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Blame it to Boredom
Thursday, July 05, 2007

I didn't know that one of my QASs has actually subrscribed to this blog. I never told anyone that I am keeping one in blogger (I have one in friendster though). One time, she approached me and said, "TL, lakihan mo naman ung font ng blog mo...I can hardly read it eh..." LOL sige na nga. HmMmm...Hearing that not only made me realize that I have been a pain in the ass for those who don't have a 20-20 vision but it also meant that I have to be careful this time with my office topics. I cannot just drop all those nasty line I would used when ever I am pissed.

O'rightee... I am working on a grave-yard shift. To some, it’s like a hell working at this time of the day but it works perfectly for me. No traffic, less hassle waiting for a bus/fx and most importantly, I got my adrenalin up to the highest level on these hours.. hehehehehe. Nonetheless, working on this shift deprives me from watching local TV series. May pagka-corny din naman ako but as much as I want to watch FlordeLuna or Walang Kapalit, I am still snoring during the air time of these TV shows. LOL

Having said these things, to prevent myself from being the MORE boring person that I am, I would just watch TV series; either on cable or DVD. Hay ‘neng, may suki na nga akong Muslim sa Quiapo kasi bulto-bulto ako kung bumili ng DVD. Tamang daldal na naman si atashi.

Las Vegas-Last Episode Seen: Season 7 episode 10.
New York- Last Episode Seen: Season 2 episode 24
Miami - Last Episode Seen: Season 5 episode 06

"Most people don't admit when they're wrong."
"I'm wrong all the time. That's how I eventually get to right."-- Nick Stokes and Gil Grissom (Justice is Served)

This series is highly dramatic as sometimes, I find the plot too "unrealistic" but really ENTERTAINING. More so, if a 10-year old child would watch an episode of this drama, this child will definitely be "culture-shocked" since there is an enormous level of graphic violence as well as sexual content. While Las Vegas and Miami showcases its own niches (I mean Vegas, being the "sin city" and Miami’s hottest beaches"), I find the NY’s cinematography a little gloomy. Parang malaungkot. All of the team members from NY seem to be serious, unlike the LV and Miami, where they got Greg Sanders, the astonishingly cool yet weird guy and De. Alexx Wood, who I find really unique as she would talk to dead bodies while calling them as "honey, sweety" etc. As to the lead characters, I find Horatio Caine the most appealing. I know some of the die-hard Gil Grissom fan would contest this but hey, this is my blog and this is my opinion! Mac Taylor(Gary Sinise) seems to be in isolation. He is too deep. I cannot sense what he is thinking or the emotions that hat he has for a particular scene. Maybe because the character that he portrays is
Watching this show made me aware of the realm of how science would crack cases on its own. How I wish that Philippines could own even one piece of DNA apparatus.

Last Episode Seen: Last Episode of Season 5

My fascination over CIA and other military/crisis hostage/criminal investigation started on this TV series. I really admire Jennifer Garner on her portrayal as Sydney Bristow. Super galling ng stunts! I didn’t like her body though. Parang bato-bato eh (though bet ko na sya ulet ngaun). The plot of every episode is really heart pounding. Trip na trip ko din ung pagche-change costumer nya everytime that she is being sent for a mission. I really like the first few episodes where it revealved that her estranged father is actually a member of the CIA. What made this series even more exciting (or was it worse?) is the fact that her mother is a special agent working for the KGB. Naman di ba? CIA and KGB?!! I also can’t believe (or should I say, I am astonished) that they can plot deaths, just like what they did to Vaughn. Oh my, I didn’t see it coming. I mean that all those times that I though that Vaughn is already dead, he just exiled himself to Mongolia(?). Weird din talaga si Sloanne. Buti nalang laugh trip kapag nagde-demo na si Marshall ng gadgets. Overall, I did enjoy the entire season. Mejo matalinghaga lang ung last scene ng Series Finalé na pinakita na ung junakis ni Vaughn and Sydney eh nabuo ung "puzzle" (or was it wooden lego) na kokonting tao lang ang nakakabuo. And once upon a time, when Sydney was still a child, nabuo nya rin ung same puzzle. Sad lang kasi namatay si Jack Bristow. Happy Ending sana.

Last Episode Seen: Season 2 Episode 22

"Preparation will only take you so far. After that you gotta take a few leaps of faith"
-- Michael Scofield get to right."-- Nick Stokes and Gil Grissom (Justice is Served)

Voted as the People’s Choice Award in 2006. I first saw this commercial in the Crime Suspense cable channel. It’s pilot telecast was even shown in Glorietta 4 where famous personalities, both from showbiz and political arena, watched its initial telecast. At first, I thought that Prison break was a movie. I could still remember, CS’ tagline of this TV show: Escape has a name- Michael Scofield. After watching the first episode, it was like an addiction for me as I was able to finish the entire first season in two days. Yep. That was the first dvd marathon that I had. I could clearly remember that I watched it after I came from work at around 9am and finished it at around 4am, Monday. I slept for only 5 hours (which by the way I don’t normally do during week ends). It was like I was hypnotized. When the first 11 episodes of season 2 came out in the black market, I hurried to Quiapo to grab myself a copy of it. Kebs kung isang DVD lang ang bibilhin ko basta I want Michael Scofield. Mashado akong nainip so I just researched online and found out that Prison Break is actually a trilogy. OK…fine. So that means I still have to wait for Season 3. hMmmpP!!!

Last Episode Seen: Season 3 Episode 7

To be honest, this series has only made me excited only until its second season. The first two seasons were brilliantly executed. The love triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer really spice the plot. Mejo off lang for me ung character ni Kate. It seems that she doesn’t know what she wants. There are times when I thought that he loves Jack. Likewise, I can feel her sexual compatibility with Sawyer. wheEeWww! Ang init pag silang dalawa magkasama. LOL Personally, I like Sawyer’s character more than Jack’s. I don’t know. Maybe I just like the brute yet ironically soft character role that he plays. Ala lang, mas may appeal sa akin ung brusko eh. Maybe, just maybe, I need somebody to tame my wild side…erRr!!! Wild side daw oh?! Anyway, going back to season 3, mejo nagugulahan ako sa character ni "Henry Gale". I don’t know what he is really up to. Up until the first 7 episodes of Season 3, I still don’t know who is still behind the dharma project. I still don’t have any idea who and how the stacks of food are being dropped to the island. I don’t know if Claire’s kindness to Jack is for real or just a perfect act for her to get what she wants- that is getting rid of Henry Gale. Good thing that Jin and Sun are there. Kumbaga sa ulam, pampatanggal umay. Though they are not Filipinos, at least, this program serves some taste of asia. Nevertheless, hindi ko pa rin sya natatapos up to know…waaAahHhhhH!!!

Law and Order
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Law and Order: Trial by Jury

This is one of the longest TV series passion I ever have. Up until this time, I am still watching LaO (Trial by Jury). I don’t know but there is something in courtroom drama that makes me hyper even if I am tired (I’m also watching Shark, Close To Home and Boston Legal pero paisa-isang episode lang). Funny thing is that, all this time I thought that law and Order just started way back 1999. But when I got myself a copy of DVD of this program, it shows that this program has been hitting the boob tube since the 80’s. Nakakatawa nga kasi ung mga background music na ginamit minsan eh kanta pa ni McHammer o kaya ni Cindy Lauper. Among the four versions of Law and Order, I like trial by Jury the most. This version depicts how a pool of 12 people decides the fate of a defendant. When my QA Supervisor- Seattle counterpart was here, I asked her if people who are chosen to be one of the jurors still receive monthly income. She said that they get allowance but they do not actually get their salary. For them, being in a trial to be a juror is a part of one’s civic duties. And then I thought, talagang di pede sa atin ung ganung style kasi maraming tyan amg magugutom. It’s a good thing though that the fate of a case lies not only on the hands of an individual (judge) but instead, it is the "people" who decides whether a defendant is guilty or innocent. Ewan ko lang sa atin huh, but really, I have lost my faith in our judicial process system.

Last Episode Seen: Episode 18 Season 1

After Season 2 of Prison Break, my attention has diverted to Heroes. At first, I though that Heroes is just another sci-fi movie. I didn’t bother at all looking for a copy of it in Quiapo. And then one time while surfing youtube.com, I saw Hiro Nakamura’s New York adventure. Mejo natuwa ako and that triggered my curiosity. Heroes, I think, is one of the most entertaining tv series I have ever watched. Actually, even before watching this show, I have been wondering if there are extremely uniqu people out of 6 billion people who have special powers. In my dreams kasi, I would always fly. As in sky high, parang si Goku ng Dragon Ball Z. Tapos biglang parang time-space-warp ng Shaider na magshi-shift ako from one scenario to another setting. There was even a time when I have dreamt of the Japanese occupation era. OoOPs, teka lang po. I would just like to emphasize na hindi po ako "nagbabatak". Talagang wild lang siguro ang imagination…lol

Ang dami ko pa sanang gusting isulat but I am running out of words (and TIME) to say. I have watched a lot of TV series mula sa uber-corny na koreanovela, to animé, and US reality TV shows. Blame it to Russell. Kung sana andito sya, hindi sana ako ganito ka-boring na earthling… hayYyyY.
Ikaw, anong favorite TV show mo? Share mo naman. Maybe you can help me. I am overly-extremely BORED… GrRrRrR!!!!!

posted by ruther @ 11:25 AM  
  • At 7/05/2007 3:07 PM, Blogger g said…

    You, I guess the grave yard shift does have it’s perks, esp. when you’re a TV junkie, lol. I’ll be honest and say that whats on nowadays just doesn’t appeal to me as much as the older shows. I miss The West Wing! However Law & Order has been known to tickle my fancy every now and again. I love police/crime drama, something about not being able to participate in the action makes me wanna watch it on TV LOL. Since I can no longer watch The West Wing I am going to start tuning into “The Killing Point” on Spike TV. Have you heard of it? Donnie Wahlberg is the negotiator, while John Leguizamo is the leader of a team of American Iraqi-War veterans that find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation after their own failed back robbery attempt. Sound pretty edge of your set action huh? Check out www.killpoint.spiketv.com for more info, but remember it permieres Sunday July 22nd at 9 pm and SpikeTV. Yay for TiVO! I just wanted to pass this along with you because I work for Spike TV.

  • At 7/05/2007 3:19 PM, Blogger ninjathet_0312 said…

    yay! that sound's interesting. unfortunately, I am not in the states.

    I do have a copy of the west wing but I havent started watching it yet..i wanna finish first CSI Vegas and Miami...But thank you so much for your referring "The Killer Point." (this reminds me of STAND OFF though). Now there's something that I'll look forward to. :) graces to you...

  • At 7/06/2007 2:52 AM, Blogger chepot said…

    have a little patience on Lost Season 3. Mostly flashbacks kasi ang simula kaya BORING. Natagalan din ako jan sa season na yan... but the last 4-5 episodes grabe. di namin nahintuan. puyatan yun. ngayon i can't wait for season 4. :)

  • At 7/06/2007 8:20 AM, Anonymous Eli said…

    i hate night shift! Well, hate and love... hate it cause it made me sick, nagpapagaling pa rin ako, love it coz wala masyado load sa work.. hehehehe..

    Right now, ok naman sched.. 4-4 (have you heard of it?)... 4 days work (morning) 4 days rest, 4 days work (night) 4 days rest and so on...

    Prison Break, LOST and Heroes Rock pare ko! 'Are you on the list?!'...

    I can't wait for Heroes' 2nd season and Prison Break's 3rd and LOST's 4rth! All this fall! (kung kelan man yun.. hehehe) syempre 24 on jan '08!!!

    Bahista? Me? When situation calls.. :-)

  • At 7/06/2007 8:57 AM, Blogger Jigs said…

    Natapos ko na ang first season ng Heroes!

    Prisonbreak is currently one of my favorite shows nowadays. CSI, I watch it when I can, late night na kasi siya pinapalabas sa AXN pero during sundays, may recap naman.

    Have you seen HOUSE? its a great medical drama. I highly recommend it. Also one of my faves.

  • At 7/06/2007 1:21 PM, Blogger Mec said…

    Am a CSI fan... i don't really watch all the other crime shows because all CSIs are entertaining enough (most favorite is the orig though... and that guy in Miami always makes me shake my head in disbelief with all his poses and hirets... name escapes me right now... lolz... am a Grissom-Catherine fan for all time)

    I also love Heroes... though the last episodes of Season 1 were just too frustrating and anti-climactic :D

    (thanks pala for dropping by my blog)

  • At 7/07/2007 8:27 PM, Blogger KaThYcOt ;p said…

    nyayaya!!! natataranta ako whenever i read about prison break!!! hhuuuwwwwaaaattt?!?!?! i still waiting for the season 3 to come out sa divisoria! ;) jologs noh!

  • At 7/07/2007 8:56 PM, Blogger ninjathet_0312 said…

    kathy LOL...ang tawag jan...adik!!! har har har...

  • At 7/14/2007 4:20 AM, Anonymous alia said…

    we have our own great forensic people din naman sa pinas, kaso konti lang sila. nagtuturo sa amin yung one of of the only two female forensic pathologists in the country. astig nga eh, parang si alexx, naghihiwa ng dead flesh. haha.

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