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Happy Pride Day!!!
Saturday, June 30, 2007

Let me have this post dedicated to my dear "beck-beck(s)" out there... i love u gays! I can't think of lasting a day without you by my side. You are my world! As in!

Because today is considered as the "Pride Day" all over the world, maghahalong monglish and"badetski"ang wordings atashi. short lang ini but sweet. LOL

I started this day with a great breakfast kasama ng mga beck-beck(READ: BAKLA) kong QA sa week end market dito sa Ortigas. chempre, pagkaing patay-gutom na naman ang drama namin. Lamon to the max talaga especially because it's a payday friday. Tapos nomu kami ng tig-iisang SanMig Light sa may seven-eleven (isa lang kasi baka maging ninggash naman kami) kung saan kami nanlait ng mga dumadaan... lol bad trip lang kasi parang ang bilis ng karma.ayyYyY, oo nga pala, digital na rin pati karma ngaun. kasi habang nanlalait kami at nagti-trip sa mga dumadaan (nanghuhula kung top o bottom ang isang beck-beck na dumaan), parang may dumating na "malabanan". sinipsip yata ang mga ebak sa katabing building ng 7/11. LOL (ayan, mga maldita kasi kami). tang ina! ang bantot! feeling ko, lahat ng tae sa buong Ortigas sinipsip ng malabanan. Kadiri talaga pero keribels na yan. masaya naman kami sa ka-abnormalan namin. wit na namin pansin ang mga kaduderts na happenings sa paligid.

At this time of the day (11:53pm, Saturday), dapat nasa Malate na atashi. Rubbing elbows with the "beck-becks" and the "borcios": nakiki "Happy Pride!" pero punyeta, ang baklang Avhen, borlog pa. ang Mark, plakda at ipinako sa kama.parang di na yata sisikatan ng araw bukas. si Josh naman, nag-iinarte, may "booking" daw. Lintek na mga pechay yan.

Howell, dat's life. I need to move on... (LOL) pero sayang, bet na bet kong magsuot ng costume na peacock at rumampa sa buong nakpil at magsabi ng "hello manila, this is pepemowalangligo from the beautiful land of Uganda!!!" waahHhHhhHHhH! pasok! kaso wai ng mangyayari yon. ang mga may lisensya sa occassion eh wala. in short, alang gatepass atashi.mamaya nyan,baka maulit na naman ung nangyari sa isang gay parade. basta ang msasabi ko lang eh "BECK-BECK, TOTOO ANG KIPAY KO. BABAE PO AKO AT WAG MONG LAPIRUTIN ANG SUZETTE KO!"harharhar ay naku, wag na natin syang pag usapan ng bongga.sabi ko nga,mag move on na tau. "Let's not bring the past back, anymore" LOL...heto nalang ang ibibigay ko sa lahat ng mga beck-beck sa mundo. kahit ang aking pujay eh mejo homophobic, ang masasabi ko lang eh- hindi kau salot ng lipunan. ang totoo nyan, hulog kau ng langit.
kau ang nagbibigay kulay sa mga buhay na nalulumbay. Continue being gay, happy and PROUD!!!at sa mga nagsasabi na ang alam lang gawin ng mga beck-beck ay ang walang humapay na pag-"chin-chin taberu", eto msasabi ko lang "Bwakanabitch ka, pangit!"

P.S. NaLSS lang ako sa cab on the way to Greenbelt. tindi ng kembot. kasama ko ang mga beck-beck. mostly pala ng mga vheykla na kilala ko eh beck-beck talaga..walang closetta..so yun. tsuk!
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Help me Choose
Thursday, June 28, 2007
I have posted in my blog description that aside from blogging about my day to day (mis)adventures/rants/raves, this is going to be a journal of our wedding preps as well. SoOoOooo... this post is going to be the first taste of having this journal to talk about wedding preps.

As a bride, it's no longer a surprise if I keep on
changing my mind over some wedding details. In the end, I would just let somebody (or a group of people) decide for myself. The Rule of Thumb? Chempre, ang walang kamatayang "Majority Wins."

I am having troubles with what design I should choose for my female entourage- specifically, bridesmaids. All of them
are really young and they are all petite that is why I decided that they are going to wear a tea-length dress/gown (Our wedding is not that formal after all) . O sige na nga, tawad na. Miski calf length pede na. wag lang talaga long gown. This fits their age bracket and their height (lol) The problem is, I don't know which design is going to look simple yet chick.

Now here comes the poll. I am going to display all the designs that I have liked before and I will let you guys decide. I am hoping that I cou
ld finish this poll in two weeks given that I got substantial number of votes (100 correspondents?). Our gown fitting err taking of measurements will be on the first week of August. SOooOooooOo I really need to get your opinion especially those fashionistas out there.

You may cast your votes now!

1. Girlie

2. Princess

3. Erika

4. Edilyn
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The Untold Pinoy Love Story
Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taga UP ka ba? Halika mga isko/iska, magtsimisan tayo... (LOL)

I got an email today from a close friend who was sooOOooo giddy over what she learned upon reading this email (kaya nga ni-forward nya to me.) Unfortunately, the reaction that she was hoping to get from me wasn't favorable to her at all. As in, I wasn't surprise na anymore about this. I have heard about this hush-hush long before but I wasn't just that convinced. But now, this email seems to collaborate with those "humor stories" I have heard from the time of T-REX. Dami pang sat-sat noh..tge na nga...eto na. mag da hu na tayo. (P.S. Ni-reveal sa last part ung real names ng personalities involved but I decided to omit it and have a guessing game instead..hehehehe)

CAUTION: Mejo mahaba ang email na ito, but as they say, "Patience is a virtue." Besides, I think most bloggers naman are into reading books so hindi naman mashadong aatakihin ng pagkatamad mga blogger na magbabasa nito (kung meron man!)


Most UP Diliman students of the 80s know the rest
of this intriguing friendship.

They were the best of friends. They were always seen
together around the University of the Philippines (UP)
campus in Diliman: one was undoubtedly a very
good-looking guy and the other was unquestionably a
plain-looking guy. Opposites really attract. Hey, but
they're both brilliant students. Well, birds of the
same feather also flock together. Indeed, they were
very close to each other. Unusually close.

They were the perfect tandem. Like suman and ripe
mango. Or nuts and bolts. Peg and a hole.

They were both protégés of then UP Student Council
chairman Chito Gascon. Soon, the good-looking guy took
the helm as UP Student Council chairman. But the best
friends seem to follow each other's path. The
plain-looking guy also ran for the same position with
the all-out support of his good-looking friend. He
won, of course.

The good-looking guy was the crush ng bayan of the
iskolars ng bayan. During lunchtime, students of all
persuasions flocked to the College of Arts and
Sciences (CAS) cafeteria to catch a glimpse of the
good-looking guy. Even singer-actress Regine Velasquez
later admitted on national television that she had a
big crush on the good-looking guy. But loveless
Regine's daring admission did not earn her even just a
movie date invitation from the good-looking guy;
instead, the good-looking guy merely flashed a demure
smile in response to desperate Regine's thinly-veiled
date invitation.

But after finishing college, the best friends went
their separate ways. (Or so it seemed). The
plain-looking guy pursued his law studies and later
taught law courses. The good-looking guy delivered the
evening news on TV, hosted a TV quiz show and wrote
analytical articles on pop culture. His good looks,
intelligence and impeccable manner endeared him to

Despite their divergent career choices, the
good-looking guy and the plain-looking guy really
seemed to follow each other's path. But this time,
their path led to a nice little apartment near the
Ateneo de Manila campus. And they shared that nice
little apartment. Just the two of them.
Yes, the plain-looking guy and the good-looking guy
lived together.

Those gifted with wild imagination got titillated at
the mere thought of these two young men sharing a
lovely apartment. The moralists out there shook their
heads at the mere thought of the goings-on beyond that
innocent-looking apartment door amid rows of
middle-class houses in Loyola Heights in Quezon City .
But the pair would not budge from their nest. Nor
would they yield to any pressure. Not even from the
plain-looking guy's bible-reading siblings who berated
him for living with another guy. The plain-looking
guy's own family started to cast doubt about his

All telltale signs which have accumulated all those
years could no longer be ignored. People started
talking openly about the two guys. Speculations about
the true nature of the pair's friendship became a

daily fodder for gossip mongers. The academic freedom
which alma mater UP's oblation symbolizes seemed to
have gone beyond the duo's lust for knowledge.
In order to prove to his family that he was not what
they thought he was, the plain-looking guy suddenly
announced that he was getting married. His family
jumped with joy.

But the plain-looking guy's marriage did not dispel
wild speculations about his sexuality; instead, it
only succeeded in erasing any remaining doubt about
his alleged agenda of using his wife to finally
succeed in his failed initial crack at pursuing his
lifelong dream. And it was well worth his efforts.
Because this former loser's desperate act finally
triumphed. Thanks to his wife.

However, the plain-looking guy's deep friendship with
his good-looking friend took a backseat as a result of
the former's new civil status. The plain-looking guy
did not want to hurt his new wife's flourishing career
nor spoil his newfound success. That's why he played
his role as a good family man to the hilt. However, he
had not forgotten his good-looking best friend at all.
As a token of their undying friendship, the
good-looking guy stood as one of the godfathers of the
plain-looking guy's first baby, together with Edu
Manzano, Cesar Montano, Cherie Gil, Ciara Sotto,
Angeli Valenciano, Fanny Serrano and a host of other
household names. Of course, the plain-looking guy's
wife was clueless about her husband's past.

But the plain-looking guy's wife had her share of dark
past. She is a single mother who parted ways with her
good-looking "first husband" after she discovered that
her good-looking "firt husband" was already married
to another woman when she hastily married him after

she got pregnant at a young age. This meant that her
marriage to her good-looking "first husband" was not
legally binding after all. Now, the plain-looking guy
was her knight-in-shining- armor who rescued her from
the stigma of being an unmarried mother.

Ironically, while his non-binding marriage with her
good-looking "first husband" was solemnized by several
high-ranking priests at the cavernous Manila Cathedral
amid countless clicking cameras and thousands of
shrieking admirers several years ago, her supposedly
legitimate marriage with the plain-looking guy was
officiated not by a Catholic priest but by a pastor in
a cramped living room, with only a few relatives and
friends as witnesses.

Later, the good-looking guy reportedly got married
also without fanfare. They said that his bride was a
creative consultant for ABS-CBN Interactive. However,

some women still believe and hope that he is still
unmarried to this day.

The good-looking guy soon rose to become ABS-CBN News
Channel's (ANC) Director for Current Affairs. He has
been circling the globe as host of ANC's weekly travel
show, Executive Class.

If you have watched the now defunct "Battle of the Brains" before, then you probably know who this good-looking guy is.

The Plain looking guy, on the other hand, was like a shining megastar during the last election even without a support of party group.


May this absurd email tickle your wildest fantasies... hehehehehe! gets mo na ba?

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Can you afford it, MA’AM?
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It’s sooOOO funny how Filipinos would react/treat somebody according to someone’s appearance. More often than not, I find it really frustrating that some of us, (Yes, I used the pronoun us-because that includes me, sometimes) judge a person’s capability/status in life according to how a person speaks English, the way a person dresses up or sometimes, just because of one superficial aspect- the physical features. I thought that Filipinos are only being treated as third-class citizens in other countries but the truth hurts. Even here, we experience that kind of "discrimination"

This Sunday, Mark (my brother) and I went to SM Fairview to apply for a SUN CELL barkada plan (or what ever it is).

Teka nga, nose-bleed na ako..tatagalugin ko na nga lang. Utang-uta na rin kasi si atashi kaka-monglish sa office. (Saka, Policy ko naman yun talaga sa buhay. Kung pinoy kausap mo, magtagalog ka. Kung nagsusulat ka ng journal na alam mong may magbabasa na porenjer o di kaya magre-report ako sa boss na puti, chempre, dapat monglish-monglishan ang drama ni atashi.)

Ayun nga, gora kami sa SM Fairview para mag apply ng SUN CELL post paid. Ako kasi, naka post-paid na sa globe (may extension plan ako kasi si ate, kelangan ng post-paid pag bumabyahe abroad.) Plan 999 sana kasi gus2 ko meron ding post paid si ermats and erpats para unlimited text/calling na nga. Nung una, naburyong na ko sa tagal ng queue. Sabagay, Sunday naman kasi so wala ng bago dun. Heto na, number 12 kasi nakuha naming queue ticket. Pagtick ng number 12, naupo na kami sa customer service desk, binigay ko na lahat ng papers- original tsaka ung photocopy. Ni-xerox ko nasa haws kasi ung mga pertinent docs kasi ayoko nga ng natatagalan dahil sa pagpapa-photocopy. Tapos, may I ask si CSR, "What plan are you going to subscribe?" Sabi ko, "Yung plan 999 sana.Yun kasi gus2 nitong utol ko."

Ewan ko lang kung maldita lang talaga ako at masama kagad iniisip ko pero di ko gus2 ung ginawa nung CSR kasi tinignan nya ung suot ko. Mejo na-offend ako. Parang si "mamita" ng Flordeluna kung makatingin. LOL nakakatakot. Feeling ko, "nani-nino" si tukmol. Parang gus2 nya kong tanungin kung afford ko ba ang isang libong post-paid plan sa isang buwan. Ampotah naman kasi. Naka shorts lang at t-shirt lang ako. Ung tshirt ko eh may butas pa sa sleeve. Tapos ung tsinelas ko eh beach walk na galing sa palengke, ni hindi nga havaianas. Pero kebs ko? Di naman kami magtatagal sa Mall. Eh. Matagal na nga ung 30 mins tapos uwi na din kami kaya din ako nag-effort pa na mag bihis. Saka ganun naman talaga ako eh. Simple lang talaga. Magsu-suot ako ng kung ano ang komportable para sa akin. Wenihoo, balik tau dun sa CSR. Lahat ng kelangan papeles, andun na: ITR, 2 payslips, credit card statements and 2 valid ID. Ewan ko kung ngengot lang si CSR kasi parang ung credit card statement lang tinignan nya. Taposs sabi eh.

CSR: Ma’am, do you have any other credit cards?
Thet: Oo. Standard, HSBC and Citibank.
CSR: AhhhhH ok. But do you have any other credit cards that has a credit limit of more than 50k?
Thet: Wala eh. Metrobank Femme and Standard lang parehong 49k. Pinakamataas na credit limit ko na yun. Di naman tayo big time eh.. hehehehe (smile pa ko nyan!)
CSR: oh ok. For the meantime ma’am, you are only qualified for the 899 plan.
Thet: Bakit?
CSR: HmMmmm, for Plan 999 our required minimum credit card limit is 50k and for the monthly salary, it should be a minimum 20k.

(mejo tumaas na kilay ko dito.)

Thet: Ok. I got that. So what seems to be the problem here?
CSR: Ma’am, you only got 49k credit card limit and your monthly salary is just 17.5k.
(Susuntukin ko na sana ‘tong rep na ‘to sa sobrang katangahan eh. Kelangan pa yatang sampalin ng talong bago magising sa katotohanan.)
Thet: Again, I got your point there and I am not deaf. But can you please take a closer look at my pay slips?

(Nag monglish na si atashi at sinamahan ko na ng accent. Nabuburat na talaga ako sa kausap ko)
Nung una, kala ko ok na. Pero may hirit pa si CSR.

CSR: Do you have any other pay slips?
Thet: In fact, I do. I brought my 3-month payslips so which month would you like to have?
CSR: Isa lang po from last April (aba! Marunong din naman pala magtagalog si kulangot!)

(After a few seconds of checking my payslips and my ITR).

CSR: Ma’am pasensya nap o. kala ko kasi one-month na ung salary na 17.5k. Di ko po nakita na semi-monthly pala ung nakalagay sa payslip nyo.

AhhHHh stupid !!! Gusto ko sana sabihin "tsong,adik ka ba?"

Si bunso, matagal bago magalit/mainis yon (di katulad ko na laging hi-blood). As in it takes a lot before he can be pissed-off. Panaka-naka lang kung mabiwist. Pero nung mga oras na yon habang wala si CSR sabi nya, "Ikaw kasi ate eh, sana dinala mo na lang ung bill mo sa globe para wala ng tanong-tanong." Eh wala eh, burara ako sa bills, basta nagbabayad ako on time, keri bells na. Pagdating ni CSR, tanong ulet si bro. Mejo caught-off guard ako sa tanong nya.

BRO: ate, magkano bill mo last month?
Thet: huh? Ahh ehhh di ko na maalala eh 3,400 yata.

Di ko alam kung ano ung purpose ni bunso bakit kelangan nya magtanong ng ganun. Pagdating sa kotse, "Gago yun ah…kita mo reaction nya pagkasabi mo magkano last bill mo? Nakatingin sya sayo. Parang di naniniwala. Kala nya kasi galing kang ‘iskwater. Kasi naman next time, magsuot ka naman ng mas maayos."

Nampotah. Salamat huh! Kala ko pa naman pagtatanggol ako. Yun pala, sasabunin din ako. Feeling nya daw kasi, pati sya napahiya. hHhmMpP! wenihoo, wala pa rin akong paki. Basta ako, isusuot ko kung anong gus2 ko- as long as wala akong utang, wala akong pinperwisyong tao, good-good ako. Hindi naman ako mayabang pero kung tatanungin nya ko straight into my face kung afford ko ba, eto lang ang sasabihin ko "PAKSHET KA!"

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I no longer want to be a TV reporter...
Sunday, June 24, 2007

I am not perfect. I also get nervous during interviews and sometimes, the words that are coming from my mouth are not coherent with what I am thinking. But please if I say this footage of a GMA7 field reporter really made me cry to death, it's because it's really funny. You really have to see this. After all, it's only 33 seconds long. :)

Kaya nyo yon?!?!

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“There can be no high civility without a deep morality”
Saturday, June 23, 2007

I am working on a grave yard shift (though I got week end off) so I hardly hard the time to watch TV and catch up news. I am no longer updated with what is going on nationally. If there are news heading the headlines of broadsheets or cover story of a particular TV news program, Internet is my most dependable source.

I don't know how long the Greta-John issue came out in Public. I lost track of time. All I know is that one fine Monday evening, my QAS are talking about this scandal. It was like a feast where everybody would like to get the juicy part. I guess for the general public, what "juicy" part means is whether "La Greta" and "Dakota" are having an affair. Apparently, both parties have already gave the
general public a statement of their own. As expected, they will deny any malicious insinuation that they are having an affair and all that they are guilty of is that "they were asked to pose and they are just having some fun. Your right. It's simply pathetic and alarming at the same. The younger portion of the general population are being given with an idea that "it is ok to kiss somebody lips-to-lips" even if you are already married---err, living domestically with someone if your intention is just to have "some fun." I now don't know what separates morality with immorality. Here are some of the pictures I found which really made me "tsk! tsk!" upon realizing that it's not possible that this could be an "act of just having fun.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

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Ikaw Pala
I miss Russell again. He's busy now. His parents are in Utah to attend an international convention for their Rotary Club. But before that, they stayed in L.A. to visit some relatives and of course, to visit Russell. By this time, I know they are busy going to one place to another. Though they are really jet setter, this is their first time in U.S. The next time that they are going to extend another visit to US is by September. I hate this feeling but I know that for the mean time, I have to take the backseat. After all, hindi naman ibang tao ung kasama ni Russell. Magulang naman nya yon. So keri na rin. For the mean time, I would just watch this AVP over and over again that he made for me last Valentine's to ease the "neediness" that I am feeling right now.

HayyYY... I hope the 'Ber months will come real soon! :(

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Memorable Essays to Make Your Day

Our company has recently posted job openings in a famous internet jobsite and part of requirements we asked from applicants was to answer a very simple essay question. Sounds simple enough right? Well we got more than we bargained for when we started screening their answers. ( I interview QAS applicants so sometimes, I would make kulit to the HR fwends so sometimes get to peep on the CRS applicants papers Chismosa talaga ang gaga.) Some were straight forward and some were good but most answers made me want to cry (as in cry to death). So here are some choice essays as a tribute to those who are "essay challenged" (essays are posted as IS)

Describe your personal qualities that suit the requirements of this position.

  • As the personal qualities to this position the important is to have a fast learner, keen eye for details & analytical information.
  • Iam accurate inm y work with an initiative to carry out task outside my job scope. I can analyze mathematica and statistacal complex data and value time management a lot
  • Im the typed of person who likes to deal with people.As a psychology major,it really enhance my personality in terms of relating my self to others.Being friendly,also added to my assets as my qualification , ithink i can contribute my knowlege to fast growing economy in our country and i am hardworking person flexible i can do any jov as long as i can
  • I think i am suit for this position because of i am a hardworking person and honest. And as a fresh graduate i would like to work in your company as my stepping stone and be a part of your succces.
  • Because I'm a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies last April 20, 2005 at the early aged of 19 yrs. old. at the (NAME OF SCHOOL). I'm a Computer literate, fast learner, hard working and initiative person.
  • Can be trusted,punctual,hardworking,persistence,resourceful and can easily handle pressure,can easily adjust the system,willing to work long hours or graveyard shift,willing to travel even from north to south, or even overseas from land to sea and willing to be relocate.If hired I will a sure you my honest to goodness my solidness and loyalty to your company.
  • I am worth the time... just try me..

I am posting this not to criticize the people who wants to be part of the call center industry but rather, just to create some smile into somebody's frowning face. Isn't this a good stress reliever if you are having a bad day? :)

But on a serious note, if one is applying for a job though online postings, it is very important that we review what we are writing: words that are easy to understand, good grammar and most importantly, answers should be based on what you really are- your credentials, your work experience, your strengths and not answers of hodge-podge information that were written from the job posting. Although I do not believe in this saying 100%, remember that, “First impression lasts.”

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I am 33% Vain
Thursday, June 21, 2007
I've been tagged by Mai (a cyber friend who is really helpful with almost all stuff XD). Here is the result of the vanity quiz that I took:

You Are 33% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

I don't even consider myself as 25% vain. I am not a fashionista. I don't follow fashion "rules". I just simply don't buy clothes that are "in" but don't really make me comfortable. I don't buy signature clothes. Kuripot ako eh...LOL If I want to go on shopping, I would really spend a day in divisoria or 168 mall no matter how stinky the place is or no matter hot the weather is. I spend 3k max on clothes (one time big time shopping sa divi!). And with that small amount of month, I would have a wardrobe good for 1 week! :)

1. I don't wear make up most of the days where I know I have tons of work to do. Baka masira lang ang mascara and eye liner sa bwisit ko sa trabaho...LOL

2. I buy clothes every month. I set aside money for this every payday talaga. I the kind of industry I belong to, we don't wear uniforms but we need to wear something descent and that will make me look dignified as a QA Sup. We only have Friday dress down like most of the companies.

3. I use SAFEGUARD when I wash my face. LOL ganun talaga..hiyang ako sa safeguard eh.

4. I don't go to the salon often. Most of the time, I would go there only for hot oil. I could have this treatment done at home, but if you know me.. you know me! hehehehe (,")

5. Perfume is my fascination. If signature clothes is not an issue for me, perfume does! I don't want to spend my money with perfumes na madaling mawala ang amoy at saka ung nag o-oily...ewwww! I have used Gucci. BVlgari, RL,Burberry,Lanvin,Tommy Girl,Lacoste and Hugo Boss

6. I cut my finger and toe nails pudpod. I'm not a fan of nail polish but I get to have "cleaning" every month nga lang.

7. I am a shoe addict. Again, it does not necessarily need to be branded. I got 7 pairs of shoes in the office (co-workers would tend to label my desk as "cabinet"). I go to work with slippers and I would just change my footwear whenever I'm on the floor na lang. At home, I got 5 pair of sneakers, and 15 pairs of different kinds of shoes.

8. It's a must have that I have a hand lotion and hair leave on my bag.

I am a gurl full of complexity eh? Now I am tagging Wella and Cheche for this.

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“Pay me for my work but I don't do it for the money.”
Money is only a human invention. I get paid for my work, it's a system of trade, but it's not my purpose and reason for living.

I work because I know, that out of six billion in this world I have a purpose. I may be not a perfect supervisor but I know I am giving my bestest to create unity among my team members out of cultural diversity. I give them all the support I could ever give them. My employee opinion survey speaks for my performance. I need to brag about it. In fact, I feel humbled that despite of the fact that I am not popular with other department managers and execute management, i have (created) a lasting impression to my former and current team members. I have touched their lives. I feel honored. I feel satisfied. I feel rewarded every time there is a team member that climbs up the corporate ladder without stepping someone else's shoes. They deserved it because they worked hard for it. They have proven their worth. Some of them may have to leave the company to seek greener pasture. And I am flattered every time they would put my name in their resume as their reference character. I even feel more flattered because of them, either those who are already promoted or transferred to a new company would drop me a note, saying how thankful they are that they have experienced working under my time. Come on, it's not every month that you will get this type of a appreciation. And I keep all these emails. In fact, I had them printed out and keep in a scarp book. I may not be a girlie-type of lady but I am certainly an individual who wants to treasure memories and friends. In fact, for most of my team members, I am still in contact with them. One day, I was really surprised to receive this email (NOTE: I decided not to drop names for the purpose of privacy)

Hi Thet,

As much as I want to thank you personally and snatch one minute of your
time I shun away that idea because I know you're fully-loaded with QA
tasks and every minute of it should not be wasted.And by the time, I
sent this e-mail, you're already out of the office na siguro. Everyone
is not perfect but we are able to accept each other's shortcomings.
Admittedly, I have faults. As my supervisor, I want you to know that I
appreciated you for being so considerate. What I have written on my
resignation letter about you and your leadership is true.
You earned my respect.
I always tell Joey and Noel how much I admire your decision-making skills and for
being a
tough but understanding leader. Handling a team with different
personalities is a huge responsibility.

Thank you for everything and you will be missed. It made my 2-month stay
here in (Name of Company) worthwhile and with so much fun. Missed our laughing

And how could I forget when we climbed all the way up to Taal Volcano.
Sad to say, lately, since you're tied up with CAA training and I
understand how hard it is to handle 2 teams, and with our different
breaks, we don't use to have our lunch together na. So I end up having
it with Noel and since some stations don't have Citrix connections near
Qwest team. Napadpad ako sa TPG. He He He :) Let's keep in touch. Again, thank


Right now, I am not with my best. I feel unmotivated. In fact, very frustrated. I even told our Washington counterpart (client turned confidant) that I am no longer comfortable and happy with what I am doing. Not because I have already lost the passion for work. No, definitely not with that. I love what I am doing and I love the people around me.I love the supervisors, i love the qaa's and the qas. More than money, it is the people that keeps me from filing my resignation. (I tried sending resumés only to back out on interviews. I changed my mind. I will never give this person the happiness of controlling and power tripping people).

We have a new manager now. Somebody who I think do not really deserve the position. She has issues with her Comcast crew. She has troubles communicating and motivating them. And the worst part of it is that, I know all these grievances. What the heck! We are from different shifts but they would come forward to me to raise their issues. I don't even know these people! But just because of the feedback that they get from my team members, they come forward to me. Sabi nga ni Erika, pro-QA daw kasi ako. From that standpoint, how would I believe that this somebody is capable of leading a team of 100 members when in fact, she cannot effectively handle a team of 15? KAPAL NG MUKHA NG GAGA! Her team's shift starts at 12pm-8pm but she would come to work at 4pm and leaves the office at 2am. Huwatttt????!!! Is she on a flexible schedule? As far as I am concern, a supervisor should mirror the shift of her/his team as closely as possible. What is she gonna do after 8pm? Does she really think that she is giving her crew the floor support that they need with just 4 hours? TANG INA! Wala kang ginawa kung di magpabibo sa management. Plastik ka! While most of the managers think that she is rendering an enormous amount of overtime (I am also guilty of this as I would often tell her, "girl pwedeng umuwi!", the thought of her being around for her team makes her team members puke!The team already informed the management about their problem with her but the funny thing is that, instead of having this biatch re-trained, they had her promoted! ARE THEY SERIOUS?!!! She doesn't have the experience for a revenue account. She doesn't even have what it takes to be an effective supervisor, much more, an effective manager. Her employee opinion survey is an all-center-low. How come she was promoted? Is it because the management saw her "dedication" for work? CRAP! Full of CRAP! I did not report for work yesterday because I don't think I could still compose myself as I see her devil face and stinking behavior.

One the other hand, there is another "somebody" who has really gained my respect. She's really an ideal manager. She effectively communicates with her team. If ever there is a conflict, she tries to resolve it within her best ability. She's pro-active. Never have a mean bone. She has the experience. And everybody loves her. She is the type of supervisor na kapag di mo sinunod ung pinapagawa nye eh tingin ng tao sayo eh ang tamad-tamad mo! She is fair. She is genuinely passionate about what she is doing. I know she is also quite upset but she never tells it verbally. But when I look into her eyes, I know there is doubt,there are questions but she dares not to ask. I really love this girl. And I feel for her. I hope that the company is treating her fairly. I don't think we can find a treasure like her in the future. Never in this kind of industry or maybe never in this life. That's how good she is. One may argue, "Why I am the one bursting these feelings out?" Simple. Because people at work are afraid to let other people hear their thoughts. They cannot stand for what is morally right and ethically thing to do. I am thinking of changing the title of my other blog as "LISTEN TO WHAT CALL CENTER WORKERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY"...LOL

I am laying this case to rest now. Instead of whining out loud. I will just do my job. Instead of doing good, I will do exceptionally bestest! Erika, Mike, Andy and the entire Revenue Team will let her feel and see the reality that she is not fit for this job. What she is doing in the International campaign is a far cry from what we are doing in Revenue. In other words, she does not fit in our world. She may have gotten the spot, but reality is, she doesn't have and will probably never earn our RESPECT.


(P.S. I am still planning to resign, maybe in 2008. Erika, Mike and I are thinking of having a mass resignation. We now have this mantra, DIGITAL NA ANG KARMA NGAUN!)

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Improving Alexa Rank.
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Got this one from Mai

For those of you who are into PPP and other Pay-Per-Blog-Post Marketing Programs, you might have issues or challenges in improving your Alexa Ranking for better opportunities, just like me. Check out these tips I got from Marketingscoop.com:

1. Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website. Alexa even gives you the ability to co-brand the toolbar with your own logo and give it away. You can download the toolbar here: http://pages.alexa.com/prod_serv/associatetoolbar.html

2. Use Alexa redirection whenever you can. No matter when or where you provide a link to your website, be sure to use the equivalent Alexa redirect URL. For example, when providing a link to my website, I use http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?marketingscoop.com. If you copy this URL into your browser, it will take you to MarketingScoop.com. To use this technique, simply replace the name of my website (marketingscoop) with yours.

3. Encourage your website visitors to add their positive testimonials on Alexa’s detailed listings page for your website. This can be done by placing a link to the appropriate Alexa page on your website and asking visitors to “Click here to rate this website”. You can find your detailed Alexa page here: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=marketingscoop.com. Again, just replace the name of my website (marketingscoop) with yours. By clicking on the URL, visitors will be able to reach your detailed rating page and write a review using the review link located on the left hand side of the page.

4. Write your own site reviews on the top 100 rated Alexa sites and include your redirect URL. The top 500 domains, according to Alexa can be found at http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_500 When you write a review, be sure to use the redirection URL we discussed in number 2 above specifically for your website [http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?marketingscoop.com].

5. Download the Alexa ranking button, traffic history graph, info links, and other traffic counters onto the page of your website that receives the most traffic. For example, at the bottom of my home page http://www.marketingscoop.com, I’ve added the Alexa ranking box. You can do the same for your own site by visiting http://www.alexa.com/site/site_stats/signup You’ll notice that I haven’t added the traffic history graph. This is because it wouldn’t look appropriate on my home page and because Alexa is only providing detailed history on the top 100,000 sites. So if you’re not in the top 100,000, site stats would not be available.

6. Take an inexpensive advertisement out on the ExactSeek search directory for only a few dollars per month at ExactSeek.com Search engine results are directly correlated with Alexa rankings. You’ll notice that if a website is highly ranked on ExactSeek, chances are that it will be highly ranked on Alexa.

7. Get listed on as many search engines as possible by placing a free listing in DMOZ. This is the largest human edited directory on the web and is co-branded among hundreds of thousands of sites. Be patient though, it often takes up to 5 months before you see your website listed after submission. Even though it takes longer than it should, you have little say in the matter because it’s so widely used across the Internet.

These simple Alexa strategies are easy to implement and will make a huge difference in your Alexa ranking. Ultimately you want visitors to do more than visit your home page, you want them to interact with your site. Be sure to optimize your home page for SEO purposes, ease of use, and interaction. Creating a positive user experience will get visitors to return again and again.

** *I'll try to figure out this better this week-end :)


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Office Politics

Darn it!

I guess politics can and will never be eliminated in every aspect of life. School, office, organizations. Politics is everywhere. I do not have any gross experience with regard to office politics on the other call centers I have worked for. But yesterday, our entire quality department was shocked with an outrageously irrational and unjustifiable promotion of somebody. This somebody is someone, who I know how she gets the work done. And with that, she doesn't have my respect at all!

Having said that, I am now in the process of creating another blog dedicated just for work. So imagine how great my disapproval is over her promotion-to the extent that I am gonna create a blog for it. Why do I make a big deal out of it? Simple. She is going to be my boss. BOSS WHO DOESNT KNOW EVEN A SINGLE THING HOW A REVENUE GENERATING ACCOUNT WORKS. ahHhHhh!!!!! As if I don't know how ineffective and inefficient supervisor she is, considering that she can't handle a team of 15 members very well. I now have this blog, All in a day's Work.

Blog is not yet up and running but I am planning to update this before this week ends.
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How Boyish or Girlish Are You?
Sunday, June 17, 2007
Most of the people who knows me often describe me as the astig girl. What did they mean by that? I'm not sure. But one of my closest friends told me (during one of our tete-a-tete) that I am not really a high-maintenance type of girl. In fact, I was being compared to those punks on the street. gRrRrRrrrrrRr!!!! I am not sure if that is sarcasm or a complement. Having said these, I took a test again in blogthings and found out more about myself.

You Are 70% Boyish and 30% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

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Do You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?
I took this test out of curiosity. I should say that this is 75% true.

You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.
Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.
In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.
While you're cool, you're not ice cold.
You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

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Kix Tavora Digital Photography
Saturday, June 16, 2007
(Note: This picture is not a promotional photo-shoot. They are real couple. You can check their AVP on this site. Astig yung groom di ba!)

It was way back march 2006 when I stumbled upon Kix Tavora's work through the yahoogroups of soon-to-be-wed couples, http://www.weddingsatwork.com/.

Since Russell and I were on a really tight budget, we really tried looking for a good photographer that will fit our budget. I really admire Dino Lara's and Mimi & Karl's works but unfortunately, having either one of them as our wedding photographer will cost us a fortune. There is no way that we could have afford their photography services. Though we were quite said that we can never have them on wedding, it seemed like heaven intervened. When I joined w@w, the name Kix Tavora has always been mentioned as one good back-up photographer. I checked the supplier ratings on him. Not that I only found good ratings but SUPERB ratings. His works may not be as good as Dino's but nobody can refute the fact that he is indeed good at his craft. When you see his work, you could immediately see the passion that he is putting in every project. One more thing that I really like about Kix work is the fact that the pictures posted in his site are all RAW PHOTOS. Minsan kasi di ba, nadadaan na lang sa photoshop ung ganda ng kuha...miski pangit, gumaganda! LOL Every month, I get to visit his site and I can see big improvements on his output. (oh ha, di pa sobra-sobrang high tech gadget nya nyan!) Well, I know that he is giving more effort now that he is doing back-up services to Rene Gaviola. I know that given the more advanced equipment and a better break, he will make it big time to the wedding industry. Here are some of my favorite shots:

(This is one of my favorite shots. There was no post-processing magic made on this photo. Kix just played on the available sunlight as his lighting technique.)

(I think this one is from one of his out-of-town shoot (Pangasinan?) with Rene Gaviola. The place where the bride prepared for this special event ain't Diamond nor Manila Hotel but Kix still managed to take a beautiful shot out of it.)

(Now this one is a perfect personification of serenity.)

(When it's already my turn, I want a shot like this. Posible kaya sa Malate Church?)

I am so thankful that we found Kix. Aside from the fact that he is young (with fresh talent) and has a very good working attitude, his package prices are incredibly affordable. If you want to find out about his latest wedding package prices, just drop me an email or a shout out!

P.S. I've been on my PC since 5pm (MNL time). It's now 5:33am...ahhHhhHh!!!! so much with fun blogging!

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When I was first introduced to google search when I was in my high school sophomore, it was like I am lost in an island- no idea what exactly what I am going to do in order to survive. I was never taught how to properly navigate Google. I learned how to play with the search engine all by myself. Back then, I really admit that I am indeed a computer-challenged. Though I really struggled, I found search engines really helpful especially when I did my marketing plan (thesis) and when I was trying to find a job. Now that I am about to get married in less than a year, my fiancé and I are thinking of putting up a business as we do not want to be forever "employees". We want to the "boss". We want to get a hold of our own time. With our savings and a little help from our parents and other financial institutions, capital is really not a problem. The more difficult problem is on Planning: "What kind business will click to our target market? How are we gonna market the business that we are going to put to ensure that the business will be stable in the next ten years? From where are we going to get our products? Can we do import/export?" Ahhhh- finding the answers to these questions is quite hard.

Now that both husband and I are computer literate enough to know the trick of the Internet Trade, we know that apart from the traditional advertising strategy, search engines nowadays has been really powerful for businessmen as they try to market their company/products/services. With the innovation of technology, any information now really comes in a very quick manner. Thus, a business really needs to be competitive and is very accessible to reach. It also needs to find a dependable and reliable suppliers/affiliates that will ensure that business will always stay in shape.

When Paul, one of our expatriate trainers, was here in Manila, I once caught him browsing Masterseek. Apparently, though he is enjoying his stay in our company (a major telecommunications company in MidWest US), he still wants to put up his own business. What kind of business? He is not yet sure. But one thing he is certain off, he must find business partners that is willing to invest on the kind of business that he is eying.

Out of curiosity, I googled Masterseek. As it turned out, Masterseek itself is another search engine, the only difference is that it specializes on business. Currently, Masterseek has more than 46 million companies listed across 75 countries. In addition to that, unlike google or yahoo where a lot of unrelated information pops out in your screen once you key in a keyword, Masterseek has already categorized the nature of companies they have in their database. For example, if I need to know where I could find suppliers for imported goods regardless of it's nature, there is already a category for Importer. It is also helpful for those individual who are seeking greener pasture; be it career growth or they just want to work overseas- there is a category for Jobs and Career. It's also quite helpful for those who are not that proficient in English as Masterseek also has its own version in different language: Chinese, Spanish, French and German to name a few. They also have the technology that will certainly boost your company's visibility in the webosphere. If you are going to sign up on Masterseek, it will not only allow your potential customers to contact you but it will also allow you to look for potential investors. As Russell and I are thinking of a business that will cater both local and Filipinos working abroad, we will definitely sign up to Masterseek as soon as we put up our pet project.

Masterseek is just like Google and Yahoo- only the BETTER. (,")

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Wedding Preps Updates

189 days until our wedding day.

This is what our wedding announcer says.

Time really flies so fast. It was as if it was just yesterday when I started looking for our church and reception venue. HayYyYYy :)

Being into a long-distance relationship is ain't no joke. You will be tested by time and temptation. Sometimes, family and career can get into the way, that will somehow create a huge impact on how a couple will survive with this ordeal. Whenever I tell people ask me how Russell and I met, surprise will register into faces as I bubbly say that I met him online. In the course of our 5-year long-distance-relationship, we managed to be tough.Tougher than anybody could imagine. I have demanded a break-up more than 100 times (usually when we fight), Russell had shed a river of tears just to say how sorry he is for what happened (even though I was the one to be blame- he's doing it just to appease me. ain't I a real bitch? LOL)

Because we are 500, 00 miles apart, I have to do the preparations- all by myself! Working in a graveyard shift has never been an issue to me. Matibay ako sa puyatan eh. I have to be the one to contact and meet the supplier to ensure that we will get the most out of our money. We are in a tight budget. We can't afford to spend a million just for a wedding. We are not that insane yet. LOL. Anyhoo, I feel like our wedding preparation was put into a halt. Though I can finish the task alone, I guess I am just waiting for Russell to come home so that he, too, will take his part on our wedding. Providing me the moolah to pay our suppliers is not enough (hey, we are splitting the budget 50-50 so I need to do his part on this tedious preparation!). Here are our wedding updates:

  • Event Stylist
  • Reception Venue
  • String Quintet
  • Cocktail Services
  • Event Stylist
  • Church (50%)
  • Caterer (paid RF)
  • Bridal Bouquet and Entourage Flowers (20% paid)
  • Bridal Gown and Entourage Gowns (paid 25%)
  • On-the-Day Coordination (paid RF)
  • Photo and Video Services (paid 50%)
  • Cake (paid 50%)
  • Hair and Make Up Artist (paid RF)
  • Full Drapes (50%)
  • 5000 lumens ANSI projector (50% paid)
  • Groom's Tuxedo
  • Invitation
  • Souvenirs
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Emcee
  • Bridal Car
  • After-Dinner Performer (acoustic and show band)
  • Legal and Church Requirements (Marriage license, Canonical, Baptismal and Confirmation Certificate, CENOMAR)
  • Misalette
  • Table Numbers
  • Save-the-Date Card
  • Prenuptial Shoot
  • Floor Lay-out Plan
  • Final Meeting with the Suppliers
Russell and I had this agreement that when he gets here, he will not work (though he could still manage one of their two gas stations in Cavite). I need him to rest and I want undivided attention since we need a lot of catching up for the lost times... (hehehehehehe...naughty me!) But hey?! After seeing the to-do-list, it seems to me that he ain't gonna be that idle after all. Oh well, though I feel sorry for him, I still think that I deserve to take some beauty rest 90 days before our wedding. This is just to reciprocate the headaches and zits that I got during the last 18 months that I've been preparing for this wedding. I'm gonna leave to him the dirty work of making kulit to our suppliers... Serves him right, eh? (,")

I just hope that our wedding will turn out just right. Though I don't believe that there is such a perfect wedding, I am praying so hard that we will have just the minor glitches. Otherwise, those pasaway na suppliers would not want to see me flaring up.... LOL

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For the past three days, my life has been relying on Flanax for survival. The bleeding of my gums is not just terrible but also, it gives me the frustration as it prevents me from pigging out which I usually do only during weekends (God bless my very demanding work!) Good thing though that my kind brother bought me some DVDs to keep me busy at night (Did i just stated in my profile that I am a night-person?). I just finished Lost's Season 3 and unfortunately, it wasn't as good as the first two seasons.I am now half-way with 24's Season 6 but I guess, after 14 hours of dvd marathon, my eyes just got tired (LOL, what am I doing now in front of my PC eh?)

Anyway, I mentioned in my previous posts that I am intending to keep this blog updated (especially now that Friendster has been banned in our office---ahhh!). Apart from the fact that this is going to be my outlet for rants and raves, blogging will also allow me some extra money. How? Through Blogsvertise.

Blogsvertise. Very catchy name. It wouldn't take an Einstein to figure out how the management came up with this name. I find Blogsvertise more reasonable and more lucrative than any other blog-paying websites as it doesn't compel one to endorse a product. You don't have to say PURELY positive feedback just because you are being paid to blog for a particular product/service/company. Just by mentioning the name of the advertiser thrice and by linking it to the entry will allow you to earn some moolah. It has been my policy that before engaging into anything, I must dwell first for information just to set proper expectations. From the FAQ section of Blogsvertise, it states

No, you do not have to endorse the product/service that you are writing about. You can discuss it however you want, compliment it, review it, discuss how it relates to something going on recently or in the past in your life, or even complain about it. Your blog/entry should be at least 60-100 words and contain a minimum of 3 or more links. Endorsing the website product or service is not a requirement."

So you see, one need not to come up with bogus feedback just to get paid. For me, Blogsvertise gives bloggers more freedom to say what they really think of a product/service. Notwithstanding it is already given that the people who are paying the bloggers are the advertisers, it should not necessarily equate that bloggers will provide its readers with tainted feedback and testimonials. Saves your brain cells some exercise for not thinking of nice words to say. LOL One more thing I like Blogsvertise is that it gives new/minimal posts bloggers to still earn some money. These are the blogs that were put on Probationary Status.

Some blogs may be approved but put on Probation status if there appears to be little or no content and/or if the blog was just setup very recently. The spirit/intent of the service is for Advertisers to connect with active Bloggers and their Readers. New blog registrations placed on Probation status will still receive tasks, however the payout rate is $2.00 each assigned and completed assignment. After 60 days a Blogger may request normal status by contacting us and requesting it. At that time we will re-review your blog for activity and make a decision. By regularly maintaining your blog and completing assigned tasks, your chances for approval to normal status will be increased. "

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this post will serve as a start of my good relationship with Blogsvertise. (,")

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I have been complaining about my impacted wisdom tooth since last year. It's been really a pain in the ass for me.

Yesterday, I had my wisdom tooth (impacted) taken through oral surgery. The surgery fee was quite hefty but I am just happy that finally, I have set myself free from the hell of pain that has been pestering me for the last 13 months.

My dentist is really good. During the surgery, i didnt experience even a bit of pain. not because there is anesthesia but because he was able to pull out my wisdom tooth in less than 10 mins. But doc said that healing process is really 1 week. So I am now on leave for 4 days. :)

Right now, I can't feel any pain unlike others who already had their wisdom tooth taken although all I can eat right now is congee. Good for me though. This surgery will prevent me from pigging out, just in time as I need to take my measurement for my gown... YihHhhhEeEeeEee!!!


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It's been a two days since I tried familiarizing myself with the tricks of the trade on other blog-earning websites. Understanding how the HTML (for somebody like me who is a software idiot) has never been easy. While I tried searching google, i found bloggerwave.

Alas! I found a blog-earning website that is easy to comprehend. Instructions on how to register, how to look for opportunities together with the tools that you need to download in order to improve you stats are really easy. It won't take a genius what someone needs to do.

As I research more about bloggerwave, I found out that they have experienced a problem with Paypal but thank God, the problem has already been fixed. I even read a comment from the CEO himself appealing to the bloggers not to believe that bloggerwave is a scam. The message coming from the CEO was a big relief for those who are hoping that bloggerwave will be another means for them to earn some moolah. While bloggerwave is still in transition, I hope that they will post more and more opportunities in the future. This stuff will not just help those writing enthusiast but also those who wants to earn more while at home or those who would not want to quit their main job (though I have seen quite a number of people who has earned quite a large sum of money just by blogging).

Oh well, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that bloggerwave will have more advertisers because that would only mean that more opportunities will come for me as well.


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Disclosure Policy
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This policy is valid from 13 June 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact ninjathet0312@gmail.com.

This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. We write for our own purposes. However, we may be influenced by our background, occupation, religion, political affiliation or experience.

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

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