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Whose Fault Is It, Anyway?
Thursday, November 15, 2007
Today, I was approached by a QAS from another team regarding suspension process. He asked for my opinion as he knows that I am one of the most senior supervisors in our department.

We are very strict when it comes to attendance that is why we really keep track late and absent incidence for each of our team members. After all, one of the things that are included in our job parts and standards is that, EPS (supervisors) are expected to coach attendance incidences and inform QAS the level of coaching they are going to receive. Apparently, this QAS who approached me is on the verge of being served with 1-day suspension. Here is what happened.

There was an emergency at home that he needs to attend to. This emergency case is really not a matter of life-and-death but of course, it’s better if he will be there to personally take some necessary actions. He knows that one more .5 incident (this is a half-day incident) will lead to his 1-day suspension. . He’s not going to have a half-day shift but rather, a “LEAVE EARLY” shift. (We have different definitions for that two) The supervisor of this QAS is nowhere to be found. They are of different shifts. He, and another EPS (my former QAS... hehehe) tried to contact this EPS but this person can’t be reached.

They got a hold of the ‘commander in chief’. They asked if leaving early will be counted as a .5 incident. Chief confirmed, with the other EPS as witness, that leaving early will not be counted as a .5 incident. So this QAS went home with peace of mind and with confidence that he will not get any sort of suspension. The following day, the EPS talked to the QAS and discussed the attendance incident the previous day. QAS argued that it was the “chief” who confirmed that a leave home early is not coach-able as .5 incident. EPS told QAS that because Chief got so many things to worry about, we cannot hold Chief accountable for every information that Chief is going to disclose. QAS tried talking to Chief about this incident. To the QAS’s dismay, Chief overturned what was previously disclosed. Leave early is now coach-able, so to speak as per company’s newest policy. QAS got no other choice but to serve the 1-day suspension due to mis-information.

My take on his case (as what I told him): He shouldn’t have accepted the suspension. More than the subordinates, supervisors and managers should be accountable for every action that they are going to make and every information that will be cascaded to the team. A supervisor’s main task is to supervise and manager’s are expected to manage and give direction to it subordinates. In the first place, the EPS should have informed her whole team before hand that a leave home early is now coach-able. Likewise, managers should hold their selves accountable for what ever situation a mis-information might lead to. If a QAS gets a reprimand regarding a work inaccurately done, supervisors and managers should also get the same. An incidence like this one is very disappointing. Yes, I am a supervisor and I should be on the management side but I just can’t bear this kind of system. Besides, Chief could have just passed this one since it was a mis-information on Chief's side. But she jsut don't wantto do it, for some reason. Maybe these people (EPS and manager) think that they going to be popular if they will suspend people. Yuck! Bulok!

What I advised : QAS should go to the ERC (employee relations coordinator) to let the executive management be informed of what kind is happening in their off-shore sites. Suspension may not be lifted, but manager and supervisor getting a memo from the executive management will be a good consolation. Employee dissatisfaction towards management process is one of the most perennial reasons why attrition rate could be high and why a particular campaign won’t just generate the ideal revenue. More importantly, if more and more employees are going to resign because of management process, the company’s reputation will be at risk.

P.S. Etong supervisor at manager na ito eh di ako masagi-sagi because they know that I know the skeletons they are hiding in their closets. Sinasabi ko na..sa lahat ng ayoko eh ung mga kamoteng napo-promote! Tse! LOLz


posted by ruther @ 2:43 PM  
  • At 11/15/2007 8:47 PM, Blogger kegler747 said…

    Hahaha! mga kamoteng napopromote :) My first job is at the 171 call center of PLDT so I know how precious is my attendance.

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