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Thursday, August 30, 2007
In my 5 years as a call center worker, I have met hundreds, if not thousands of individuals from all walks of life. I have met the most down-to-earth people, the sky-high egoistic, the "low-profile", the pa-cogños, the psychotic(s), the delusional(s), the most sane to the most insane people: it's almost every adjective you can use to describe a person.

As somebody who manages a team of 17 people, I have to deal with all these kinds characters. It's a pain in the butt, I must admit. And the hardest part of it is that, even if I want to express my opinion about something/somebody, I have no other choice to keep it to myself to avoid being tagged as partial, unfair and power-tripper. I am ought to set an example.

I have this one QAS, who I should say, has the most difficult attitude I have encountered. I don't know what is up with her that she thinks she is the most superior (un)human being in our team. Funny thing though is she has so many insecurities in herself. Ironically, she would always make "parinig" in our team about other people's flaws. I called that as her "defense mechanism." Come to think of it: when it's about her, she wants our team to be sensitive on how she would feel. But she is just to tactless about pinpointing other's "defects." I tend to ignore (most of the time) all of her parinig because it is just so vague and I will never confront somebody without any concrete details to support my argument. And besides, she hasn't made any negative comments towards me. I don't know if it's out of respect or because she knows that I also have a stronger personality and she owes me something. Hindi nya ko kaya kasi mas kupal ako sa kanya. She knows that I could kicked her butt out in the office anytime that I want. (Well, that is because she already has a lot of violations that I have just ignored.)

There is just this one instance where I blurted how I feel. Of course you have read in my previous posts that I got a lot of gay team members. Cesar (bassist of the Soapdish band, who is also a "BADING KILLER") were being teased by my QAS if his son already has an education plan. I dropped a comment, "Mahal sa Harvard eh, kaya sa Ateneo na lang daw bakla." When suddenly, this QAS unsolicitedly made a comment, "Ateneo? Yuck, ang papanget kaya ng mga taga Ateneo."(She is from DLSU by the way.) For a few seconds, we were all stunned by her remark. Then I recovered and said, "Hay naku, miski saang school ka pa galing, basta hindi ka marunong makisama, tae ka. Besides, ako nga taga UP pero nasa call center din!" Then all people laughed. They are smart enough to figure out what I meant. They read between the lines. One of my QAS privately sent me an email, "She just got a dose of her own medicine. " Nakakahiya din kasi sa ibang team na nakarinig. We got a few Atenistas from different teams. I remember that during her training, she was once got irked by a remark of her co-trainee that "If you are from UP, you are firm on what you believe and you got more-than-the-average intelligence. If you are from AdMU, you are rich and intelligent. But f you are from DLSU, you are just PRESTIGIOUS." This remark really irritated her because for her, it is synonymous with just having the money and NO BRAINS. Boy, she was fuming mad about this.

To be fair to her, I made my research and talked to her previous co-workers. Then I found out from quite a number of people that she is really a trouble maker. At nang-aaway daw sya ng supervisor. She has been with 3 different call centers already and all of her former co-workers have nothing but negative remarks toward her. I remember the time when I was asked by our Canadian manager that 2 people from my team will be moving to another campaign, the people from this another campaign had to bribe me in the hope that I will not let this person be transferred to their team.I used to handle this campaign so I am pretty close with the people working on this program. When I asked them why, it turned out that they know this girl and they really don't like her attitude. Sinusuka talaga sya ng ibang team. She thinks and speaks highly of herself.

I had to do this research in order for me to know if her attitude is just about my team or she has always been that way since she was born (LOL).

For now, I THINK I can still handle her. I still have to wait and see. I have yet to signed the regularization papers of 13 people this coming September. I am deeply and religiously thinking whether I would have her regularization pro-longed or if she is entitled for a regularization (in the first place). So help me God.....
posted by ruther @ 3:25 AM  
  • At 8/30/2007 9:33 AM, Blogger shaula0pink said…

    hi! blog hopping lang po.

    If it's okay, I just want to ask something... is working in call center ok? I'm a fresh grad and I'm thinking twice about working in a call center. My peers advice me not to. But then, it's hard to look for a work that u really want.

    Anyway, regarding your post.. goodluck to that girl.
    hehe :)

  • At 8/31/2007 11:17 PM, Anonymous badoodles said…

    whew [sweat]. m a brat to my boss but within the border of human sensibility naman. that's hard to deal with i know. kelangan habaan ang pisi but the evil deep inside of us is shouting 'just die, will you?.'

  • At 9/01/2007 8:26 AM, Blogger Cupie Bernskie said…

    hay naku.. the nerve yang girlash na yan ha!! yang mga ganyang klaseng tao ang sumisira sa mga la sallista e. tsk tsk tsk, what a shame!

    cool new template btw, hehee. tc girl!

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