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What Color to Choose?
Sunday, September 30, 2007
I have mentioned earlier that my sister will be moving back to Yokohama, which means that we will have to have our cars parked again in our garage.

Popcy knows quite a few suppliers who can make metal cabinets that will help our garage be clutter-free. While Mudrax and Popcy are debating whether what color to choose, I made my own research. For all you know, my parents are part of the senior citizen society so don't expect them to be hip and funky over the designs and color combinations.Black and Red...Isn't this a good color combination?

Having rollers on those cabinets is a must for us as we consider the physical strength of my parents. Moving the cabinet from one place to another will be just handy to them. I specifically like this design as this is ideal for keeping car and garden tools in one place. I'm sure they will both like this design. I'll give you an update on this one once Popcy finally talked to the supplier. :)

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I'm gonna miss our messy garage storage
We used to have an clean and organize garage storage room. Well, that was before. When my elder sister moved back to the Philippines together with my nephew, we have to convert our garage storage into his "OWN" storage room for his toys. Our cars are now being parked in front of our house. Ahhhh! I was even teasing my sister that with all those toys that my nephew has, she needs to have at least 25 square meter lot so that all those toys can be accommodated. Otherwise, it is going to be chaos knowing how disorganized my nephew is. We only have a DIY cabinet so how I wish that we have something that is professionally made so that more space will be available. I also do have a lot of stuff in my room that needs to be "parked." The only problem is that there is no more space in our storage garage.

Well, I guess my "agony" for the message garage storage will soon be over as they are going to move back again in Yokohama. Ate and Kuya finally decided that they will just send my nephew in an international school. I guess they can no longer bear the feeling of being separated. Oh well, I' sure that Mama and Papa will be sad as much as I do. They promised though that they will visit us twice a year; holiday season and Mama's birthday every July. With that, Popcy is now busy getting some quotes from some suppliers who can provide us metal garage cabinets.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Russell and I just got into a fight. A fight that started with a joke. A joke that made me feel offended. Even though we are going to be married in 3 months time, it doesn't give him the license to tell me all those trashy things in this world. I still deserve to be respected. I am his wife. I am not his b!@tch.

Well, I want to believe that what Russell said is what really mad but as I lay in my bed, I realized that it's not really what he said. It's just an excuse, I guess. I am really not that sensitive. Could it be that I am under "red alert"? the gloomy weather? the Endless love series I just finished? Or could it be anxiety attack couple with being irritable? I don't know.

In 14 days, I'll finally see the moron I have been waiting for the past 19 months. Isn't this what I want? Isn't this what I am looking forward as every day goes by? I am afraid. The idea of getting married is now finally sinking into my cells-less brains. Sure, wedding preparations can be exciting and fun. But beyond that, I have so many fears now. So many worries to think about. I am not really that domesticated. I did not come from a rich family but I grew up with a house help so I never really had the chance to wash my own clothes, clean up all the clutters in my room and prepare any dishes. With that, I have so many questions in my mind. Will I make a good wife? Will I be able to take good care of him? Can I really wake up early in the morning to prepare all the things he need before going to work? Would I be able to cook all his favorite dishes? What if he ask me to stop doing things I really enjoy, will I be willing to compromise for the sake of being together? Do I need to make "pakisama" to his friends? What if in the long run (I am praying so hard that this will not happen-- i simply love 'em all) his family and I will be caught in a misunderstanding? In short, am i really ready to get married? What if we end up better with out each other?

I don't understand why I am feeling all these jitters. Am I a run-away-bride in the making? Paranoia?! Oh God...please bring back the sanity in me.

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Just another crazy Saturday
Ang lakas ng ulan this week noh?! It makes me wanna lay in bed all day...sleep, watch TV, eat macaroni soup and sleep again. Unfortunately, for somebody like my who has to get up and work to earn my daily living, being a couch potato is not an option. I have always been honest to admit that at times, I really like to quit my job. Well, if not only for the people around I work with, most probably I have already quit my job. I didn't know what the word STRESS means until this year. I am just very grateful that despite of the fact that work sucks, these people around me are always there to cheer me up (miski na "WALK OUT" queen atashi. LOL) This is the reason why I always look forward for week ends.

Since last Friday was a Friday payday, instead of just of eating at Ortigas' week end market, we decided to try another thing: KARAOKE! Along Emerald St., there's MARU KTV bar which is open 24/7. So there, as early as 4:30 am, we were already there and we sang really crazy. Bahala na ang laryngitis! LOL It's alright, hindi naman kami agents kaya di naman kami pagod kakasalita sa opis. Anyways, MARU is not the first class KTV bar pero ok na rin. It is P250/head for 2 hours and fee is consumable for drinks and food. any extra hour will be charged P50/head. Marianne and James were supposed to go to the gym but due our Josh's power of persuasion, they gave in and joined us in our "trip." I sang a couple of songs for my very lovable She, who is having a love problem. Akalain mo oh! We finished at around 8:30 am. Hehehehe!

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If these people are gonna resign or be moved to another team, then I think it's time for me to go...

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Jack Bauer is a big BUMMER!
Thursday, September 27, 2007
I was about to watch Law and Order on another channel when I happened to pass-by ETC's Daily Top 10. What caught my attention?! My ultimate crush, Kiefer Sutherland or more popularly known as 24's Jack Bauer! The reason? He was caught for his second offense of DUI. Since he is still on a 5-year probation due to his first DUI offense, I am not sure if the star of 24 can get the help of CTU for him to be exonerated out of jail. LOL

FILE PHOTO: Grow up, Jack! So disgusting!
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Just for laughs
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
A few minutes before I go on some serious talk to discuss the 2nd batch of performance and salary review, James B. sent me these:

Ang makabagong "Rosalinda"..ano kayang say ni Thalia?!

Ang professora ni Mystica sa pag-split

The new FHM cover girl

Your girl next door...kabog si Elisha Cuthbert!

Note: Wag mo sana magalit ang mga tsufateed na bading..katuwaan lang po.. :)


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U.P. Rocks!
U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas! U-nibersidad ng Pilipinas!

Ahheemm... I know mejo late na ang blog na ito but better late than never eh?! I have never been a fan of UAAP simply because our basketball team are too lame to match up with AdMU,DLSU or UEs cagers. I'm sure mabu-bwisit lang ako. Miski naman sa cheer dance competition, lagi namang "go uste, go uste, go go go go uste" ang drama (Hi Kath---salinggawi kong QA!)). It's been a while since teh UP Pep Squad bagged the champion award. While riding fx on my way to work, I saw in the TV patrol that UP Pep Squad bagged the first place award (salamat sa LCD TV ni Manong). I already saw Peyups' performance in youtube but I just couldn't resist posting some pics taken by my favorite wedding photographers, Mimi and Karl (who happened to be a fellow isko/iska). Seeing the pictures they took made me a proud 'iska..... Ahemmm..pagbigyan nyon kami. It's been a while (2001) since we last bagged an award for this competition. OO na...Inyo na ang basketball, amin na ito. Ibalato nyo na please?!!?...LOL

Wow, synchronized noh..nice shot Mimi and Karl!

Di kaya masakit sa betlogs 'to? LOLMay rally na naman ba?!Oh ha?!!! Asteeg noh!

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Building your own online store
James B. aka "Shiela" (LOL) has been running his (her?) family chocolate business for quite some time now. He would always go back and forth to Baguio just to follow up on some business associates. He has also build a website for this business (I just can't remember the webby address though) and I was quite impressed with what I saw it. The only downside that I noticed was the ordering process. The website do not have an online shopping cart so ordering can only be done through SMS or though fax/landline.

For a business that caters customers all over the Philippines (or even worlwide), having a reliable and affordable shopping cart software is a must. I remember that I once tried ordering online a flower bouquet for my Mama Luvie for her birthday last year, but as I was about to check out, the site just went down. I am not sure if it's really the website or if it's the shopping cart software that went down. I thought the order I tried to put in my cart was saved but to my dismay, it wasn't! I got pissed and decided to just buy the bouquet myself. So such case, it is very important for a businessman to have somebody to call. Having a 24/7 technical support gets your online store always up and running. Apart from this, the cost of getting a shopping cart software also has to be considered. You have to check and review the full specificationsof a software first to know if you are getting what is worth your money. Just what I have blogged before when I first mentioned that Russ and I are thinking of building our own myayala.com type of online business, Ashop Commerce offers the best package. Why not visit the site and see it for yourself?

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Shall we dance?
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
For a while, Russell and I have been thinking a lot what song should we use for our first dance. I am really not that particular since I got two left feet but hey, "even beggars get to choose."

RULE NO.1: No more Michael Bublé please! No offense for those couple who opted any of MB's song but having his song as our first dance is not so me. Pero sobrang gusto ko naman ung "That's All" and "The way you look tonight" during those moments na n agpapaka-romantic ako. LOL

RULE NO.2: Sweet-check-to-cheek or what ever one may call it is a BIG NO NO. Sorry naman, but I am just really not a fan of such mushy-cheesy moments.

I might be thinking bold here, but given the chance (and I am willing to learn the skills!), I'd like to have this one. What do you think? Choice ba ng adik? Baka maeskandalo ang mga manang na Caviteña. LOL

Nagmamalaki si Russkol na magaling daw sya mag ballroom..Sige na nga! Tignan natin kung daig nya si Richard Gere. LOL Our dance number should mark the end of the programme proper tapos nomu at rakrakan na... LOL That is why I prefer shorter program na lang. Wala ng mashadong speech o iyakan. Ayoko din ng boring. I want the church ceremony and the end of program proper as two of the most memorable moments in the eyes of our guest.


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VANISHED vanished! WTF?!!!
Monday, September 24, 2007

I wasted my last darn 13 hours doing a DVD marathon on my latest addiction-VANISHED. When I first played it, I was puzzled why it only has 13 episodes in the menu page. I was in the big hope that I could find the other part of the this series. I didn't see it coming that this series only has 1 season and the worst of all, putol pa! Punye+@ talaga! I couldn't find their multiply account where I could watch the last 4 episodes. Anak ng pitumput-puting kuba naman...bakit ganun ang Fox channel?!!? Sana naman they have respect for those people who are watching this program. Miski sana pina iksi na lang ung plot, basta may ending eh keri na. This is just like the E-ring series that I used to watch in Crime/Suspense channel. What a bummer!

For those people who are clueless what I am talking about, Vanished is created by Josh Berman ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") and directed by executive producer Mimi Leder ("The Peacemaker," "Deep Impact"), VANISHED combines the investigative twists and turns of "CSI," the nonstop pace and tension of FOX's "24" and the scope of "The Da Vinci Code." Actually, the main character actor, John Allen Nelson played the role Senator Collins and he was also President Logan's Chief of Staff in 24 season 5. (sya ung nag-suicide). I was searching Fox's website for their series when I came across this program. Unfortunately, I didn't bother na looking for how many seasons this one has. Test ko lang muna sana kung ok sya... Eh ang pucH@, bet na bet ko ang plot!

Kainis talaga!!! Sana natulog na lang ako...Lunes na lunes eh paksyet!
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Something that money CAN'T buy...
Sunday, September 23, 2007
Over the past 2 weeks, I have been writing about some office happening in this blog. While majority of these happening are shared happy moments, a couple of it really made me anxious and agitated (for reals) - some things which I haven't experienced in a long time.

Last Monday, a dialogue was requested by one of my QAS. She felt, that I was unfair to her because of what I have written in my blog way back August 30.

We met face-to-face with the HR supervisor. VP was not there. Actually, I didn't really expect him to be there kasi sobrang walang kwenta ng issue. As our conversation, I can't help but shake my head as she falsely accused me of many things.

First, she accused me of verbal harassment. When T asked asked what are the particular statements that I made towards her, she just stupidly said, "She didn't say anything but her friends from other team made those vague remarks. They didn't mention any names but I know I am the one they are pertaining to when they talk."

Duh? Talk about paranoia. Naku, 'neng. Hindi ikaw ang center of the solar system. Wag mong isipin na sayo umiikot ang mundo ng mga tao sa opisina. Besides, mga kaibigan ko sa ibang team and nagbitiw ng mga "parinig"...hindi ako. Why not make the complaint against them? Why me? Just because I was in the crowd when those "harassing words" were uttered doesn't mean I am the one responsible for it. Puro dada eh..Utak ampaw naman.

Second, she accused me of grave abuse of authority. When she was asked why, she said something about my August 30th blog: "For now, I THINK I can still handle her. I still have to wait and see. I have yet to signed the regularization papers of 13 people this coming September. I am deeply and religiously thinking whether I would have her regularization pro-longed or if she is entitled for a regularization (in the first place). So help me God....."

SoOoOOo stupid! I just can't help but laugh. Why? Because the day after I wrote that blog, I took home all the appraisal forms. I finished all of them over the week end. And before she read that entry, I have already signed it. On the day itself na nagpalengkera sya sa office, I showed to one of her friends, C, the 2 appraisal forms that I had back then. One is for HER and the other one was of the most efficient and most effective QAS in our team. Take note, that was on the spot so she couldn't speculate that I just finish her appraisal form right after she made that scandal. Nakakahiya kay Tina. Actually, I deliberately did not inform her that her appraisal form is done because I know that she's gonna use it against me. On our dialogue, nagmukha syang TANGA because other than that, she can't enumerate other circumstances where I practiced abuse of authority.

After all her accusations, I turned the table to her. I asked her straightforwardly, "Why did you say that when I leave this company, you'll make sure that no other call center will hire me because you will leave me with bad records? As if I am afraid!" You know what her answer was? "Yes, I said that because I think you are being unfair to me and that's how I felt during that time." WOW! What a conceited B. I retaliated by saying "So if it's your feelings who got hurt, you can tell people behind my back all the negative things you want to say and if it's other's feelings, they DONT HAVE THE RIGHT to express it even in their own blog because they are being UNFAIR TO YOU?" Ibang klase din talaga ang apog ng babaitang ito. Sabagay, sa dami ng nakaaway mo sa ibang company, hustler ka na sa pag handle ng ganitong klase ng "war". Di ko talaga alam kung ano o saan ang pinaghuhugatan ng galit nya sa akin so I boldly told T na "The only reason why she feels that way towards me is BECAUSE HINDI KAMI CLOSE at kinakausap ko ung MGA taong nakaaway nya."

I came prepared for that dialogue. In fact, I even have my own set of counter complaint against her. All the violations and all the complaints that I got from other teams. were compiled in a three-page letter to the HR department signed by those QAS who are complaining also against her. I was really ready to file that complaint. And then I remembered, If I am gonna to file that complaint, chances are she will not get regularized.

September 19, Wednesday quite a number of people asked me personally and through email if I will get her regularized. While a couple of people who asked that question told me to give her a second chance, 95 of them told me to terminate her. "Kung probationary employee eh ganyan na ka-kupal, what more kung regularized na." To be honest, I really don't like terminating people. Well, I don't even remember that I have already terminated one. I love all my team members. It will not make me feel any better knowing the fact that I let somebody lose a job just because of my personal feelings towards the person. In short, I still talked to the person, discuss her performance and signed her regularization form. While majority of those people who knew about this incident applauded my decision and admired my objectivity, a few WARNED me of her (again!). Actually, they need not to remind me naman eh. I know what I am gonna do next time since our relationship now is just a plain QA to QA Sup lang. Besides, some company violation don't have any statue of tenureship. Que probi o regular, if all things were processed accordingly, kahit magharap pa kami sa NLRC, wala syang magagawa. Hindi naman ako baguhan sa ganyang klase ng complaint. Dati yata akong aktibista and most of my free time, I would read the labor code and company's P&P. I almost filed a complaint against my previous call center for unjust treatment and those people involved in the management side did not follow the protocol set by the company. I am not afraid of HER, her FACE is the one that makes me feel afraid. LOL

The 64 dollar question: Why did you regularize her? Simple. I want some peace of mind. I'm gonna get married this December and ayoko ng may kaaway (though hindi rin kami magkaibigan.) I got tons of things to worry about and dealing with her PETTY issue is the last thing I wanna spend my time and attention with. Performance wise, she is OK. I wouldn't question that. But attitude? Hmmmm... It's up to her whether she will be grateful of my gesture or if she will be MORE CONFIDENT dahil feeling nya eh takot ako sa kanya. MALING-MALI ANG IDEA NA YON. And for the record, I haven't dropped the bomb yet. Just think of me as a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. Kung hahanapan man nya ako ng butas, then she ought to know that she is in the magnifying glass as well. And I would like to reiterate that "I MADE MY HOMEWORK. I researched." Just read between the lines kung talagang smart ka (which I doubt). And the complaint? I still have the draft. Maybe, just MAYBE, it needs to be edited in the future. Now that I know that she doesn't want to be the center of a blog entry, I'll just to talk to people if I have to say something about her. Oh wag kang magalit, style mo ito. I am just merely imitating you.

Wag mo ng buksan ang folder ko because I put in a passcode for you to read/edit that file. Now way for you to open that file.

Right now, things are starting to get back to normal. Actually I feel a lot better now dahil masasaway at mapupuna ko na sya. Dati kasi, nag aalangan ako on how she would feel but this time, "trabaho lang."

Sorry for the uncoherent thoughts. Antok na antok na ko and I am ready to doze off.

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By request
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Ok! Ok! Di naman mashadong high-blood kaung mga members ng entourage ko...Sorry naman for the blurry pic of your gown. I was using a cell phone camera with VGA res before when I took the picture. 'Lil bro borrowed kasi my digi cam. Anyhow, I am posting a clearer picture of the gown... Cellphone pa rin but at least, with sharper resolution naman.

A closer look of the beadworks. Japan beads po yan at di sequins ah...LOL

The tube top

The tea-length skirt...

I hope you all got my text and I know naman that you this blog. Sorry girls, mejo tamad na kong magsend ng photos through email. Hope to see all of you this October...See yah!


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Can long term drug rehab help Lohan?
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Lindsay's issue on prohibited drugs addiction has always been the focal point of discussion on why a girl like her with such money, beauty, and fame, would turn into drugs. What happened to the cute little start of Parent Trapped? What could have possibly went wrong?

The last news I heard about Lohan, the facility center where she's admitted said that she was caught with drugs and having sex with another patient while inside the rehabilitation center. She's also frequently late to meetings and refuses to do any chores or menial tasks such as washing up.

With all those things, I was wondering: Where is she admitted? Why didn't the rehab center kick her out of their center? Can long term drug rehab help Lohan?

For an ordinary family, sending a drug-addicted family member to a rehab takes a lot of consideration such as cost of program, duration, level of freedom, effectiveness, uniqueness of strategy and success rate of drug-free patients. Those are the things that NarConon Vista Bay can be proud of. Because of those credentials, Narconon is considered as most established drug rehab companies in the United States. It is also one of the most prominent California Drug Rehab Center. Having said that, one of the most commonly asked questions for rehabilitation center is "How exactly does the purification portion of the Narconon Vista Bay program work?" On their website Drugrehab.net, I found out the answer to that question: Through research done since the early 1960's it has been found that drugs, once taken, leave residues in the body's fat tissues. These residues remain in the body for years after taking a drug. This is the reason for the occurrence of "acid flashbacks" among LSD users. These drug residues also play a large role in an addict's physical craving for a particular drug. Through vitamins, oils, exercise, and sweating daily in our sauna, our sauna program cleans out a users system, leaving them free of physical drug cravings and healthier than they have felt in years.

Oh well, I hope Lohan will find her way back to her good little girl 'ol days.

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The Entourage
Time is ticking so fast. I didn't actually realize that we are nearing the end of September.

I didn't go to work today. Sobrang puyat and haggard since I paid a visit to Divisoria to get a sample of the entourage gown that I asked my dressmaker to make. Mahirap na eh, kelangan ko muna makita ung yari ng gown before I could actually make a deal with them. As much as I wanted to have a couturier do the gown for my female entourage kasi, I am afraid that my budget won't permit that. Besides, I know na madami namang magaling na mananahi sa Divi. One should just be patient enough on finding the right one. Meron din naman kasi na mura nga, palpak naman. I am really not stressing that much for the outfit that my male ento will wear. Yung iba kasi sa kanila eh ipagre-rent na lang namin ng suit.

I was actually happy with how the entourage gown turned out. Secondary sponsors and bridesmaids will wear ALMOST the same type of gown. It is just going to be the maid-of-honor-, my Ate, who will wear and entirely different gown. Shempre,dapat extra special. I have ran a poll here in my blog about the designs that my entourage will wear but due to some reason, napalitan sya. One, it was a pain in the ass for me looking for the textile of those sample gowns. Second, I realized that not all of the are fairly-skinned so magmumukhang negrita ang magsusuot ng orange and red ang morenang abay. And third, we changed our motif from autumn colors to chocolate brown and yellow.

I got home at around 12:30pm and soon as I dropped my bag, I immediately fit the gown and showed to Momcy. Sorry naman for the blurry pic. I just used a cellphone kasi. Mama was so happy about the gown. Simple lang kasi sya. It is something they could use in any function. Hindi katulad ng mga gown ko before that after the wedding eh sa cabinet na lang ang bagsak. Hindi uber-uber sa burloloy plus the fact that the beads that were used were not the chipangga beads, but Japan beads. Yun ung malinaw talaga and parang swarovski na nga ang dating ng beads. I was the one who provided the fabric. A month a go, I was going gaga over what fabric should I use. I really don't want the shiny ones. So after so much contemplation plus some calculation, I ended up buying taffeta. I bought 2 meters of brown and 1 meter of yellow taffeta all for the price of P450 (P150/meter). As for the fee of gown labor, I was able to close the deal with a fee of P550. Kaya ang isang gown eh nasa P1,000 lang. This is actually a huge savings compared sa mga couturier na P2,500 ang minimun charge for a satin or shantung fabric.

As of the gowns of our mommies, shempre di pwedeng Divi. We will have their gowns made by a couturier na talaga. Dapant bongga talaga... LOL

Oh well, my next stop is going to be the tuxedo/suit maker for erpats and Russ. I heard that Kamuning has some great tailoring shops that offer tuxedo/suit at a much lower rate. We'll see. 'Till next update! :)

P.S. I know I have promise one update for last Wednesday. I just couldn't find the time to write an update about it since mejo mahaba ang 'wento. This week end, pramis. I'll post an update about "the office."

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Your own little kingdom
For the past 14 years of my life, I have been living in a 130-square meter bungalow home. My parents initially wanted to have a two-storey home but my Ate and I convinced them to have just a bungalow so that it wont be difficult to them to go back and forth the 1st and 2nd floor especially now that they are getting old. I know that this is quite small for a family of 5, but this is just enough for us. My siblings and I got our own rooms. Momcy also has her own paradise with the very small garden in front of our house.

Before the construction of the house, Momcy was "dreaming" of having her own "hardwood conservatory." I am not really sure how she got this idea. I guess this one came from one of the home improvements cable channels that she used to watch before. She also wanted to have some UPVC windows installed in our house.

In the course of those 14 years, I think we only get the chance to do 1 major make over. One of them was a kitchen make over. Well I cant really say that our kitchen looks like the ones we can find in a showroom when you go to a mall, though we are pretty happy about it. However, I will be given the chance to design my own kitchen where I can be the only "queen" (LOL), this is the one that I like.

Right now, we are taking things one at a time. After our wedding, it is our mission to save all the money we could save so that Russell and I could build our dream house. Actually when I told Russell how much is going to be our budget for our dream house, he almost fainted. LMAO. But hey?!! If I am going to build our house, it has to be my DREAM house!

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The Power of SMS
Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Yesterday, I woke up at around 5pm and was greeted with 5 text messages. Three of these text messages were the usual mushy-corny forwarded text messages while the other two were more of a campaign ad through mobile marketing . The first one offered bank loans at lesser interest rate while the other one was more of a garage sale.

I am really amazed with how text messaging can influence today's lifestyle. My credit card companies usually inform me about their current promotion through SMS.

In the states, the emergence of Cellit Mobile Marketing has helped not just large business but also small-scale business as well. Cellit also has the tools and proven expertise to help larger organizations with more advanced, custom mobile campaigns. Working with some of the largest organizations in the world, including Hearst Corporation and HSBC, Cellit has proven expertise for implementing world-class mobile solutions. Upon browsing their website, I found out that they have also launched the same programs that they currently have in farther North America, Canada.

But what really keeps my interest is the fact that instant information regarding real estate can be readily available in a jiffy though mobile phones. This is something really beneficial for those people looking for houses/lot to buy but don't have the luxury of time searching newspapers ads or simply searching the internet. Likewise, if you are going to sell some real estate properties, it will allow you to do the following:

  • Provide Instant Information to Buyers in text messages, along with faxes and emails for more information
  • Send Photos of the Listings Direct to the Phones!
  • Capture Leads for Follow-Up
  • Send "blast" alerts to opted-in homebuyers of price-drops or other homes in the area!
  • Track Inquiries Online
Aside from House4Cell, Cellit also offers another service which they called, CouponZap. If you have a business related to restaurants,bars and night clubs, CouponZap is a great tool to distribute advertising and coupons to potential customers who have opted in to receive your promotions.

I am really amazed with how advertising evolves from the usual radio, newspaper and TV program. For today's generation, everything can now be accessible in our fingertips. :)

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Where should I go when I am in London, mate?
Monday, September 17, 2007
The last thing that I would want to happen when I go visiting places is not knowing what to do and where exactly I can have fun.

"Inay Dorits" as I fondly call my surrogate cyber-mother is a nurse who is working in London. When he first got there, he didn't know where to go. He tried searching for google looking for London bars. That's when he found out about this site: http://www.trustedplaces.com. This is a website that offers reviews and recommendation on various things that one should expect when coming to London. Not just it will save you time but also effort when looking for places.


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Saturday Fever
Sunday, September 16, 2007
I have always been looking forward for week ends. It's the best time of the week. I'm sure most readers of my blog will agree to that.

A lot has happened in the office. I just couldn't find the time to share the details. So I'll just share our pictures.

Jay-J's again? Welcoming Olive and Sig (wala sina Carol, K-anne and my other 2 QAS..me taking the picture)

K-anne and K's birthdays :)

Last week: Team Uy at Jay-J's


Right after our drinking session, I was accompanied by my very gay Gay QASs in Manila Pavilion Hotel. I helped a friend booked 2 deluxe rooms though deiscounted rates that I have for being a gold member of this hotel. By the way, I have also scheduled this day for teh first fitting of my gown. Just when about the reservation process is over, I was informed by Iris and Marcus of an "incident." Apparently, a janitor reprimand my 5 QAS (male and gays) by saying "Bawal po maligo dito!" What the heck?! They were just washing their faces and it so happened na sira yata ang sink kasi mejo naglalawa yata sa CR. They were really offended with the manner it was said. Porke ba hindi kami nakaporma (specifically, naka tsienalas at leggings lang po ako), babastusin na sila ng ganun?!? Hindi naman kami iskwater na nanghihingi ng pera. So what happened next is that, Josh and Mark approached the manager's desk and filed for a complaint. I really don't know what has transpired since I was busy during that time. All I know is that they were speaking in straight English (with American and British accent). Makabawi man lang sa pang iinsulto.LOL The manager was apologetic naman by saying that all guest should be treated with utmost respect dahil hindi naman carinderia o divisoria ang hotel nila (TAKE NOTE of the word: Divisoria... But I only knew about this conversation when we were in 168 mall already).

Siguro, nasabihan nung manager nung manager ung janitor because when we were about to leave MP, the janitor went outside and helped us hail a cab. Actually, we were whether we would just ride a FX or take a cab. Hindi ko alam ang pasikot-sikot ng Manila area and for cases like this, I would just take a cab para lang hindi maligaw. Nung may humintong taxi at tinanong ako kung saan kami pupunta, I answered in a very loud manner: DIBISORYA!

Goodness gracious!!! Hindi malaman ng mga bakla kung mage-evaporate sila sa kahihiyan o magwi-wish sila na lamunin na lang sila ng lupa. All this time na nagpapa-cogno sila, narinig pala nung janitor na sa divisoria lang ang punta namin. LMAO Kaya pala blank ang mga facial expression nila when I told them na sa ISETANN na lang kaya kami magkita. (We took separate cabs since we are 8 people in our group) Hahahahahahahaha!!!! that was really something! Hindi ko talaga napigil ang tawa ko. Oh well, eh ano naman. Hindi naman na sila magkikita nung janitor. Besides, alangan naman sabihin kong "Divine po!" Baka kasi kung san pa kami dalhin ng cab driver.

Saturday was a freakingly irritating day. Umaaraw, umuulan? Ay day, may kinakasal na kabayong bakla! With that kind of weather, we were sweating and we patiently took the maputik and narrow roads of Divine.

When we got to Fiesta Mall, I finally had the chance to fit my gown. It's made of mikado silk so mejo mabigat sya as compared to duchess satin. It wasn't beaded yet as they want to make sure that the measurement is already fine before putting in all the beads and swarovski crystal. All of my QAS had "oOoOmMmphHh" and "ahHhHhHhhh!"when they saw the gown. I fit the gown on the spot. With only a cloth covering me. Natiwang atashi when Allison said, "hoy ung bra mo, naka display!" WaaAaAaaAahHHhhH!!!!!!!!!!!! Comic talaga. While fitting the gown, a foreigner (caucasian) stopped by and he was smiling as Iris was taking pictures. Hindi kasi sya mukhang Divi. I am pretty much satisified as well. Yun nga lang, mejo maluwag sya. I guess I lost some weight? Wish! I am also happy with how the detacheable train will look like. I'll share one picture lang muna. Secret muna ung front design. (Pasencia na po sa camera!)

The gown without the detachable train

After the gown fitting, we went straight ahead to 168 mall. We were starving to death since it's already 12:30pm (our shift ended at 4am) so we decided to have our lunch first. Just like any other lunch that we have, we would always be on the look: hunting who is top and who is bottom. LOL

We took this opportunity real BIG TIME. Inikot namin lahat ng stores. We even joked around. I remember when Josh was fitting one of the shirts, I shouted, "Ateh, bilangin nyo po ung blouse na sinusukat nya. Kasi nakakulimbat na yan ng 1 sa kabilang stall! Hoy, bakla, tama na yan, quota ka na for today." The sales ladies were laughing hard to death. When Dij was taking his time looking for some DVDS, I said, "HoyYy Dij, ang dami mo ng hentai. Uber-uber ka na sa collection." It was seconded by Josh by saying "Ikaw talaga, M2M na naman ang tinitignan mo...tama na, pahihiramin na lang kita." Salesmen were foolishly giggling. Nakakalokah talaga! There were lots of things and stories to tell kaya lang mejo tamad na ko mag 'wento.

I got home around 5pm. At 6, I already dozed off (I think).

Tomorrow will be another week for me. Actually I am pretty much excited on how my Monday will turn out. Why? Wait for my blog on Wednesday. See yah! :)
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PPP Rocks!
Thursday, September 13, 2007
I have signed up to three different paid blogging sites and I have other pending application on other blog ads. Truth is, PPP has always given me the best opportunities to earn extra cash. I've been a member of this awesome site for less than 3 weeks and yet, I have already raised less than $100! Though, it's really not that much for others, a $100 for me is decent and more than enough for me to cover some of my monthly expenses (phone bills, cab fares etc.) I am just grateful enough that even though my blog has a PR of 0 and I'm only using a blogger account, it doesn't prevent me from getting some opportunities.

I do not really intent to flood my blog with sponsored posts but having one or two every once in a while will not hurt my blog either. Besides, I'm setting aside a fraction of my blog earnings to cover the blog hosting of my own domain for one year coverage, something that I am really serious of accomplishing in the near future. :)
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
I am not feeling good today.

I don't know but the burning passion I used to have on what I currently consider as my bread and bother, has now gone.

I feel like the only reason why I keep on doing the things assigned to me is all because of money.

I feel numb. I'm now learning how to wear a poker face every time unfortunate events would happen on the floor.

Maybe I better stay this way. Maybe I should be "LESS PASSIONATE" about work. Easy come, easy go.
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After ERAP, who is next?
Now that the verdict is out, many of the Arroyo allies said that justice prevailed. That finally, the judicial system in our country proved that no one is above the law, that who ever commits a crime (petty or capital) needs to be punished.

Now that the administration can finally say that PGMAs presidency is legitimate, I think it's only fair that we also start digging (again!) the Hello Garci issue and the Jose Pidal account.

The people never forgets. And for every action, there will always be reaction and "appropriate" retribution.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
It's already 830m. I should have been sleeping at this time of the day. But just like the majority of the Filipino people, I opted to stay tune to TV to see what's gonna happen to the case that is considered as the Philippines' trial of the century.

I am not a fan of Erap, politically. In fact, I did not vote for him. None in our family did. But I admire his humbleness and his ability to 'feel' for those less fortunate kababayans. He is no Saddam-Hussein though, just a modern-day Robinhood. LOL Maybe, some of you will get disappointed in me but I can't help it. I still believe in what the so-called common-tao believes:"Erap, para sa Mahirap." Oo, magnanakaw si Erap pero hindi kasing garapal ng mga Arroyo.

Now that the trial is about to come its end, it made me remember those people behind the controversial Erap impeachment: Tess Oreta, Hilario Davide, Manuel Villar, Teofisto Guingona, Loren Legarda. Ano nang nangyari?!?!

I am very anxious of what is going to be the verdict on the former president. I feel for those justices whose hands lie the future of ERAP. It's like catch-22. "Damn if I do it, damn if I don't." Come to think of it, if ERAP gets acquitted, I'm sure many ERAP allies will start questioning the legitimacy of PGMA's presidency. Kaya kakaba-kaba si ate at pina-cancel lahat ng lakad. If he gets convicted, may God forbid, but it's gonna be chaos. There's gonna be civil disobedience. An impeachment is entirely different from conviction. Imagining the picture of former President of the Republic of the Philippines joining one big room with criminals and scumbags in NBP is too disgusting.

I am not a fan of ERAP. But I wish for his freedom. He already suffered enough. He's already 70. He is already in the twilight zone of his life. God Bless Erap.
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Go Pingo!
Monday, September 10, 2007
For some people who are in a long distance relationship just like me, constant communication via the internal and through phone calls plays a vital in sustaining a healthy relationship. This idea goes the same for families whose members (child,parents) have to work abroad in order to give their families a decent living. When I was still in college, Russell would call me everyday and we would talk over the phone for more than an hour. But when I started working and realizing how costly it is for him to buy those international calling cards, it was a consensus decision that we will just every week end and we will just use the power of email and YM to communicate with everyday happenings. It was a win-win situation for us because it will not only save him money, but it will also save us some time and energy.

Aside from earning some moolah when doing some sponsored posts, being a postie opens me the door into the world of freebies, discounts and outrageous promos.

When I found out about Pingo and read what is has to offer, it made me look back to those 4 sturggling years of doing international calls. Aside from the cost of the global phone card itself, the cost of using Russell's airtime on his cellphone is just nothing but crazy. With Pingo, it will make you save 90% on international calls when a call is dialed from a mobile phone. Another great thing about Pingo is you can now spare yourself from painstakingly digging the piles of prepaid calling cards just to see if what you are getting is the real deal of getting low phone card rates. Thanks to their RateWatcher. On top of these great things, they also offer special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo Receive $25 phone card for just $17. Isn't that a great deal?! Oh well, Russell won't sign up for Pingo YET because he is about to come a month from now. But when he comes back to LA next year, he will definitely sign up for Pingo!

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In spite of...
Saturday, September 08, 2007
In spite of the turbulent situation I am dealing right now, somebody made me cry and put a smile on my face as I wake up. It made me feel "appreciated."

"Hi. U dnt nid 2 reply. I jaz want 2 say thank u 4 fighting 4 me 2 stay wid ur team. Tnx for understanding my situation. I rili appreciate it. Tho I have many problems right now, I still manage 2 smile bec i knw der s some2 lyk u and r team na sobrang nkkwala ng problema kc sobrang saya.iloveu.c u on monday."

Naikweto ko na before that there are some changes and people movement in our department nowadays. The sender of this message was supposed to be transferred on a day shift. That means no night differential. For somebody who is a bread winner (she is sending her brother to school and provides financial assistance to her extended family members), an additional P1.5k every payday is substantial enough to help her family.

I like her, professionally and personally. If only I have the moolah, I would sponsor her bar review. I know is she smart. She just cannot afford to send herself to a bar review centre because her brother's schooling is more important for her. She is an ideal team member. If only all of my team members are like her, I think I can bring back my good 'ol days from international.

To you girl, I promise that I would go an extra mile just to keep you in my team. I appreciate you for appreciating even the little things that I am doing for our team. I couldn't thank you enough for supporting me. lav yah! :)

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B!@+ching and Breeding
About a week ago, I had a post pertaining to one of my (pain-in-the-butt) subordinates.

For some reason, that person found out about my blog while doing her audit. After reading my post, she cried and went straight ahead to our VP and complained about what I had written.

YOU: Since you already know about this blog and I know that you will be reading every single article that I write in here, this post is dedicated to you. This is going to the last article that I will post regarding you. Don't you ever think that this blog is dedicated only for you because you're just one disgusting fart to me. Wala kang kwenta.

First, let me define to you what a blog is.

A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts. Memos to the world.

A blog is whatever you want it to be. There are millions of them, in all shapes and sizes, and there are no real rules.

From that point, you should know that what ever I write in my post is my PERSONAL THOUGHTS. Personal, not professional. I have been keeping this blog long before you joined my team. I could have even write the worst things about you, only if I am writing this in a "paper diary." Unfortunately, a blog is a web-based diary and anybody could read it. This is the very reason why I did not drop any names on my previous post. Bato-Bato sa langit na lang ang drama. Let me set the record straight. Our relationship is not personal. I don't even consider you as a friend (and I just realized that today.) Matagal na kong nagtitimpi sayo. The only reason why I am talking to you and why I tolerate all your misbehavior is because you are under my team. You are my responsibility. All of your actions will also reflect not just on me, but on my team as a whole. I have tried my best to separate my personal versus business thoughts on you. That is the reason why I have this blog. Besides, I don't think that you are receptive enough to embrace the fact that you have your set of flaws. Wag kang mashadong magmaganda dahil hindi ka kagandahan. Hindi ka dyosa. I know that I am not pretty as well but at least, I know where I am standing. Wag kang mamintas ng ibang tao. Dahil hindi ka rin naman perpekto.

Second, since you already made this thing public (that almost the entire QA department knows this), I will make our relationship, a little PERSONAL. OoOOps, don't get me wrong. I will only make it personal if we are going to be outside the building premises. Hindi pa ako kasing tanga mo para hindi isipin kung ano ung mga bagay na dapat at hindi ko dapat gawin kapag nasa trabaho. Hindi ko papatulan kung ano mang sasabihin mo habang nasa office tayo.A booger like you doesn't deserve my precious time and attention. I will never stoop down your level. May breeding kasi ako, something that no amount of money can buy. I will talk to you in a civil manner and provide you with all campaign related matters that you need. No more, no less.

Third, let me just remind you that I am still your supervisor. You are my subordinate. I have always tried to break that kind of barrier among my (former and current) team members to gain trust and confidence and to provide comfort zone amongst team members. But yours is gonna be a special case. Before you fret, let me just refresh your memory that you are the one who opened the door for this. Didn't you utter earlier, "She's gonna get it!" Girl, please don't think that people around you are morons to be clueless about what you have said. Ipapamukha ko sa yo na halos lahat ng team members natin ay mga iskolar ng bayan. They are very much capable of reading between the lines. With what you said, this is gonna be my response, "BRING IT ON!!! As the queen of the jungle, I now welcome you to my Kingdom of B!@tcHyness. Just remember: No Boxing (physical and verbal) is allowed in the office. Let's just take it somewhere else."

My final words? if you think that I am gonna bend over backwards just to please you, you are damn wrong. With what you did, para mo na ring ginisa ang sarili mo sa sariling mantika. Don't worry. I will satisfy you appetite for "attention" as soon as our manager comes back. I'll make sure that our team and some people from various teams, and even those former colleagues of yours will be there when I ask for a meeting for this issue, together with our VP and the HR Department. Actually, right before I left the office, my outlook and cellphone inbox were flooded with message of support. Sobra daw kapal ng pagmumukha mo! LMAO

Ano, GameKNB?!!!!

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Discounts! Discounts!
Friday, September 07, 2007
I feel excited that things are moving on slowly but surely. Just last week, I posted some updates on our wedding preps which included booking Manila Pavilion (formerly Hilton Hotel...now being managed by Waterfront) for our wedding day preparation. I booked MP, I was offered with a membership card. I have been hearing membership cards from w@w brides but I wasn't just paying attention to it before. Me, being on a tipid mode, I curiously asked for the inclusions of being a member. The card is worth P5,800. In return you will get the following.

1. One (1) Complimentary overnight stay in a Deluxe Room (rate is P4,500) with free buffet breakfast for two at Season's Restaurant.
2. 3 vouchers of discounted rate of Deluxe Room (P3,500 na lang! again with free b/fast for 2)
3. Complimentary 3rd night accommodation when staying for two consecutive nights.
4. Complimentary Pool Pass for 12pax
5. Casino Bonus Bet coupon worth P300 (meron kasing Casino Filipino dito)
6. 50% off rack (published rate) on room accommodation at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and casino, Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino Mactan and lastly, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao.

With those inclusions, here is our masterplan. Book Ambassador Suite (P6500++/Dec. 22) and 2 nights for Deluxe Room (Dec 21-22). We will then take advantage of the free 3rd night accommodation on Dec. 23. Dahil sayang naman ung discounted rate of Deluxe room, Russell will have his stag party in MP as well using this voucher. Tax is already included in the prices that were quoted. Papatalo ba naman ako! Shemps, sa MP din ang bridal shower ko. My cool gay friends are now thinking of a theme for my bridal shower. One suggested a lingerie party. LOL Oh well, I am really not sure how my bridal shower is going to be. One thing is for sure though, it's gonna be rated PG. WaaAaAaaaaahHhH!!!!!

On the other hand, Russell just booked our honeymoon flight to Boracay. Dang, I really wanted to go to Palawan but since Russell is insisting of going to Bora, I just gave in. Our departure from Manila Domestic Airport will be on Dec. 26. Mejo inis lang kasi nagkamali si Russell ng date pabalik. Instead of booking it on December 30, he accidentally clicked the 31st without realizing it before checking out! Pero keri lang, leaving Bora late will also means more time for us. We're gonna spend kasi New Year's eve with Russell's family. Anyway, our two tickets cost us P7,900. Now, we just have to reserve our hotel accommodation.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Cavite to pay Russell's folks in Cavite. Mama Luvie will be leaving for New York this 14th to attend a summit for Caltex franchise owners. Actually, she won the contest run by Caltex management (highest diesel sales yata?) and her prize is an all-expense paid trip to NY. Shemps, may kasamang business agenda pa rin ang trip. Before heading to NY, Mama Luvie will fly first to LA to visit Russell and then after two days, she will leave for NY na .

October 15 is fast approaching. Tatlong payday na lang! WoOohooOo! And it is also exactly 106 days before our wedding. With that, I'm gonna start doing all the beauty regimens. Dang, I really feel stressed nowadays and I can see a couple of zits on my back! ErrRrRrr!!! I need to take a lot of Vitamin C and E and avoid coffee and softdrinks na. Todo na ito talaga!

That's all folks! See yah later, 'lligator!

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Learning is Fun
Thursday, September 06, 2007

That's my nephew, Kenneth. That picture was taken last March when he finished kindergarten. According to his report card, he excelled in almost all his subjects. He belongs to the top 3 in his class. One problem though, he has the tendency to lose focus every time his teacher would give him workbook exercises in class. He feels scared and sometimes, moody. It's a good thing that we now have Innovative Tutor . Aside from the fact that it will make learning fun for children of his age, the program that eScore offers will help Kenneth develop a positive attitude towards studying.

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Another Senseless Death
So much has been said about the recent tragedy that happened to Sigma Rho's neophyte, Chris Mendez. So many shattered dreams...

I am still appalled by the way how the Sigma Rho handled their initiation rites considering the fact that they are considered as one of the most prestigious fraternity in the UP wide-system with all those well-known alumni.

Back in college, I was a member of a confraternity that has the same initiation rites as the usual sorority or fraternity. I have my own share of experiencing those paddles. Because we practice equality in our organization, men and women do share the same equal rites. Naalala ko pa nga, ung tukmol kong ex ang unang humataw sa akin ng paddle. I had bruises all over my legs. Yet, despite of the fact that our "brothers" swing those paddle to our "sisters", we never had any casualty. We know how to distinguish the difference between "hazing" and "determination." Sometimes, people would foolishly negate someone's determination based on the numbers of "swings" his body can survive. Stupid!

My father is a dignified alumni of Alpha Phi Omega Delta Chapter of Mapua way back 50's. Based from the stories he told me a long time ago, their initiation rites was community service. Being a fraternity man himself, he didn't have any objection when he learned that I joined a confraternity. He trusts me. He told me though that we should be careful enough because fraternity men of the new generation tend to snap during the initiation rites. Certainly, killing someone is not a principle any fraternity would imbibe.

my dear brothers and sisters

Sana naman, wag isipin ng karamihan na puro "hazing" lang ang fraternity because certainly, that is not the case. Aside from the fact that you will find your sense of belongingness and prestige when you join a fraternity/sorority, it will also mold you to be a leader. Just think of Sen. Ed Angara (bulok!) and Ex-Solicitor General Atty. Frank Chavez as product of Sigma Rho. Tuturuan kang maging palaban, hindi pumatay ng tao.

I do not agree with Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago's initiative of abolishing fraternities. That would only make things worse. An organization (be it academic, socio-cultural, or political) that wants to be recognized in our campus needs to fulfill some qualifications first before it can be called as "legitimate org." An organization that is recognized by the admin is being monitored and is expected to follow the campus' standard and code of conduct. Otherwise, necessary sanctions/repercussions will be implemented. Abolishing fraternities will make these group as "underground org." They are going to implement things on their own. There will be chaos. Activities will no longer be under the radar of school authorities. Barbarians will be in the making.

What I would rather prefer is a legislation iniative pushing for heavier sanctions for group leaders if cases like that of Chris Mendez' should happen again. Chain of command, chain of responsibility. As a leader, he should be able to evaluate the "over-all operation of the organization". Hindi naging lider ang isang lider para lang umupo sa isang tabi at tignan ang isang tao na nauupos na parang kandila. He should exercise his power, and maybe overturn the decision of the "majority" if he finds that a life will be at stake. Napaka laking katangahan!

I am a member of a confraternity. But I condone hazing. Killing someone is not the real essence of brotherhood.

Just taking a break from my daily ramblings...
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Five Best Nights
Tuesday, September 04, 2007
I was tagged by Che-Che and Kathy and here is my share for this one.

Rule: Name five of the Best Nights of your Life and then tag four people.

1. March 11, 1999- It was around 10pm, two hours before my birthday, when Momcy handed me a letter. A week ago before this, I received a mail of confirmation that I passed PUPCET and I was really determined to take up Civil Engineering. The letter that Momcy gave me was a letter from the UP Admin confirming that I passed UPCAT. whHheEwWW!!! What a great gift! I wasn't really hoping to pass this test since I didn't have any preparation when I took the exam. I just went there with a pen, skyflakes and sun-glo juice drink.

2. March 13, 2001- This was the day I drank half liter of tequila and listened to senti music the entire night. This was after learning that my ex-cheated on me. The next day, kala ko mamamatay na ko sa sakit ng ulo. This is also the day I realized that I shouldn't cry over spilled milk. So I went to a salon, bought some new clothes and reinvented myself. People I know happily embraced the changes in me. Yeah, I am a better person without him. Besides, hindi na ko gagawa ng assignment nya sa accounting! LOL

3.May 25, 2003- The day Russell formally introduced me to the Ocampo and Hernandez clan as his "girl." This was so timely as this day was his parent's silver wedding anniversary.

4.February 12, 2006- Russell brought some food in our house and had some serious talk with my parents. He asked their permission to marry me. He decided not to tag along his parents, just in case my parents will reject him. I really felt that he was tensed as his voice was "shivering" while talking to my parents. Merong Lavapalooza nun sa Baywalk and we decided to go there after the very intense dinner. Habang nasa EDSA, we were foolishly screaming out loud because my parents gave their blessings on our plan of getting married.

5.May 29, 2006- Russell's parents went to our house and finally met my folks. This was the informal "pamamanhikan." We prepared some food and they also brought some nice delis. Albeit this was the first time that our parents met, feeling close na kagad sila. LOL Russell was just on the side, I mean on the webcam. High-Tech na talaga ngayon noh. It was indeed a funny and unforgettable experience.

Pede kayang webcam na lang din ang wedding para tipid? LOL

That's it, pancit! Just feel free to tag along yourselves should you find this one interesting. :)
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My Christmas Wish List
Sure, holiday season is just around the corner. Before I know it, I'll be wrapping gifts for my loved ones. AhHhH, I might get broke. But it's alright. Giving is the spirit of Christmas.

Though I have mentioned before that I don't usually celebrate Christmas, I still keep its spirit by giving gifts to family members, friends and of course, my special someone. But I don't think I have given myself something for the past 3 Christmas days. Just like most individuals who want to have the luxury of time when choosing what they are going to buy with the best possible deal, Russell is also into online shopping, mostly through eBay.

For now, I only got two items on my wish list. One is a Dell Inspiron notebook and the other one is a HDTV. I know that Russell will be bringing home his LCD TV. What I don't know is if it's HDTV. Electronic products can be quite expensive here so getting discounts from CouponChief when buying gadgets and other household appliances from having some BestBuy coupons will be awesome. But what I am really giddy about is the outrageous Dell deals I could take advantage as I use CouponChief's offerings.

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Starting September, 2 people will be moved to another team. I am really sad with this event. If only I can do something to make them stay. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything about it.

Before the supposed transfer, majority of the team wants to make the decision on who is going to be transferred by the simple process of "votation."

I did not approve this process because if that's what is going to happen, I have a clear idea on who is going to be "evicted." The process of votation is really harmful. Baka mapag bintangan pa akong power tripper o namumulitika. This is something I don't want to happen. Miski sabihin pa nating, napakhirap nyang i-handle, I still believe that personal thoughts should be set aside with business matters. Mixing personal versus business is something unprofessional. And I oppose that kind of strategy. Nobody should be using his designation to dictate the fate of an employee. I believe in the law of retribution.

I am wishing for a divine intervention though. Sana ma-realize nya how to fit to the team. The world willnot change for her. Sya dapat ang matutong makibagay. I hope after her regularization, she'll find the time for self-reflection. In some way or another kasi, apektado lahat ng team members sa ugali nya. Miski pa ung mga inaakala nyang kasangga nya eh may reklamo din. I am really surprised when I learned what they have to say about her. Hindi nga lang kasing bigat nung mga nakabangga nya.

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Soft, Long-Lasting Kiss is My Style
Monday, September 03, 2007
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect

Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it.
You have the confidence to make the first move.
And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best.
Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing!

Ahahahaha...this is cool. I am no wild kisser. OooOoooops, let me rectify that. I RARELY tend to be a wild kisser so when I do that, Russell would go insane. LOL I just don't know how I will kiss Russell when he comes home. hihihihihi...naughty me! :)

Why don't you try taking the test and see how good kisser you are!
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Going Down Under

I am chatting to Beth over YM right now. She has already acquired all the necessary legal documents prior to her departure, but not her plane ticket yet.

I have mentioned before that Beth, our former account coordinator was offered with a job in Sydney Australia. Although she has already book her hotel for her temporary lodging, she is yet to book her plane ticket. She is still weighing her options on how she could find the best deal on flights to Australia. She is really cramming now as spring break is fast approaching. Two holidays in Australia will also be observed come October 1st: Queen’s Birthday and Labor Day. Taking this into consideration, she knows that everything can be quite expensive on these days: ranging from hotel accommodation, plane tickets to car rental. That is why, she is religiously researching the internet for the sweetest deal she could have. It is so timely that I saw this opportunity in PPP that offers the best deals for Australia cheap flights. I forwarded her the link and she is now studying what http://www.dialaflight.com/flights/australia/ has to offer her. Unlike any other online reservations, you will have to talk to one of DialAFlight’s UK travel consultants to make sure that you will get the most suitable deal they could match to your holiday needs. It’s amazing that DialAFlight offers a one-package solution for one’s varying holiday needs. I am not sure if Russell’s parents were aware of this site’s existence when they attended a Rotary Convention in Queensland a couple of years ago.

One of my cyber friends, Fritz used to ask me if I would want to go to Australia to visit their tourist spots. It was a very tempting offer but of course, I didn't go there. No way, especially if Russell is not with me. If I will travel with Russell, visiting Australia is going to be possible. When that time comes, I’ll make it sure that we will have our reservations made though DialAFlight.

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SMP? No More!
Sunday, September 02, 2007
Merry Christmas, Darling

Greeting cards have all been sent
The Christmas rush is through
But I still have one wish to make
A special one for you

Merry Christmas darling
We're apart that's true
But I can dream and in my dreams
I'm Christmas-ing with you

Holidays are joyful
There's always something new
But every day's a holiday
When I'm near to you
Though the lights on my tree
I wish you could see
I wish it every day
Logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say

That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you

Logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say
That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you
I wish I were with you
Christmas breeze is already here. I am now watching Unang Hirit and as expected, the atmosphere of the show is already Christmas-y. CYO Chorale is currently performing. They are awesome!!!

This year's Christmas is going to be the most memorable Christmas for me. It's just 3 days after our wedding day. It's gonna be my first Christmas as Mrs. Russell Hernandez. At last, after 5 years, I will finally be an alumnae of SMP: Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko. Nyek! Corny! Kidding aside, I will finally have my Christmas vacation. It's not that I cannot take a vacation leave. No.It's just that I have always opted to work on this day to spare myself from crying and feeling self-pity. I can still remember on our second Christmas, di ako ako mapatahan ni Russell sa kakaiyak. Nakakahiya man aminin but it's the truth. That is why work has always been my facade as I try to conceal how I feel during this season. Pathetic as it may seem, I really avoid going to malls, dining out or going out-of-town during this season. I would just feel sad. I will just miss Russell. Ayaw kong mag-inarte. I know that during those years, suntok sa buwan na umuwi sya sa pasko at new year. But thank God,these moments will finally be put into halt. This is the beginning of a memorable ending. I know a couple of bloggers in my blogroll whose loved ones are apart from them. Tyaga lang...ganyan talaga. For the mean time, I'll just leave you with this one. I have always had this song in my MP3 while doing my data audit. Sing ka na lang... :)

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Time to talk
There were times when I really want to chief heart-to-heart. In a few months time, I'm gonna get married. I'm starting a new life. With that, I want to take away all those weariness that I have towards work.

Though the relationship is getting better and better, I just couldn't find the chance and time for us to open up. I don't want us to talk just to be "over" with it. You know what I mean? If I want us to talk, I have to be sure that I am gonna be honest and sincere to her. Ayokong makipagplastikan.

Honestly, I'm a bit sad over what has happened. Magkaibigan naman kami dati. Sanggang dikit pa when we had our own issues with the very first 'chief' tPublish Posthat we had in the office.

I may have said a thing or two about her and I am not going to deny that. I believe that I am entitled to my own opinion and what ever I said, that's really how I felt. Hindi kasi ako maging "umarte." But as they say, "the only permanent thing in this world is change."

I want things to be back to "normal." But things can be hurried. Otherwise,magiging mapakla lang ang bunga. I hope she's also open for this kind of conversation. Sana pag nag usap kami, she'll be honest as well.

oh well....
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One Shot, You're Out!

The last time I conducted a team building was last May. Unlike before where I would be OC preparing for our TB, I didn’t plan this team building that much that’s why we ended up with Enchanted Kingdom. I didn’t have the luxury of time to plan for that activity since our program was just new and there were lots of things to do and learn. Our master plan was to play paintball at around 6pm because sun is already down by that time. Unfortunately, one of our team members suffered from nose bleeding so our plan of having paintball was scrapped. We just enjoyed ourselves with all the rides in EK.

One of the episodes of the latest season of CSI NY was something about a buy bust operation in an abandoned warehouse where one of the victims was wearing a paintball gear. The warehouse was quite a good scenario paintball since there were lots of obstacles to hide. Based from the gear that the victim was wearing, Mac Taylor (played by Gary Sinise) concluded that he was a professional paintball player. I didn’t know that there are professional paintball players because I am used to the fact that paintball is just for recreation.

Erika and I are planning to have a campaign wide paintball competition. When we told other team leaders about this plan, they all got excited. We badly need this kind of activity especially now that work is becoming more and more stressful. This is one great stress reliever. This activity will certainly rejuvenate our energy and enthusiasm. We are eyeing one paintball location in Antipolo. Though we are still in the process of evaluating the logistics and expenses, the idea of buying my paintball gear really ignites my bones. Apart from my frustration of being a lawyer, I have always wanted to be a part of the law enforcement. I am really fascinated with guns and war stories. But as I browse paintball online stores, seeing the price of one paintball gear set was like killing me with a .45 caliber gun. LOL Boy, they are really expensive! When I came across http://www.pntball.com/, I saw there that they offer a gear set for only $179.95 with free shipping. Well, it used to be $299.95 but it’s now on SALE. If only Russell is into this kind of activity, I would have probably bought this one. But anyway, I just hope that the paintball tournament within our campaign will materialize. I’m sure that everybody will have fun with this activity.

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Inevitable GoodByes
Two of my QAS will be moving to another campaign. They will be replaced with 5 new people. That means bagong pakikisama. This event deserves a well versed post and it's so unfortunate that up until this time, I am still emotional over this matter. I am still trying to gather coherent thoughts in order to come up with a decent post. For now, I'll just leave a picture of our "final moment."

One Last Group Shot


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