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Saturday, August 18, 2007
For some of my frequent visitors, it's very evident that I have not been updating this blog for a while--an unusual case for me. The culprit? WORK.

I've been a QA supervisor for more than a year now but I have never been this stressed. I used to be feisty and optimistic. I would always see the positive side of an unpleasant situation. I love the people I work with: my boss(es), my QAS and the very professional and awesome client from Washington. Be it on a professional or personal basis, I am learning a lot from these people around me.

Until last month.

Somebody, I mean a motha-fucka imbecile just got promoted. Somebody who doesn't have the skills and knowledge about how the line of our business plays the tricks of the trade. All she knows is how to kill her idle time by making "tambay" to the office of our Vice President. In fairness to our VP, he is a fair and good man. He just have no time now to talk to his junior management staff since he is also busy doing things for the upcoming business in China and Brazil. Things are a lot worse when our current mgr is in the floor. God, how I wish that J.E got promoted instead.

with Nina: One of my good office chummyness, a smoker. LOL

I am really on the verge of quitting my job if not only for my people and the master plan of getting a whole-december leave to spend time for my upcoming wedding (and holiday season as well).

I feel burnt out. It feels like I am doing the task of the manager, only with lesser salary. I do all-in-one task: contacting the IT, network,payroll,HR and keeping in touch with our client from Washington. Goodness gracious! I now even have my lunch on my workstation.

I don't smoke. But last Friday, my virgin lungs finally got a taste of nicotine. Since I am quite popular with the Ops and QA Department, those who are in the "lung center" were quite surprised because "THET is SMOKING!" Yep. That is how stressed I am.

I swear to God. After Russell leaves on March, I'm gonna quit this fcuking job. I'm just gonna consume all the time-off days that are left for me. I have never been a bum ever since so I guess I will try being a bum for a month, at most. I need to rejuvenate my energy. I need to re-live my passion with what I am doing. I need to bring back my OLD SELF.

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posted by ruther @ 8:03 PM  
  • At 8/19/2007 1:35 PM, Anonymous Elizar said…

    that's bad news thet, don't smoke.. wawa ka naman, you must be really stressed out!

    dapat kang mag relax and see a movie...

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