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Caught -off-Guard
Sunday, October 14, 2007
I have been blogging about how so little time I have to prepare myself as I (secretly) plan to fetch Russell in the airport. Little did I know that it's gonna be the other way around.

Friday, October 12. Aside from the fact that it's a holiday, this day is just an ordinary day for me. As usual, I came to work with no make-up; just tied my long hair; wore at-shirt and faded jeans and my ever realible tsinelas na pambahay . LOL While I was swamped with work with side-chatting err bullying my QASs, our lovable security officer, Mang Jolly, approached me, saying that a certain "Ton-Ton" is outside and he wants to talk to me. Dang! My heart was beating so fast. Ton-ton is my brother and the fact that he hasn't visited me in the office in the entire 2 years tells me that something went wrong at home. From a bully face, my face turned into a poker face- something that got my QASs made worried as well. As I stepped outside the 4th floor, I see nobody. I told myself, maybe he is in the lobby so I'm just gonna go downstairs. A few steps before I headed to the elevator, "something" tells me that "somebody" is watching me. There I saw Russell. But wait! Isn't this image just an apparition?! Russell is supposed to be home on Sunday, not on Friday. I froze for like 5 seconds and then, the apparition was walking towards me! Oh God, is this really Russell?! When he smiled, that's the only time I recovered. Immediately, he hugged me but instead of embracing him back, I gave him a powerful right job. Apparently, he arrived 9:30 Friday morning. Hahahahahaha! Tantado ito! Kala ko, multo na nakita ko! Alright, setting being bully aside, after giving him a tight job ala Manny Pacquiao, I hugged and kissed him and asked him to go with me on my desk. A few steps before we reached our work area, I noticed that most of my QAS were standing, as if they are waiting to see what's gonna happen. When they saw me with a man, they instantly knew that "That is Russell!" Why not?! I have Russell's picture in my desk. Anyway, when Olive and James teased me, I blushed. As in really blushed. Eh gatong pa ang mga bakla by saying that we're like Kim Chiu and Gerald A. Somebody even sang Kim Chiu's Crazy Love (?) Naku, patay kang bata ka! Riot na ito. "Hoy, magtrabaho kayo kung di i-issuehan ko kayo ng work avoidance!" LOL

What I really felt were mixed emotions. I was happy and surprised because I didn't expect that a predictable man to do something unpredictable like this. On the other, I was disappointed with myself because I didn't really get my self to really dress up and look more presentable in Russell's eyes. Sayang ang plan naming mga bakla. We were supposed to go to the gym and they will accompany me in a salon where I could have my hair dyed and trim. After that, we were also planning to go Glorietta so that Josh and I could buy some MAC make up products para naman di mukhang haggard ang fez ni atashi. All those plans vanished! Ay sus me! Russell saw me without lip gloss! Ewwwww!!! Anyhow, after finalizing some documents needed for our new payroll system, I immediately had a break. We went to Metrowalk with no specific bar/resto to go to. At the parking lot, I was about to step out of the car when Russell stopped me. Dun daw muna kami sa loob ng kotse. Aba, 'tong manyakis na to. Magtigil ka, hindi mo kotse tong dala mo at hindi tinted ng windows. LMAO We stayed in the car for about 10 minutes with so little words uttered. Ala lang... tamang serenity and cherishing the moment. Ok, fine I admit. We kissed. We kissed like hell. Ikaw ba naman ang di makatikim ng kiss for 19 months eh ewan ko na lang. Parang gusto kong maging Tina Paner at kumanta ng "Tamis ng Unang Halik" hehehehehe!

Anyway, we went to Oyster boy. We had some baked oysters and a bottle of ice cold San Mig Light. Earlier that day, I didn't plan to go on half day but after finishing my San Mig bottle, I think uuwi na kami. hihihihihihi. I really wanted to go home as early as 11pm but since we're gonna have a farewell dinner for Iris (and that needs a separate entry), we have no other choice but to join the team.

So there, we went to his home in Cavite at around 2:30 am na. But I think I slept at around 4am pa. Usually, if I am tired, I would doze off so easily. But how can I sleep when someone right beside me is snoring like hell?! LOL Good thing that that we don't have any itinerary for Saturday morning so I can sleep all day that I want. At around 1pm, Russ told me that his mom called him and said that we're off to Tagaytay for dinner. We immediately prepped ourselves and headed to Caltex where we were supposed to meet. We were expecting that we're gonna man the cashier area pero since 2 naman yung present na assitants, dun na lang kami sa sulok na table. For some reason, Mama Luvie got stacked in her rotary meeting. To kill boredom, we ate some squash seeds and fool around with Russell's new DSLR.

Tita Thet and Russell's niece Chelsea

Bebeh ko...

Tantado 'to! Yoko nga magpa-picture eh!

Si Daddy Ramir din... ayaw magpa-picture!

It was around 4:30 when Mama Luvie and Daddy Ramir came back from their meeting so instead of going to Tagaytay, we ended up going to Dampa Roxas-Seaside Market. I have been to this place a lot of times already though I haven't done the marketing yet so when we joined Mama Luvie as she does the pamamalengke, we really had a great time. I didn't know that even crabs have BAKLA. And take note mga tsufateed, mas mahal ang baklang alimango kesa sa babae huh... tarush noh!

We really did have a great time especially humabol ang brother in-law ni Russell na si Ronnel. It was like one big happy family. :)

We took home 3 kilos of lanzones and 2 kilos of mangosteen and 2 DVDs. It was around 9:30 when we finally went home. I was pretty exhausted miski wala naman mshadong ginawa so I unknowingly napped for about 15 mins. Russell grabbed this opportunity naman to fix the wireless router connection for his sister and all the notebooks they have at home. When I woke up and saw that Russell is not in the room, I decided to watch Chuck and Larry on my own. Siguro sa sobrang pagod talaga, I never get to finish the flick and dozed off at around 12 na.

Girlie: Gutom na ko..wahHhhHH!!!!

The Hernandez Family (me on the camera...LOL)

The following day, we started the day with a mass. Girlie was not there as she attended her Sunday-AutoCad course in Informatics. We planned to attend the Rockwell Bridal Fair but due to the limited time that we have, we just went to Gateway where I bought Russell a few boxer shorts and 10 blank CD-RWs. We also went to Farmer's Dampa and had some food that we brought home. Russell and my parents had some nice conversation over dinner. My nephew, Kenneth, really showed his Tito Russell how kulit he is now. Bebeh also saw my niece, Akane for the first time. Right before Russell left, we saw one of our Ninang to-be, Ninang Puring outside our house while having their usual nigh time chismisan session with my mudrax. XD

Sa bahay ng pamilyang pasaway

Russell with my niece, Akane.
Akane: Sino ba 'tong panget na ito?!

HayyyY the past 2 days have been tiring for me. Tiring but filled with happiness. I'm gonna be inactive again as the next few days will be dedicated to more extensive wedding preparation activities. :)

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posted by ruther @ 10:25 PM  
  • At 10/15/2007 1:08 AM, Blogger ♥ KaThYcOt ♥ said…

    bakla! kilig like hell ang drama! :) tarush talaga! at guess what... sana may communication toyo nag pa gas ako sa caltex noveleta nung saturday! goodness andun ka pala! :) anyways... i'm so happy and kilig for you mare... :)

  • At 10/15/2007 1:25 AM, Blogger Dins said…

    uyyy kakakilig namang moment ito, sobra..im happy for you! =)

  • At 10/15/2007 5:41 AM, Anonymous Eli said…

    huwaw! Habang binabasa ko yung unang part ng kwento mo, parang nasa loob ako ng movie ah.. hehehe, ala eksena sa isang romantic love story.. :D

    Napakahusay naman ni Russell! Idol! :D

  • At 10/15/2007 10:32 AM, Blogger mschumey07 said…

    Hehehe...ayan, masaya ka na.

  • At 10/15/2007 2:12 PM, Blogger manong calbo said…

    Hi Thet,

    Kung nakunan namin ng picture yung looks mo nung dumating si russel. hee hee hee. Pede nang pang commercial. By the way thanks for the tip regarding the widgets kaya eto i'm making a mess of my blog. lol. Bat ndi tayo nagkita sa tagaytay at pakalat kalat pa kami ni kumander dun. :) oi thet wag ka naman siga kay russel. bleh :P

  • At 10/17/2007 7:50 AM, Anonymous recel said…

    wow ha!i have been waiting for this entry! hehe.... galing naman ni russel mo! ganda nung drama! i love what went thru... it's nice when u'r being caught off-guard, u know. walang kaplastikan ang maihaharap mo talaga.

    the same happened when my used-to-be bf (now my hubby!) were reunited. he's supposed to arrive friday pa but he got the opp to be a chance passenger so there, napaaga ang dating and the surprise element that i was thinking of doing were all gone, kasi ako yung na-surpresa!

    galing tala ni russel mo! as they said, idol! :D

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