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"Tortured" Pants
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
On my way to work today, I saw a policeman (the one in-charge of traffic but definitely not an MMDA officer) with his worn out pants. I am not sure if pants of our policemen are being shouldered by the police department but I think that those pants have been in "action" for more than 5 years already. I think it's time for them to get BDU Pants instead.


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With Flying Colors
Results of the exams I took for the manegerial tarining is already out. I got 96.38%. I was a bit suprised over the percentage that I got because I didn't really take the training seriously. Oh well, let's just say that I realy don't find it helpful to my current position to the company. But the 1-week "break" was all fun. :)


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Who's in your list?
Sunday, April 27, 2008

I just watched a show in Discovery Channel where the state of Arizona showcased its huge coliseum intended for the NFL games. I don’t really have any particular nfl picks because first of all, I am not a fan of this game. In fact, I am more keen on what is going on with the NBA since I grew up watching the trio performance of Pipen, Rodman and Jordan. Hehehe. I know I sound cheesy. But really, after the Chicago's reign, I have also stopped being an NBA fanatic.


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Just Another Day
It’s just another day for me, the start of the week. Today is my niece’s 1st first birthday. Her name is Akane. I’m sure she’s gonna have a fun costume party. I’ll be leaving Cavite in a couple of hours to be at SM Storyland.
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Reducing the Use of Contact Lense
Friday, April 25, 2008
One of the brides from the yahoo support group where I used tobe active was asking about lasik treatment. Back then, I didn't really know what lasik is until I searched Wikipedia. According to the site, "LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering of the front of the eye, using an excimer laser. A mechanical microkeratome (a blade device) or a laser keratome (a laser device) is used to cut a flap in the cornea. A hinge is left at one end of this flap. The flap is folded back revealing the stroma, the middlesection of the cornea. Pulses from a computer-controlled laser vaporize a portion of the stroma and the flap is replaced." Or in other words, LASIK is a surgical procedure intended to reduce a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Additional information on lasik is Preliminary results of USAEyes Competence Opinion Relative to Expectation (CORE) patient survey provided to FDA panel on April 25th indicate Lasik is safe, predictable, not always perfect. More information on FDA Lasik can be found on the highlted words.
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Week End Again!
Yey! It's week end again. Another quality time for me and hubby over the net. I'll be seeing Russell's folks again. And you know what, I actually miss them. They have just been very good to me. I'llbe leaving the office early this morning so that I'll arrive in Cavite before sunrise.


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A clock with no batteries
Monday, April 21, 2008
When I moved in my new apartment about two weeks ago, I hardly brought any household fixtures and appliances. Thanks to my in-laws for helping me move my things- the things that hubby and I received during the wedding. One of the things we received was a grand father clock (Thank God! We only recived one clock. Actually, we only got to receive one quantity per household appliance/fixture). Honestly, I am not fond of grandfather clocks as I really get scared out of it when I was still a child. I think I have brought that 'phobia' as I get old. The grand father clock that we received though has a contemporary design. It served as an added home decor. I don't have much idea about interior design so I am not really sure which type of wall clocks we're supposed to have. We just have a small sala area. My room, on th eother hand is small too and I don't think that a grand father clock fits that kind of small area. I just need a small desktop clock. Oh by the way, I keep on using the word "WE" despite of the fact that hubby is not here simply because I have a female housemate, who is also from Cavite. Going back to our clock- the gorgeous clock that I have placed in our sala still has no battery as of this time. Grr..it's been almost three weeks!


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On Training for a Week
I am now in a call center management certification training. I find it too boring. I really want to get this training done and be back on the floor. Arrgghh!
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Loving Las Vegas
Thursday, April 17, 2008
When my mother-in-law went to US for a Rotary International conference, one of their destination points is Las Vegas. Of course, a Las Vegas trip will not be complete without experiencing how it is like to live in a Las Vegas Hotel. I know that living in a hotel within the Sin City can be quite expensive that is why it is very important to find great Las Vegas Hotel Deal that will surely save tourists some money.

I have heard so much about Vegas Hotel especially when hubby visited the busy city for the first time. I even teased him that he didn’t sleep well on the hotel simply because his mind is preoccupied with those not-so-wholesome Vegas shows. LOL Based from what I see from CSI Las Vegas, living and working in the sin city is quite fascinating. Honestly, hubby and I are thinking of relocating from LA to Vegas because cost of living there is quite lower than in LA. Besides, we won’t have to drive that long when relatives visit from Manila to US. Personally, I want to go there for the very reason of playing the slot machine. I want to try my luck and win even at least a million dollar.


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Calling from L.A.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Hubby is currently using a prepaid phone. He used to be a Tmobile plan subscriber until he left LA for 6 months to attend our wedding. Now that he is back, he is using a prepaid phone also from Tmobile. Luckily, he only needs to buy prepaid phone cards once a week as we would always talk over the 'call computer' ability of YM. He has searched various websites in the hope of finding the cheapest rates for having international calls.


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Few Items Purchased
Since it was payday yesterday, I had the chance to shop for some cheap small household items. We don't have yet the dish rack and stove burner. So today, before I report for work, I had the chance to visit SM Pasig Hypermart. I bought the dish rack for less than P200 and a La Germania stove for P500. Tomorrow, we will buy a dining table (the cheap one) and a few bean bags. Mukhang bahay na apartment ko.. LOL


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Payday Yehey!
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I was on a 7-days unpaid leave last pay perios so I did not expect that much from my salary for this pay period. Good thing though that I got almost twice as what I have initially expected. I'll be buying more stuff in my new apartment and pay some credit card dues. :)


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Sunroom Screenroom
I am not fond of 'sunny' atmosphere at home. In fact, my room is totally in complete darkness. This is something that is exactly opposite to what hubby prefer. Though it is not much common in the country, I am thinking of whether we would opt for a screen room just like SunPorch sunroom.

Sunporch sunroom is different among all other similar products because of the following reasons.

  • Double, Even Triple Your Outdoor Enjoyment with a SunPorch Sunroom Patio Enclosure!

  • The SunPorch Patio Room is a Sunroom, a Screen Room, and a Patio Enclosure All In One!

  • The Sunrooms Keep You Cool In Summer and Warm In Winter!

  • Sun Room Patio Enclosure That Mounts On Your Existing Deck or Patio!

  • Easy-Slide Windows Convert From Sunroom to Screenroom In Just Seconds!

  • Delivered As a Complete, Do-It-Yourself Sunroom Screenroom Kit!

  • Add Beauty Value, and Warmth to Your Home With a Solar Sunroom Addition

  • The Innovative Design of our Modular Sunrooms Screenrooms Fits Any Size Deck or Patio!

Aside from these, SunPorch Sunroom has won NSA design award 5 years in a row. First year with NEW Easy-Slide Window system.

Here is a press release from Sunporch Sunroom

SUNPORCH SUNROOM WINS 2007 NSA DESIGN AWARDS WESTPORT, CT April 16, 2008 - The National Sunroom Association (NSA) announced the winners of the NSA Design Awards for 2007 at the association’s annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. For the fifth year in a row SunPorch Structures of Westport, Ct, prevailed over 196 industry competitors to win the Best in Class design award in the Glazed Roof Sunrooms under $15,000 category for 2007. The design award recognizes excellence in the design and installation of sunrooms, solariums and patio rooms based on three important criteria; aesthetic appeal...interior appeal and functionality...and finally on how well the structure enhances the architecture and natural surroundings of the home or commercial setting. This year the SunPorch’s NEW Easy-Slide Window system, that allows the SunPorch to convert from sunroom to screenroom in a matter of seconds, was an exciting innovation that was of particular importance in the judging. “We are particularly excited about the award this year because 2007 was the first year we produced our new Easy-slide Windows.” said Dean Schwartz, General Manager of SunPorch Structures. “The Easy-slide Window system is a major design change that we are very proud of!” This remarkable new window system has also received high marks from SunPorch customers. Robin Quiles, Customer Service Manager at SunPorch says “We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers about the Easy-Slide Windows and the NSA Design Award is icing on the cake for this new window system!” For over 34 years, SunPorch Structures has produced and sold innovative and award winning SunPorch sunroom/ screenrooms nationwide. Its’ complete ready-to-assemble design mounts easily on an existing deck or patio without costly site prep making the SunPorch a remarkably affordable home addition.

# # # For more information visit www.sunporch.com or contact Dean Schwartz at dean@sunporch.com or Robin Quiles at robin@sunporch.com.


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Still At Work
I am still at work. I mean, literally at y workplace. I had to wait for bank to open at 9am because I had to pay my credit cards. It's a good thing though that my apartment is just near the office so I won' have much time to consume for travelling from office to home. It's only 6:30 so I still got 2 and a half hours to go. Sigh *


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Don't Take The Risk
Hubby has been complaining to me about his tooth ache. We were supposed to have his oral surgery when he was still in the country but due to lack of time, we did not have the time to do so. I've been telling him months ago to consult his dentist but since he is the king of procrastinator, he didnt pay enough attention to what I've been bugging for the longest time. I know that having dental consultation can be quite costly. It was a good thing though that I was able to buy him a pair of eye glasses on his birthday. The cost of having one could also be a burden to one's pocket. Actually, everything about health in the US is really costly. That is why having a health insurance is really a must. And I don't want him to take the risk.
Hubby's former employer does not offer medical insurance. I know that is a big bummer for him considering the high cost of getting one, if he is getting a medical health insurance. I have encouraged him though to get at least an affordable temporary health insurance until such time that he can get a better job that offers health insurance to its employees.


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Times Like This
I got fever yesterday. I hardly ate something for the entire. I had stuffy nose and I think I'm experiencing extreme fatigue. My entire body is aching. Times like this, I miss my dear hubby. Nobody is there to take care of me. :(


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Learning from your past experience
I have a friend who was once a "victim" of bad credit loans and other credit card loans. Good thing though that she had this kind of experience that is why when she got to US, she already knows the effects of bad credit credit cards.

Bad credit is a reality for millions of Americans, making it difficult for these consumers to build the future they envision for themselves and their families. Fortunately, there are lenders who are willing to give those with bad credit a second chance. BadCreditOffers.com is a leading comparison website for people with bad credit -- featuring credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and much more. Consumers can apply for the offer that's right for them, and by making payments on time they can start down the road toward rebuilding their credit and, perhaps, their financial future.


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I wish
Saturday, April 12, 2008
I wish I had the courage to...

I wish I could say....

I wish I could slap...

(Sometimes) I wish I don't have too many friends...

I wish I don't have to deal with...

I wish I could change...

I wish Russell would....


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Motivating my Team
Monday, April 07, 2008
Motivating a team of 17 people is perhaps, one of the most difficult task of a supervisor. SOmetimes, I had to shed out some money out from my own pocket just to give some perks to my people in order to make the working environment even more fun and exciting. I remember when I was still a call center agent where spiffs from my computer-related account would give us sales incentives through gift cards. My former company would always buy visa gift cards with the campaign logo in it. How I wish we also have the same in my current call center employer. Maybe, just maybe.


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Sunday, April 06, 2008
I just saw this from my friendster bulletin board and I think that whoever started this text message chain is EXTREMELY INSANE.

Please be notified that the admin
announces that the cut off grade for
all course has been raised to 2.0 and
must be maintained until graduation.
This shall take effect starting the
1st semester of academic year 2008-
2009. Thank you! Please pass.

ULOL nya..eh di sana naibalita na nga ito sa news kasi for sure, maraming peyups ang maghuhurumintado sa pakanang ito. Ang taas na nga ng tuition ngaun noh!


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Boy, Girl?
Most of the people I talked to say that I'm gonna have a baby girl. Even hubby says the same thing. I told him that if it's a girl, it's his "pambayad utang." for all the naughtiness he did when he was still single. LOL

I still have to get a gender ultrasound. I'm planning to have it 4D'd sometime in June. I just hope that the ultrasound will say otherwise.


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Thank God I am not a Socialite
Saturday, April 05, 2008
I know that many of you have already heard of Brian Gorrell's controversial blog. I am guilty of sneaking from my usual work just to take time to read his blog. While prepping myself last Thursday, I saw a clip from an ABS CBN news that a Hongkong-based Pinay socialite is actually supporting Brian's battle. Too bad, I can no longer wait for that segment or else, I am gonna be late for work. Thanks to Youtube. I was able to watch her interview. I love her. I lover her being opinionated. It's like "Listen to what a socialite is not allowed to say." LOL Go, Kitty Go!

“As much as people say it’s gossip, that’s his business. That’s why you open a blog: to express yourself,“
-So True!

“High society people end up having more problems, more dysfunctional families. And they have secrets. And once you find out their secrets, you realize that your life is better than theirs ‘cause you know a lot of these high society people are a waste of space. That’s just space in the world. They really should not exist,”
-Winner ito!

"Someone is bound to find out. If it's not Brian, it's gonna be me!"
-Kabog talaga si Lola!

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Getting Wireless?
Friday, April 04, 2008
I'll be moving to a my apartment this Sunday (finally). I have yet to move change my billing address on some of my credit cards and utility bills. One of the things I am thinking right now is getting a wireless high speed internet. I really need to have one in order to communicate with hubby who is in LA right now. How I wish we have here a website that compares DSL, cable, satellite, voice over IP and dialup internet service providers. I don't have plans of getting a land phone so I am thinking if I could get a stand alone DSL. I am still thinking where I will get VOIP service in order to save more cash on international calls. This month is going to be a busy month for me.


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Frustrated with P3
Darn it..My other blog hasn't snatched a single opp from P3 for about a week now.. This is so bad... tsk tsk tsk!
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Wealthy Affiliate
Wednesday, April 02, 2008
I bet, most of you guys have heard of Brian Gorrell's misfortune over his blog. The focal point of his blog is to get "justice" and by getting justice means getting back his $70,000au. Allegedly, he was swindled by one Pinoy (trying hard) socialite. His blog gets an average of 400,000 visitors in a day. That's quite high for a personal blog. Perhaps this is the reason why Google contacted him to put some ads on his blog. I was thinking the same when I learned about the traffic that his blog is generating. He could earn at least a thousand per week by having some ads and joining some affiliate programs. His online income can be used for his treatment since he is an HIV positive.

Most of my readers here earn through sponsored blogging. While I had many bloggers who have earned through some affiliate programs, I haven't earned anything from any of those affiliate programs. Through blog hopping, I learned of Wealthy Affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate is a program which helps people start making money online, no start up cost, 8 week training program, keyword tool, website builder, free hosting. 29.99/month, and most importantly, the program has a huge community to help new users. Interested in this program?

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