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The week that was...
Saturday, July 21, 2007

This is quite a late posting..but hey, late posting is better than never ei?! It's a long read (kasi one-week review itoh!)

July 13- My Japanese brother-in-law came here for his daughter's christening (Socorro Akane). Kuya Seiji bought his first-born (Kenneth) a new drum set and a Wii. Bumabawi daw for the lost times. (My sister and her kids will fly back to Japan after my wedding to fix the dual citizenship of their children.) With the new drum set (and his sandamakmak na toys...talk about being spoiled), we have to convert our garage into his mini studio- psp2, Wii, DVD and TV set of his own and his set of DVDs.)

July 14- Some of my gay team members were asking for a night out just to relieve the stress we are getting from our work. Sulit naman coz we were able to see the comic antics of Ether Booba and the singing prowess of Anton Diva.

July 15- Socorro Akane's christening was held at the Sto. Domingo Church followed by a Reception at Saisaki West Ave. Mejo nahigh-blood ako dito because I saw some UNFAMILIAR faces being tagged along by other neighbors. Naku, pinoy nga naman! 1 lang invited, pero 5 ang dadating! Not that I am madamot but hey, we want to have an intimate affair and anybody who, I find no relation to us at all are considered as intruders! We reserved only 60 people for their ultimate eat-all-you-can buffet but upon settling the payment, the head waiter's head count was 110 people! ANO YAN KASAL??!!!! But then, there's nothing wrong we can do about that, nakakain an eh.

July 16- Ormadites atashi. I needed some bonggang borlog that is why I filed a leave on this date way back pa.

July 17- Ermat's bday. We initially planned dining out at Dampa (near MOA) but due to bad weather, we just had small feast at home. (sorry, I was not able to take some pix). Nagkasya nalangkami sa konting salo-salo at sa walang kamatayang Magic Sing.. hehehehehe!

July 18- My Kuya Seiji left after his short 5-days vacation here in Manila. He will be back by next month daw...LOL (namiss sobra si Akane kasi kamukhang-kamukha nya..si Kenneth naman naghahanap na ng tatay and he is starting to ask questions bakit si daddy nasa Japan. My bro-in-law is thinking of getting a job here in the Philippines na lang daw. I don't know what are thei plans. Things are still on hold.)

July 19- I had to talk to one of my QAS (sayang 'tong QA na 'ito) because of her attendance issues. She hasn't come to work for the past (?) days due to her problems with her foreign (American) husband. If only I am a by-the-book supervisor, she's gonna be terminated. But since I talked to HR about her problem and our HR Dept. gave me the option to decide the fate of this QAS, I decided to keep her. After all, she is SUPERBLY good at what she's doing. She's been a QA for the past 2 years na rin kasi so she already knows the tricks of the trade. It's just that she is experiencing a life-changing crisis and I want her to feel na may kakampi pa rin sya sa mundo. (Last Friday, dinala nya ung tisoy at english-speaking nyang anak sa office kasi wala daw...wala kasing magababantay. Our team didn't mind it. In fact, cute na cute nga kami dun sa bata..bibong-bibo)

July 20- Mejo nasabon ako ng Boss ko (all the way from Canada) over some unfinished tasks which wasn't my fault at all. It was our client's systems fault and poor channel of communication. Over the phone, I told him how frustrated and disappointed I was over what was happening. That was the first time he heard something like that from me. After an hour, my boss called me up again. At first, my heartbeat has stopped that I could hear my breath loudly. I was nervous. I was really surprised and somehow relieved that my boss called me up again just to check and tell me that I need to enjoy my week end and forget about work for a while. He doesn't want me to feel frustrated and disappointed as he is not used to it. He used to "SEE" me smiling when we talk over the phone. He used to hear me being pro-active. He told me that he is recognizing all my efforts, being the senior QA Team Lead and in fact, the incentive program I proposed to him for our QAS will be soon signed by the Executive management..yoOohoOoOo!!!! Amen to that! mabuti naman at urat na urat na ang mga QA ko sa buhay QA nila...LOL

July 21- One of my QAS (who "accidentally" got pregnant) tagged me along with his husband-to-be (a QAS from another team) as they book their caterer for their upcoming wedding (Aug. 28). With the little experience I have of preparing my own wedding, I took the initiative of helping the couple (mejo masalimuot kasi ang kwento nila.) From the office, we went to Makati Med Center for her OB-GYN check up and then we went to Robert Camba's Baler office to book them as the official caterer. After that, we went to Sta. Rita Cascia Parish to process their church requirements. We also went to the PhilAm ClubHouse to check what else we can do to make the place look more appealing to the eyes(mejo bare kasi ung palce eh).

July 22- Here I am in front of my PC. nakakapagod ang inggong ito...Miski makina nago-overheat so what I a planning is to watch,sleep,eat and sleep lang for the entire day... LOL LOL LOL

Here are some of the pix I was able to take for the previous week.

My Brother-in_law bought his son (my nephew) a set of (kiddie) drum set and a Wii... (oh ha..shalah ng pamangkin ko..talo pa si Russ...LOL)

Jerwyn's kiddie bday party at McDonalds. Di daw naka-experience si Jerwyn ng kiddie party when he was small so we planned one. Taken at McDonalds Ortigas Ave. cor Meralco Ave. Branch (lolz kiddie party at 1am? 6 team members were missing as they still have to finish some audits)

The Uy family at the Sto. Domingo Church.

Precious Hipolito-Castelo as one of Akane's christening guests in Saisaki West Ave. "Ate Pre" is a close friend of my sister. She's my nephew's ninang.

Anton Diva a.ka. The Asia's singing Songbird with a "bird". (I'm telling you, she (or he? what ever) can really sing... kakabugin nya si Sarah G. and Rachelle Ann Go. (She was given with P5k (?) when she sang "You'll never walk alone" for a certain mayor in Bantayan Islands... si mayor talaga ohhHh!!!! Sana pinangpa-fiest mo nalang yung 5k. tsk tsk tsk!)

Ethel Booba exuding her "kalaswaan but funny act" as she starred the primtime show of Laffline (July 14)

So there...di pa ko ganong busy nyan..pagpatak ng 'BER months.kelangan ko na talaga ng Centrum o kaya Stresstabs...LOL

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