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Tactical Pants
Friday, May 30, 2008
When I as in high school, I was the corp commander of our CAT Unit. Yep. I beat 200 male corps commander aspirants. To my mom's giddy, she bought me a couple of tactical pants and other paraphernalia that CAT officers ought to wear during gale night or any other function in the school. When I cherish my CAT stint, I can't help but be proud of myself (excuse the 'humblesness' LOL) because a petite girl, who barely stands 5 feet has prevailed over 250 something aspirants. I was so driven driven during my high years. It was truly one of the best chapter of my life.


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Thank God it's payday Friday!
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Of Credit Cards and Loans
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
I just received my billing statement for another card inspite of the fact that I still have a 'debit' balance. Attached in that mail are flyers that offers Vacation Loans. On one of the flyers, it offers zero interest for trips in Hongkong Disneyland and Bali Indonesia. The loan is payable in 24 months. I admit it was a very tempting offer but thank God. Russell is not here. Otherwise, I would have opted for that vacation loan offer.

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The Rings that Bind
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Getting married with the one you love could indeed be the happiest day of one’s life. When we got married, we were so proud that we were able to pull through our wedding on our wedding. We shouldered the wedding expenses even to the last cent. We didn’t bother any relatives in our wedding preparation. I guess, we just want to show our families that hubby and I are already grown ups and we are capable of taking care of ourselves. Thus, we are two responsible person who can start building our family.

Ironically though, I didn’t give so much attention about our wedding bands. It was hubby was tasked to look for our wedding bands. Initially, he was thinking of buying the rings in LA but I told him that we are going to save more if we will just buy it here. This is despite of the fact that I’ve been in Binondo area just for a couple of times and I didn’t know where exactly Ongpin was. I don’t know. Or maybe I was just afraid that the ring he would choose might not just fit my taste (though I already told him that I don’t like diamond rings, only white gold or platinum will do). Something is holding me back from purchasing the rings right away.

Thank God, I followed my instinct because my mother-in-law bought us our wedding bands. I was our wedding gift from her. It was just a simple wedding band I don’t like those rings with fancy designs though I wish we had one of those custom wedding bands to make our rings look even more personalized. Something similar to this one.

(click this picture for more information)

Since we already have our wedding bands, I am just thinking of getting just their custom engraving service. I still have to think what we are supposed to put in our wedding bands.


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Web Hosting
Friday, May 16, 2008
When I finally decided to get a domain of my own, I was really strucked with the problem on how I would get a web host or if, in the first palce, I should find a reseller web hosting service. Of course, getting a web host takes a lot of consideration before finally deciding which one you're gonna be settle for like the testimonial from its customers, the affordability and reliability of the service. For somebody like me who is not that expert when it comes to the quality of getting a web host, getting relevant information and tutorials about web hosting will help us a lot. It takes time though. But if learning on a slower pace until I can be savvy of the tricks of the trade means long term benefit, I would not hesitate to go into those kind of web hosting lessons.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008
If you have read my blog entries before, you must have noticed that I had ranted a few about office works and people in the office. Yesterday, I was "surprised" again to hear that a couple was caught "doing it" in our shower room. I am not sure though what is going to happen to this idiot couple? Hindi naman winter sa Pinas, bakit kelangan magpainit? Oh well, it must have been the poor aircontioning system in the office. Sobra kasi talagang lamig. Canadian and Brittons are even complaining na about it. But good Lord, can’t they just do it outside the office? They are earning well- enough to get themselves a room at Victoria court.

Another thing disgusting information, I heard from quite a number of people that used condoms are everywhere in the second floor parking area. Talaga naman oo. Init na init na ba talaga? Di naman siguro patay-gutom (sorry for the term) para walang pambayad ng pang check in sa motel. Arrrhhh!

Last na lang ito pramis. Yesterday, I almost had a hard attack when I entered one of the cubicles in our CR. Naknamputah! I thought somebody had a miscarriage na ng Makita ko ang bloke-blokeng dugo sa toilet bowl. As in ewwww!!!!! ANG BABOY! Mahirap ba mag flush?

Nakakaloka ang mga employees ng company ngayon. Walang urbanidad! Dati naman, walang ganyan. We would even clean our pantry ourselves. Di na hinihintay ang maintenance. Ngaun, nagkalat ang mga styro pack/foil na pinagkainan sa table. Feeling yata nila eh sa fastfood sila kumakain na lilinisin ng crew. Nakakaloka talaga. May note naman sa table na "CLEAN AS YOU GO." Di ko alam kung bobo lang na hindi nakaka intindi ng English (lol nagtrabaho pa sa call center) or may KATAMARAN lang ang mga gago.

Dapat yata, magkaroon din ng seminar about personal development and proper sanitation ang mga tao ditto. Kung sino pa mga new-hires, sya pang makakapal ang fez.

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Pasencia Na
Pasencia na po sa mga taong nadadala ng hangin sa blog ko. I have moved to my apartment and wala pa po ako internet connection. Tuwing week ends lang me online when I am home or in my in-laws house. Promise, this week end I'll hop at your blog and do those pending tags too..

Pasencia na po ulet. :(
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Preparing for Big Day

One of my QAS just got pregnant. She’s already two on the way. She’s not yet married though. Her wedding is set this July. She’s not yet married though. And that is another story. I try to lift her spirit up though by saying that the idea of having a nose lift or a lap-band surgery will now be shelved (good bye BAR exam too!). Kidding aside, looking good on her wedding will still depend on her. Though can't really go to the gym at this point, she can still stay sexy by eating healthy food like fruits and vegetables (ironically though, she's an all-meat person). That way, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. She'll stay fit while keeping her little peanut healthy too. Since I got married first, I'm gonna be helping her a lot with her wedding preparation. We only have 2 months to go so we re really have to fix things as fast as we could.


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We Won!
My team won another fun week contest. Some of them received gift certs while the entire team will receive a free lunch err dinner of our choise. I'm thinking of having Dencio's at Metrowalk this time. It's been a while since my team a mass lunch. I miss it.


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A Year from Now
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
A year from now, hubby, baby and I will be reunited. I am really not that giddy over moving to the land of Uncle Sam because of the fact that I am living my folkls behind. I want to be with them as much as possible. They are not getting any younger. That is why I have promised myself that I will do my best to have them visit and enjoy U.S. just like what they did when they visted Singapore and Japan. I have an aunt in San Diego but I am not that close to her. In fact, I haven't seen her in 9 years so I could barely remember her face. Maybe I could just jot down some things to do in Los Angeles and then we can go and visit San Diego. Perhaps, I should start listing some
Things to do in New York City since the Big Apple is my ultimate american dream city.
I am really into planning things on my own and I hardly had the chance to consult some internet help when planning for a vacation. But having the chance to come across Trusted Tours and Attraction website seems to offer some beneficial features. Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in 23 cities across America. Planning your next vacation? Looking for ideas on what to do? Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 iTunes gift card Offer ends Saturday, May 31st, 2008.


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It's already 4:20 and I'm still here in my darn seat burning my ass to finish some tasks. I hate it! My shift ends at 4:00am. A year ago, I would finish my tasks a couple of hours befor emy shift ends. It's not that I am being inefficient. It just so happen that more and more workloads are in my plate now. Darn it! I can hardly breathe!


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Managing Your Option
Monday, May 12, 2008
My sister-in-law is thinking of getting a land property after paying her car mortagage. Currently, she is renting an apartment which costs her P8,000 a month. At this amount of money, I told her she could have own a condo unit or a low-cost housing unti though PAG IBIG. I toldher though to list broker that are in town so that she can choose the best from those list. Hopefully, she will find the a broker which will help her get the best value for her money.

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Manager Out!
I just found out that one of the senior managers I looked up to has been asked to tender a "forced resignation." I am still trying to find out the root cause of the this event but based from what I heard, the client just didn't like her. They even used the "F" word on her which I find really unprofessional. Sayang talaga sya!
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What's in your list?
I am not really a fan of football. In fact, I don't know how the game is being played. But once upon a time when a client visited our Manila center, he told us that he was once a quarterback in his college. He even mentioned his football picks but I was totally clueless. LOL
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Conference Call
Sometimes, I think that attending conference call is out of my job scope. I am doing a lot of things for God's sake!
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I'm having a hard time sleeping
Since my pregnancy, I have been having a hard time sleeping be it during night or day. Of course, I am not allowed to take any sleeping pills. Sometimes, I think this sleeping difficulty is due to bed bugs. I haven't researched any bed bugs pesticide. But in the very near future, I'll take time to look for it so that this sleeping issue can be resolved ASAP.
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Belated Happy Mother's Day!
A quic knote. I haven't blog in two days...

Happy mother's day to all the mothers in the world! :)
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Everything You Need to Know
Friday, May 09, 2008

The laptop that hubby gave me is no longer in good condition. It is still working though but sometimes, I am just having a hard time looking at my screen. It seems that its LCD already has dead pixels. I am really tempted to buy myself a new laptop (I am drolling towards Mac Airbook) but I always keep in mind that there will be chunks of expenses when our little angels says "hello" to the world. So for now, I am just busy surfing the net and looking at ebay for the best possible notebook I could have. While I was busy doing my research, I came across ShopWiki.

The site also gave me a comprehensive idea on what to look for when buying lap top computers. I specifically like the page where it shows you the pros and cons of having a desktop vs. laptop. It also give its readers tip on how to set up a wireless network so that you can have the ease of surfing on the net whether you are in the kitchen, living room or your bedroom.

These are just few of the awesome features that the site offers. I don’t think that ebay and other stores offer this kind of convenience to its customer. In essence, it’s not just about getting the best deals and savings, but Shopwiki offers its shoppers everything that they need.


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On Sunday
I know that most of you guys have already bought your gifts to the most special lady in your lives- your mom. Unfortunately for me, up until this time I haven’t bought any. I am thinking of giving her just flowers and a few cash so that she can buy what ever she wants. On Sunday, I am going to treat the entire family for a lunch. Afterwards, we will go to Fun Ranch (which is by the way just a few steps away from the office where I am working) so that my niece and nephew will have the time of their life playing in this big playground. LOL. Now that I am married and about to have a family of my own, I am beginning to realize the times passed that I didn’t get to spend with them. L


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New Way to Earn Online
Thursday, May 08, 2008
I have heard so much about the SocialSpark community. I have personally recieved an invitation email frm this site. I am yet to sign up for this newest online money making opportunity so I am not yet familiar with how the system works.
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
I didn't sleep well last night.

I didn't cry though.

I wanted to scream, but I can't.

I wanted to run and just leave but I would rather not.

I just have one question in my mind.



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A Cool Way to Get Paid
I never had the chance to join a online money making opportunity like the "Paid Article Submission Program". It must have been cool getting paid while writing a decent article that will be posted online. I mean no personal blogs like me but something where my articles can reach a lot of readers


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Off to London
Sunday, May 04, 2008
I love Europe. Who doesn't love Europe anyway? But as of this time, I can only love them in pictures. I learned to love it even more when I saw KC Concepcion's tv special that showcased her lifestyle in Paris. Though she didn't stay in cheap hotels in Paris, fact that the cost of living there is enough to get me an electric shock (LOL), is enough to stop me hallucinating to be a tourist of the beautiful continent.

My sister in law's good friend, Jamie just got her UK tourist visa. She is planning to apply as a nurse in Manchester though (she is a registered RN and recently passed NCLEX and TOEFL so from tourist, she's hoping to get a working visa. Since she does not have any family in Manchester, she worries about how costly it is to rent an apartment right away. She is tediously searching the net for cheap hotels in Manchester. When I asked her, "Why not London? Isn't London the best city that represents the British culture?" she told me that those cheap hotels in London is not as cheap as the hotels in Birmingham. True enough enough, my good 'ol cyber friend Tita doritos (who beautifully sang A Little Tenderness during our wedding) has once complained to me about the high cost of living there. If he is going to convert it to our local currency, he will probably have a bypass operation. But who knows, maybe after 5 years of sponsored blogging, I have saved enough to go on a trip with hubby in Europe. Hahahaha! Wish!


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Questionable Promotion?
Somebody got promoted in the office. Personally, I am no longer surprised about the news. Maybe because I have already embraced the fact that promotion in the office now is based on "Who you know" versus "What you can". A lot of people especially those who are in the the other department had nasty reactions. I just kept quiet. Wala naman ng magagawa na. I just thought that at the end of the day, this person's ass will be on the line and his/her ability will be put in question.


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Selling "Turismo"
Friday, May 02, 2008
My brother is thinking of selling his '95 Mitsubishi Lancer. We call it "Turismo" because of its Grand Turismo sticker. He is thinking of getting a second-hand 2003 Vios model. At his age (he is 23), he still can't afford to buy a brand new car so his options are limited to just used cars.

For people our age (I mean those that have less than 5 years of working experience), it is really not practical to get a brand new car. Rather than buying a brand new car, investing on land properties is more economic-wise. It stands true especially for the fact that land appreciates as it gets older but it is inversely proportional to car/vehicle investments as the book value of the vehicle actually depreciates.

Currently, Russell and I are on the process of deciding whether to buy a second-hand car or not. AS I have mentioned, buying a brand new one is out of my league. I just can't afford it now. Besides, I am not sure if I'll be staying in the country in the next two years. Hubby is on the process of filing our papers so that the three of us could be finally together. Oh, I couldn't wait for that time to come. :)


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A Simple Yet Meaningful Ceremony
I just came from a wedding held at patio Ibarra along Quezon Avenue. It was the one on the 2nd floor of a hot pot resutaurant where my family used to dine-in. I was not able to make it during the ceremony. It was a good thing that I came (just right on time) for dinner. LOL It wasn't as grand as the other weddings I have attended but I can feel the happiness of the couple. :)


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