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8 RANDOM Somethings About Me
Wednesday, July 11, 2007
In response to Mommy Ai's and Tami's tag, I am posting my fair share... :)

1. As early as 6 years old, you can see the potential of me being BULLY and at the same time, HEROINE (awWWw!). A kindergarten classmate and I went to girl’s washroom to pee. Little did we know that my classmates (from grade school to high school---Marlon Reyes and Jonash Dimalanta…hello mga unggoy! Mwah mwah) locked us up. I was the “easy lang girl” type but what I couldn’t stand was my girl friend’s whining as we were inside the washroom. In retrospect, because I got irritated of her unstoppable whining, what I did was pull out one of my hair pins and used it to open the door. (pwede ng mag carnap..LOL) I am not sure how did I come up with that strategy. I guess, I have seen that technique in one of the television programs that my father used to watch. As soon as we came out of the bathroom, I headed to my (Marlon and Jonash) seats, pull out one of my pencils and walla!!! Sinaksak ko ng pencil sa sobrang inis. There wasn’t any blood though I could see in their faces that they got really hurt. HmMMpP, as if I care…They just got SERVED… LOL Yun nga lang, I had to bring my mudrax to school the following day to talk to my teacher. Potential Juvenile? Hehehehe...

2. I was the second lady CORPS COMMANDER in our school. Yeah, you heard it right. Out of those more than 100 COCC’s, I was the chosen ONE. Hehehehe. Mga high school friends ko lang nakakaalam nito and some of my good college friends. Ewan ko noh but I think mejo natakot sa akin ung mga nasa lower year levels because up until this time, pag may nakikita akong ka-school mate nung high school, they would address me as “Ma’am Uy”.. Nyekkk!! Ano ba yan. I forgot to say that I was also the President of our Student Council. Kaya pag flag ceremony, ung mga late comers, pinaglilinis ko either ng corridor, canteen, ng gym, o ng CR. Depende kung anong year level. Shempre, ung mga baby (err..freshmen), dun sila sa maagan na work. I also used to wear (un)fashionable eye glasses. Walang sinabi si Ms. Minjin ng cartoons na Princes Sarah. Siguro ung iba, nadala ung fear hanggang ngayon..LOL Small but terror ini… hehehehe.

3. I stand only 5”2 but I was compelled to join Ms. Intramurals during my junior high school. Talk about power tripping. Isa yan sa mga challenges na binigay ng Ex-O and Adjutant namin. Hello naman, bukod sa mukha kong kutong lupa sa sta
ge, may swimwear competition yon noh!!! Sandamakmak na good luck sa akin. The funny thing though (I mean 'eto nakakaasar), while we were in the evening gown competition, my officers asked me to do “duck walk”..huh??!! ano? Duck walk sa backstage? Oh com’on Cut me some slack. I really don’t deserve a punishment like this. Well at that point, di na kinaya ni atash and I cried. I told my (stage) mother that I no longer want to come out on the stage. When I told her what was going on, she talked to our CAT Commandant. Hala! Kinausap ako ng commandant namin and he promised na di na daw ako gagalawin ng mga officers. HmMpP! “Your right!” that’s what I said at the back on my mind. Start of the following week, I just found myself being assigned to clean the girl’s washroom for one week. Juice ko day! So much with public (miski science pa) school. P.S. I got the 1st runner up title just because I answered them with “WORLD PEACE”… LMAO

4. I have more guy and gay friends than girlfriends. I don’t know. Maybe I am not just the typical girl-next-door. Minsan din kasi, di ko masakyan kaartehan ng mga babae. A lot of times, I wondered how come one of my QAS won’t go to t
he ladies’s washroom without tagging along another female co-worker. Mas cowboy din kasi ang mga lalaki. Walang ganong arte. Ako, never naging burgis.I act and feel the same as men. Walang kiyeme. As many of my boy friends would say “Thet is one of the boys!”

This is my ERS team, one of the 3 accounts that I am handling. I only got 4 members for this (small) account. Gail (not in the picture) Dino, Mike and Cesar --bassist ng Soapdish. This was taken during one of Soapdish's gig in Café Saguijo. When a female friend saw this picture, she said: Ano yan, gang bang? LOLz

5. (Fresh Grad)After I was rejected as a directory assistance agent (first time to apply for a job), I was lucky enough (same day lang ako nag apply sa 2 companies and natanggap naman sa Ambergris) to be hired as a sales person for Dell computers. At that time, I am a self-proclaimed IT/PC challenged. But just because I am persistent and motivated enough to keep the job, I passed the product training with flying colors… hehehehe. Eto na, on my first day on the floor, I got an irate caller. When asked where I am located, I told the customer that I am from Manila, Philippines. Upon learning that, he screamed at me saying, “Oh, you are one of those monkey in the Philippines who knows nothing but SH*T!” I cried, as in literally cried. Imagine, that was my first day and first call on production and yet, I was “lucky” enough to have this customer. (Apparently, this customer was really upset due to the fact that his credit card was used to purchase an uberly sky-high priced desktop. Talk about credit card fraud.)

6. I don’t smoke and I have low alcohol tolerance. I know, I know that for somebody who was raised and studied in U.P. and who works in a call center, not smoking and low alcohol tolerance seem to be a little deviant. But hey, that’s me. I am always different. Get used to it!

7. Married men are always attracted to me. HhhmmMm...as if naman ang ganda-ganda ko. Kapal din ng fez ano. Actually, 3 times lang naman. One was when I was in college and the other one was when I was just starting my call center job. The latest one is in my current company (although this person has already resigned.) I am really not that mataray, in fact I am polite. And in those 3 times, when I asked these man what made them attracted to me, they all said just one thing: pretty? NOPE. Malambing? Lalong hinde! Sexy? Naku, utang na loob! What then? "SENSE OF HUMOR!" HuwatTtT? ano ko clown? hmMmmPpPp!!! Let's just put it this way, may attention deficit ako when things tend to be corny and boring...LOL

8. I was once apprehended by a traffic enforcer for jaywalking. Ok, it’s not that I intentionally tried to break the law. It’s just that when Sonny Belmonte was seated (his first term) as the mayor of Quezon City, I was not aware that such new ordinance was passed in the Novaliches area to avoid jaywalkers. Ang nakakatawa, deadma ako nung una. Yun pala tinatawag ako nung “yellow boys” sa megaphone and until the old man said “Hoy miss na naka pink jacket…saying ka, mestisa ka pa naman kaso di ka marunong magbasa.” Darn it! I didn’t actually see the sign that says “NO JAYWALKING”. As I was apprehended, the “yellow man” asked me “Kakanta ka ng Bayang Magiliw.” I just stared at him blankly. Not because I was embarrassed that I would sing it but because I can no longer remember the lyrics. Shame on me for not memorizing the Philippine National Anthem. Hahaha..shame on me. Oh well, I just paid P500 as a fine. Since then, I would always look sa mga street sign kung no jaywalking zone ba ito...

So that’s it! I'm trying to look for those in my blogroll who hasn't done this tag yet but it seems that most of them already did so I am just going to tag anybody who will read this post :)

ohhhH, what a great morning for me! the smell of aroma is soOooo enchanting... makes me wanna dance with Russell :)


posted by ruther @ 11:32 AM  
  • At 7/11/2007 10:57 PM, Blogger Tami said…

    hahaha nakakatawa naman, favorite ko #8!!! =D siguro pag nangyari sa akin yun, bigla akong magfe-faint on the spot ala kris aquino! =P

  • At 7/12/2007 3:12 AM, Blogger suhas said…

    hey there.. I have no clue bout yer comment on my blog.. Musik is religion.. But yer blog is interesting.. But i cannot grasp as half of it is in phil....newayz my id is suhasonline20@gmail.com and btw happy married life eh.. Gettin married nah

  • At 7/12/2007 11:33 AM, Anonymous Eli said…

    geez, bully girl! i hate bullies! Inaaway nila ko eh.. :(

    Anyway, very well said lahat.. hehehe, i feel like I know you already pare! tagay mo! :)

    Naku! nabasa ko, i have to do it no? list ko nalang yung links ko..heheh 3 na yata yun> :)

  • At 7/12/2007 10:58 PM, Blogger kat said…

    wow, 2nd corp commander. galing. "girl power" ka talaga!

  • At 7/13/2007 1:28 AM, Blogger Kristine said…

    hi.. you really made me laugh out there! hahahahaha! ngayon siguro di mo na makakalimutan ang lyrics ng Lupang Hinirang.


  • At 7/14/2007 11:45 AM, Blogger A! said…

    Hahahah! favorite ko lahat. Natatawa ako.. diko naisip tuloy na manganganak na pala ako anytime. oppps! take care!

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