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It's finally here!!!!
Saturday, November 29, 2008
The long wait is over. The much anticipated PX goods have finally arrived. I received 2 balikbayan boxes from hubby. It was delivered in our house in Fairview so I had to bring it to our apartment in Pasig. By next week, I will start sending the items and meeting up with clients.

The Balikbayan boxes

The items

Perfumes galore

Terrence's Loot

Some Old Navy Items

Old Navy Flip Flops

Victoria's Secret Garden Items

Victoria's Secret Bags

For next month, some baby clothing from GAP and Old Navy will arrive. Apart from that, I will also start selling digicams and branded bags like Liz Claiborne, RL, and Tommy Hilfiger bags etc.

I officially open pre-ordering those items that I have mentioned. Pre-ordering will start from December 1 to December 30. Merchandise is expected to arrive before valentine's day, February 14. (pwedeng pang valentine's gift os simply for summer get away!)

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
I just got hubby's package thru LBC today. This is not the huge balikbayan box (and this one is such a bummer for being uber late!) but the suit that he bought for our little one's baptism next month. As excited mommy that I am, sinukat ko na kagad sa bornakis kow. LOL I soOoOOo love his outfit especially his leather shoes. One would think that it as custom made. But the truth is, it is not. Everything in his outfit are ready-to-wear items.

Here he is.

Ayaw pasukat!

Pogi noh!

I have limited access to PC rightnow. And I have to prepare Terrence's formula milk, as in NOW na!


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Almost There...
Monday, November 17, 2008
We are in QC right now...

Baptismal is set on December 13. I just have to confirm the time yet. Invites are ready for printing. Ninongs and ninangs have already been informed. Caterer has been booked. I opted not to get an event stylist anymore since we're just going to have the reception at my in-laws' house in Cavite. Bawi na lang sa first birthday si TJ since his dad is going to be home by that time. Hubby just sent the outfit that baby is going to wear for the occasion through LBC. It is expected to arrive sometime next week.

We opted not to have the usual long gown.

I, on the other hand is busy looking for a cake/souvenir supplier. Yeah. We're gonna have a cake/souvenir just like what we had during our wedding. Nagtitipid eh. I was supposed to book a supplier who is cavite-based but since it's taking her a long-time before she replies to my emails, I decided not to book her anymore. Anyway, I was able to find another supplier through the recommendation of another n@wie. Her cupcakes really look appealing. I hope that it's delicious too.

More updates will be posted soon :)


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A Little Less Excited
Saturday, November 15, 2008
It's been a while since the last time I updated this blog. Actually, I am going to close this blog real soon. I guess I'm just tired of cross posting. Besides, I can only (efficiently) manage two blogs. That should be enough. Anyway...

Usually, I would greet everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS as soon as September 1 sets in. But it's a different mood for this year. Though I have Terrence with me, something is missing. Or should I say, I AM MISSING SOMEBODY.


Merry Christmas darling
We're apart that's true
But I can dream and in my dreams
I'm Christmas-ing with you....

That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve I wish I were with you

December 24, 2007, 10pm, St. Mary Magdalene, Kawit Cavite

That's the reason why I decided to take this conversation at dNeero. How I wish I'm hearing "I'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" instead.

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Post Test
Sunday, November 09, 2008

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Which Will It Be?
Friday, November 07, 2008
A couple of months back, hubby and I talked about Terrence's education. We are trapped between the idea of sending him to a Philippine school vs. US school. Sending a child to a private school in US can be costly. So inspite of the fact that we will be living there for a long time, we are now open to the idea of sending Terrence to a private school here. Hubby wants Terrence to go to DLSU-Taft. I wanted him to ender UPD (kung papasa sa UPCAT!). It was a discussion. But I guess we ended up with the idea of sending him to AdMU from pre-school to college (para may loyalty award! LOL)

Two weeks ago, I purchased 3 pcs of onesies in one of those multiply stores. The cloth that was used was soft. Tamang-tama sa feel ng mga baby. And oh, the prices of the onesies/shirst are reasonable too so You might want to give the site a visit. Anyway, I got the merchandise now. As excited as I am, I tried to put them on to Terrence immediately. Here are his pictures.

Daddy is from La Salle

Ang nanay ko ay isang 'iska

Para walang away: Should I just be an Atenean?

*Mejo maluwag pa yung onesies. Pang 1-6 months kasi yata yung size talaga nito.

I have changed a lot- shopping wise, at least. Before I shop something for myself, I make it a point that I have some items on the loot for my little peanut first. Actually the items in my shopping cart on Old Navy and Gap are all for Terrence. Nakakatuwa kasi tignan. I hope that our next baby will be a girl. Para may inaayusan at nabibihisan akong parang Barbie. :)

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Meet LILET and few pictures to share
Sunday, November 02, 2008
No. I am not mad with anyone. It's just me talking about my son. While his lolo and lola call him "pogi" or "tisoy" ('coz he got golden brown hair and eye browse), I call him "patay-gutom", with a smile on my face of course. At 5 weeks, Terrence now weighs 11.22 lbs (that is 5.1 kilos). I found this out since we went to the hospital today because the little brat has cough and colds (Side Story: The attending physician asked me if I have my baby's hair colored. Hellar? 5 weeks pa lang kaya ang anak ko noh! pwede ba?!) I was only able to breastfed Baby for only 3 weeks. After that, my manual breast pump just broke. And there was milk no more. Oh well, I will just try breastfeeding again on our next baby (hmmm..5 years from now?!) Heniwey highway, going back to Terrence: At his age, I should only be feeding him 4 oz of milk ever 4 hours. But what happens is that, he would consume 5 oz in just 3 hours. I tried fooling him by giving him water after his formula milk but no. Little peanut already knows the difference between water and formula milk. As much as I want to follow the hours and amount of formula milk intake, I just can't. Aatungal ang anak ko sa iyak. Hindi na rin umuubra ang pacifier. There are times that I tried ignoring him but he would just cry out loud that his face would turn into violet. At matatawa ka sa reaction nya kapag nabigyan mo sya ng gatas. Parang crocodile na hinagasan ng chicken meat. Kita naman sa picture nya di ba? hehehehe

Meet LILET (Read: Liletchunin.. hahahaha!)

Anyway, Princess (my sister-in-law) went to Cavite this week end to celebrate all saints day with us. I wasn't feeling well and my eyes were too heavy that I didn't realize that she actually came to our room to say "Hi" to me. Kaya ayun, nagkuhaan na lang sila ng picture sa sala (cam whores!) na hindi pa maayos kasi nire-renovate pa. Too bad though that Terrence and I were not able to visit the cemetery since the kiddo is sick. Based from their pictures, they had fun "visiting" Nanay Pene.

Hala sige, picture pa!

Sa second floor ng puntod ni Nanay Pene

We attended Sunday mass today (as usual) at Our Lady of Lourdes in Tagaytay. Afterwhich, we headed to Dencio's to have our dinner. Thank God that Terrence was not that cranky all the time we were eating. Nakalamon tuloy ako ng maayos. Maraming gud luck sa pagpapayat! LOL

The Hernandez Family

Kulay Tanso ang buhok ni kolokoy, pwede sanla!

Terrence, Tita Girlie and Mommy

That's all folks! 'Till next update! :)
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