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Saturday, August 18, 2007
I do apologize for not updating this blog for quite sometime. Actually, I got some drafted posts for this week. It's just I couldn't afford to have a coherent post. My thoughts are scattered. My time, attention and energy have been too much pre-occupied with so many things to do and few concerns to resolve. I can't even think of a more suitable title for this post so this is just gonna be treated as 'blank.'

Aside from the stress that I am getting from work, the petty quarrels that I have with Russell make me 'drain.' I will not disclose the issues we are dealing with because those are just 'kababawan.' People close to me know that I'd rather die than keep my issues within myself. I am a very vocal person. But over the time, I guess I have come into the maturity stage where I have realized that some things are better left unsaid, especially if saying the things I mean to say would just hurt the people that are dear to me. Russell and I are doing great now. I am so giddy with the fact that he has already scheduled his flight and he is bound to arrive in Manila, morning of October 15.

It is still raining. Though I feel more relaxed, I feel a little depressed. I am not deviant albeit. A lot of people are experiencing some sort of depression during rainy season. (EDIT: Sunlight produces MELANOCYTES which produces melantonin. Melatonin is anti-depressant daw. That is why a lot of people tend to be happy during summer despite of the scorching heat and people tend to be sad/depressed during rainy season because rain prevents sun from emitting melatonin. This is according to a radio program I listened to on my way to work last Friday.)

Blaming it to the gloomy weather, I'm going to Trinoma, (together with the rest of my family) to watch a movie. Most probably, Mudrax and I gonna watch A Love Story while the rest of the family members will watch a flick that has something to do with Penguin as requested by my loving nephew.

I know I ought to visit blogs that are listed in my blogroll. I will resume my blog hopping session when I get back tonight, pramis po.

Later alligator!

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