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No Holds Barred: A compilation of rants, raves, movie and book reviews, R & R escapades, relationships, office workloads, and stories to ponder. For this year, this is also going to be our wedding blog. Updates and Review on Wedding Suppliers will posted here...Honeymoon experience and other escapades will also be posted.
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Purchasing Medicine Online
Sunday, August 31, 2008
When it comes to doing business transactions over the internet (shopping for fashion items, medicines etc.), there are lots of questions that will pop into one’s head. I have read one blog where the author is on the edge of buying an Italian-made expensive bag but she was worried about the authenticity of the product that she is going to buy plus the reputation of the seller she is dealing with. I can’t help but think how much worse you can even think of when the merchandise you are going to buy has something to do with medicines. Countless of fake drugs are proliferating the internet. But with Canada Pharmacy Escrow Service, you can be assured of its reliability, safety and security of their products as they will help you connect with a pharmacy in a safe and trustworthy environment. Most of all, you will save more money as they offer free shipping. Now that is something that will make you smile about.

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Rainy Sunday
It's Sunday and once again, I am now in the office working my ass off. Unfortunately, my team was not able to complete our completion target. Pero hindi naman ako mashadong frustrated since I know that other teams are even far worse behind their target than us. Buti ngayon lang kami nag OT. Other teams have been rendering OTs for the past 2 weeks. Oh well, I'm gonna be on leave this Friday naman so di mashadong haggard. My shift today starts at 10 but I am already here as early as 8pm. Makapag blog muna. Hehehehehe!


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Now Selling

At dahil mahal karamihan ang mga prices na nagbebenta ng Victoria's secret, Old Navy and Bath and Body works products, I decided to have multiply as another market. Before kasi, sa office lang ang amrket ko.. 3 gives pa. I'm sure multiply buyers will be happy to see that those bags being sold for P3,000-4,000 will only be sold here for less than P3,000. Wag ka kaung magduda. Hubby kasi will be sending his quarterly balikbayan boxes for our little peanut so naisip ko na miski man lang ung pinang shipping nya sa padala eh mabawi.

Intsik ini. KOnti tubo-dami benta. LOL

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Old Navy and Victoria's Secret Sellers
Pansin ko lang..uber mahal naman yata ng price ng mga nagtitinda dito sa multiply ng Old Navy, Bath and Body Works at ng Victoria's Secret. Hmmmmp!

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University Clearing
Thursday, August 28, 2008
It's going to be September again in a couple of days and classes will start again in the US. I am not sure if my sister-in-law will pursue her master's degree in University of San Francisco but I got curious over University of Bedfordshire - Clearing 2008. I am not really sure how this thing goes and I don't have a single idea how this can drive students to go onto our courses via the Clearing process. It must be exciting for those soon-to-graduate high school students. One of Shark's episodes showcased how Stanford and Harvard University conduct their "welcome" party for high school seniors. Young people are really having fun. Wonder how the Clearing, especially the Clearing 2008 process goes. I guess this phone number (0800 013 0925) will help curious people like me.


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A Secret Blog
Friday, August 22, 2008

I feel so down today. I know that a lot of people in the office as well as relatives are following this blog. And somehow, I feel like I have to censor myself. That is why I decided to make another blog. A private blog. A blog where I can write about what I think and how I really feel. Sorry. I won't allow others to read it. It's just me and my blog. I need an outlet. I have no time of keeping a traditional diary. Besides, I am no longer fond of writing. Saka burara ako sa gamit. Baka mamaya may makabasa pang iba. I just want an online diary where I could vent out my sentiments anytime of the day, any time of the week. Without worrying about how others would perceive what I have written.


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Play from Home
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
My brother in-law is fond of playing pachinko (like a slot machine) and other casino games. I guess that's what one gets if you are living just a few kilometers away from the casino area. But when I was in Japan (2004), my sister prevented him from going to casinos. What he did was he logged on to his computer and played casino online. LOL It's not a gambling addiction. It's just his way of relaxing himself for an everyday 12-hour work. He works as a senior management in an IT firm in Yokohama. I am not sure though if he is aware of Money-Casino.com In this site, players can play various games in multiple tabs simultaneously- jackpot slot, blackjack, roulette etc. Ain’t that cool? In addition, the over-all atmosphere of a site makes a huge difference in one’s playing satisfaction. It should feel as if one is playing in a real casino world. One more thing about this site is that is being offered in various language such as German French, Spanish, Dutch and a whole lot more. Too bad. It does not have a Japanese version. But it's alright. He can understand English anyway. :) For amateur players like me, game strategies/guide will be very important. So what are you waiting for? Come on! Try this site!


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