan sa ganyang klase ng complaint. Dati yata akong aktibista and most of my free time, I would read the labor code and company's P&P. I almost filed a complaint against my previous call center for unjust treatment and those people involved in the management side did not follow the protocol set by the company. I am not afraid of HER, her FACE is the one that makes me feel afraid. LOL

The 64 dollar question: Why did you regularize her? Simple. I want some peace of mind. I'm gonna get married this December and ayoko ng may kaaway (though hindi rin kami magkaibigan.) I got tons of things to worry about and dealing with her PETTY issue is the last thing I wanna spend my time and attention with. Performance wise, she is OK. I wouldn't question that. But attitude? Hmmmm... It's up to her whether she will be grateful of my gesture or if she will be MORE CONFIDENT dahil feeling nya eh takot ako sa kanya. MALING-MALI ANG IDEA NA YON. And for the record, I haven't dropped the bomb yet. Just think of me as a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. Kung hahanapan man nya ako ng butas, then she ought to know that she is in the magnifying glass as well. And I would like to reiterate that "I MADE MY HOMEWORK. I researched." Just read between the lines kung talagang smart ka (which I doubt). And the complaint? I still have the draft. Maybe, just MAYBE, it needs to be edited in the future. Now that I know that she doesn't want to be the center of a blog entry, I'll just to talk to people if I have to say something about her. Oh wag kang magalit, style mo ito. I am just merely imitating you.

Wag mo ng buksan ang folder ko because I put in a passcode for you to read/edit that file. Now way for you to open that file.

Right now, things are starting to get back to normal. Actually I feel a lot better now dahil masasaway at mapupuna ko na sya. Dati kasi, nag aalangan ako on how she would feel but this time, "trabaho lang."

Sorry for the uncoherent thoughts. Antok na antok na ko and I am ready to doze off.

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posted by ruther @ 7:50 PM  
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